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  1. Interested but will be out of town! Could do one in late August or September?
  2. Apparently not Covid, but I am having some mild symptoms so I won’t be joining you. Have fun!
  3. I got exposed to Covid this week and am waiting on my test results, so I won’t be able to join you unless I have results by tomorrow. I am going to back out so if there’s someone else who’s interested they can have my spot since I likely won’t get results until Sunday.
  4. Unfortunately Easter plans have changed, and I won't be able to make it.
  5. Just double checking, is this where we are meeting? https://marinas.com/map?lat=42.38164976659715&lon=-71.05732590248749&zoom=14&markers=marina,harbor,anchorage,inlet,bridge,lock,lighthouse,ferry,landmark&style=dockwa/cja1gtn25aemq2rt24d01c57w&pin_id=ryc8lx
  6. David, If I'm not too late I'd love a chart, but I think I may be too late! If i am no worries. Beth
  7. this sounds like fun but I think it would be more fun in the summer time!
  8. I didn't know about this, thank you for the update. I hope he is on the road to recovery.
  9. I'll take the skirts, I think my sister can use them! Let me know where I can pick them up from you Also if you still have the size 9 neo booties I am interested in them as well
  10. That's excellent, I'd love to join the post workshop paddle! Should be a nice day for it.
  11. Thank you , and also thanks for the other excellent presentations which are available. Such an excellent resource!
  12. I am happy to help out as well if you need me to. Just let me know. In any case I'll be there, it's always fun! Beth
  13. Amazing, both the trip and the report! Not to mention the reporter! Your pictures and your narrative are simply stunning. Thanks so much for taking us along. I hope I can go there soon... Iceland is definitely on the bucket list.
  14. I’ll take the 2 dry bags and the paddle leash. Cell is 781 526 6985 BethS
  15. I just signed up, and forwarded the info to my sister who is interested as well. Beth
  16. Excellent! Thanks Peter. I assume we sign up there?
  17. I would love to participate! I have an Epic 18x which I would like to get better at paddling, not really a surf ski but close enough for the likes of me. Wed evening thru Sunday is generally best for me. I will be available until July 7, and after 11th, then going away again from July 21 to 25
  18. I got an email, but after following the directions in it there does not seem to be any way to renew. Any advice? Thanks, Beth
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