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  1. Excellent! Thanks Peter. I assume we sign up there?
  2. I would love to participate! I have an Epic 18x which I would like to get better at paddling, not really a surf ski but close enough for the likes of me. Wed evening thru Sunday is generally best for me. I will be available until July 7, and after 11th, then going away again from July 21 to 25
  3. I got an email, but after following the directions in it there does not seem to be any way to renew. Any advice? Thanks, Beth
  4. I have been going north and coming back to MA all winter, it's not really a big deal. You can just get a covid test on returning, which is easy to do these days. (Or if you have been winter camping and been nowhere near anyone you can just say you will quarantine upon returning!) Of course if you just spent the last 15 hours on a plane flying back from Hawaii and sitting in an airport as you change planes in CA then no worries.... 🤣
  5. Unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow, have fun and hopefully next time i'll be free.
  6. I am definitely interested, I have done it twice and very much enjoyed the crossing. but am open to other variations as well. My ideal would be to paddle over, spend the night, have time to explore, and then paddle back. But I don't know if that is actually an option. Interested in participating however things develop. If you need/want another person (three at sea!) for the "test run" paddle I'd be happy to join you. Whew, heck of a song!
  7. I am interested, will confirm tomorrow.
  8. I am interested as well, depending on the dates I'd love to participate. The past cold water workshops have been very educational!
  9. I'll be there, (in Manchester MA). Thanks for organizing!
  10. I have had good luck with the Patagonia capilene long underwear tops and bottoms, and/or the fishnet shirts from Brynje of Norway. If it's below 35 ish out I wear the expedition weight, above 35 or 40 I maybe use the midweight. They all dry so fast and wick extremely well, (esp the fishnet shirt!) i never get sweaty or clammy. I also use an assortment of different hats, some warmer than others, and wear different ones at different times during the day. If all else fails I dump my life jacket in the water, get it soaked, and put it back on again. Then dunk the hat in the water as well. Seems to work well for me.
  11. Just saw this post so it's belated, but congratulations! And thanks again for all of your many contributions to NSPN and the paddling community.
  12. Yay, I can join you! I'm in, and thank you Janet. Looking forward to meeting you Faye!
  13. I may hopefully be free the day after T day if anyone is interested... Have a great time tomorrow, sorry I can't join you!
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