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  1. Ditto!! You know you had a good day when all you want to do afterwards is to go to bed!!! Learned allot guys.....and thanks so much for giving your time to NSPN and its members! ~Dee
  2. And I would like to add kudos to Galen and Scott for giving their time and sharing their knowledge! I learned allot yesterday....things that can save either myself or a paddling companion. Beach briefing, wave/wind influences, rescues, contact tows, how to tow with a rope (if necessary), and how to work as a team in rough conditions. I came out of the workshop with more experience and more confidence. So thanks guys!! It was a good day. ~Dee
  3. I am planning on attending too. See you at Riverhead Beach at 9:00~ ~Dee
  4. Wonderful Laura~! Thanks for letting me borrow your suit! Looking forward to paddling with you on Saturday. Dee
  5. Hi Folks, Does anyone have a small drysuit that I could borrow for the CAM training in Marblehead this Saturday? Medium could work if I cannot find a small.....I can make it work....I think. My number is 603.370.7848....or I will check back on the site later. Much appreciated!! Dee
  6. Very funny...or we can take it a step further........but then, maybe not. : ) Hmmm...maybe Gerry's grip product suggestion might be too grippy afterall. Would look great, but wouldn't it be even more grippy than the foam itself? Maybe just coating the thing with Amarol to get the glide thing happening? I did try it out, and do find that it is resistant to movement.
  7. THANKS GERRY! I was wondering what kind of product I could use to coat it with. Was it very expensive? D
  8. Thanks folks, for all the feedback. I ended up getting a block of Minicel foam and formed it to my bottom. I will try it out tomorrow to see if things need tweaking. Also put a little back piece in to support my lower spine. It is curved to allow me to lean back comfortably for rolling. I hope that I will not find it prohibitive in hip rotation due to the product stickiness...so the jury is still out. (should have just kept my Romany!!!) : )
  9. Hi Suz, I have a morning commitment, but plan to be there around 1:00. Thanks! Dee
  10. Hi Folks, I have a new Avocet LV, and after paddling a couple of days on it, I find that the seat is poorly designed. It is digging into my hamstrings and causing discomfort. At first I ripped out the pad, but the ridge from the molded plastic underneath the pad is still digging in. So I need to rip the entire assembly out and start from scratch. Could anyone help me with what the best kind of foam to use is, and where I can get it? Should I just start with a blank square and rasp it to my butt size, or should I find a premolded foam blank to customize? I will also need to create thigh braces, because I am using my knees to make contact with the boat deck. (short legs) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to get this beautiful boat to fit!!! Thanks! Dee
  11. Hi Rob. I plan to be there, in the event that you are looking for a headcount. Dee
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