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  1. This sounds divine! Unfortunately i'm still out for the season rehabbing my feet🤕... have a great day!
  2. I'm definitely interested for Aug 25-27 if there's still room at this point! Beth
  3. I may not be able to make it, I sprained my foot and am gimping around. I’ll come if I can!
  4. Congratulations Sue! Thank you for taking up the baton, I’m sure you will be excellent! Congrats also to the other new members, thank you! Rob, and everyone else, many many thanks for making this club one of the best out there, IMHO.
  5. I’m happy to test, will bring a salad . Beth
  6. Great Idea, I would love to come! But, unfortunately something has come up and I won’t be able to make it. Sorry to miss it, it sounds wonderful.
  7. That’s indeed extremely generous of you! I won’t be able to take you up on it until sometime in late August, but if it’s still an option then I would love to give it a try! Beth
  8. Would love to try this! I will follow this thread, and be in touch, thank you! Beth
  9. Interested but will be out of town! Could do one in late August or September?
  10. Apparently not Covid, but I am having some mild symptoms so I won’t be joining you. Have fun!
  11. I got exposed to Covid this week and am waiting on my test results, so I won’t be able to join you unless I have results by tomorrow. I am going to back out so if there’s someone else who’s interested they can have my spot since I likely won’t get results until Sunday.
  12. Unfortunately Easter plans have changed, and I won't be able to make it.
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