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  1. I love the boundary waters! I've only been there once, but it was wonderful, I will definitely be going back. I agree, navigation can be tricky, and portages can be rough and tricky to find, our trip was honestly the toughest back packing trip I have ever been on! I was very glad I had brought sturdy boots for the portage trails. We saw very few people though in 8 days of travel. Next time I'll take less, and a lighter boat. It's a wonderful area. I'd love to got there in winter too!
  2. I'm planning on it! And yes, Ken please join us! It's a great opportunity to test out new gear and learn what works, and what doesn't. Also to learn some new skills.
  3. BethS

    Wednesday Lunch Paddle Series

    I'm jealous... I have to work on Wednesdays...😞 If you decide to copy the Californians and go on a thursday i'll join you though.
  4. BethS

    Solar Halo Bonanza!

    Amazing! The parhelic circle is new to me...
  5. BethS

    Rolling Lesson

    I'm coming on the 24th, sorry I can't make the other times... I do need help though!
  6. BethS

    Baja Kayakfest 2019

    Oh pooh! This situation must be remedied at once! Or at least as soon as possible... PM me if you want any free (and hopefully helpful) advice. I do see a lot of shoulders and their frustrated owners...
  7. BethS

    Baja Kayakfest 2019

    yay! Anybody else?!
  8. BethS

    Baja Kayakfest 2019

    Yes, this year I really am going; I just sent in my money, and confirmed my spot! OK; I know most of you have already been there and done that, but it's new to me and I am excited! I believe Cath is going as well. Anyone else on here planning to go?
  9. I went last year, it was a lot of fun!
  10. BethS

    Ocean Paddler Magazine

    If you still have them, yes bring them to the book swap, I would probably like a few of them!
  11. I'm interested if I am free, great idea!
  12. Same answers as David M, except that there are a few bits on Maine coast I would like better charts (More detail) for than I have.
  13. I will try to make it, although I won't be able to get there until around 7.
  14. BethS

    Thanksgiving Weekend at Walden

    I'm interested!
  15. BethS

    Lake Umbagog kayak camping, Oct 5-8, 2018

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you all after all, but have a great weekend!