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  1. BethS

    Buzzards bay downwinder 10/6

    Wish i could join you, have a blast!
  2. I am a sort of late to the game registrant, and I am still figuring out where i will stay. Does anyone want to share a tent site at the campgroud, or does anyone want a roomate for a rental? I'm happy to put a mattress on the floor.... Beth
  3. Hi Melissa; Looking forward to the "ladies" weekend! I'll be arriving Fri evening, and staying Sat nite as well if that's OK. I'd love to give surf skiing another try, either this weekend or some other time. Thanks! Beth
  4. BethS

    Isle of Shoals trip - see new posting!

    9-21 would work for me! Please keep me in the loop
  5. BethS

    Lake Umbagog 2019 Camping Trip: Oct 4-7

    Unfortunately I can't go either, sorry to miss it!
  6. BethS

    Bold Coast / Fundy / Cobscook 8.2 - 8.5.19

    Whoa.. I like the part at the end where they crash into a small iceberg which is careening down the river... Glad you survived!
  7. BethS

    Surfski safety

    Me too? Just asking... Not sure if I'm free but i might be...
  8. BethS

    Isle of Shoals trip - see new posting!

    Alas, 9-7 many of us will be in Bar Harbor...
  9. I know some of you have done it. I am contemplating it for either this fall or sometime next season. Any advice, tips, etc. are much appreciated.
  10. BethS

    Surfski safety

    I'd love to learn more about surfskis; I've tried them a couple of times, with mixed results. But definitely still interested, and yes it's obviously not just a "guy thing" (That Sharon Armstrong is amazing... thanks for the link!) Pru you'd be fine in a surfski, if I can do it so can you!!
  11. BethS

    Blackburn Challenge Cheering Squad

    I agree, it was a great race, everyone (including me) seemed to get a satisfyingly fast time. Thanks for all the support! Marshall great job on the pics! I didn't even try to take any myself, my hands were full....
  12. BethS

    Good simple PFD for women?

    Another vote for the MsFit.
  13. BethS

    Kayak recommendations needed.

    Seconding the above advice, get used, shop around first, and no to outriggers unless you are planning to fish for large fish (in which case get a fishing kayak) Also, as a former owner of a Nordkapp HM, it is a great boat, very fast, and very stiff tracking, but perhaps not the best choice for you or your wife as a first good boat (and it's too big for her anyway!), since it is a bit specialized, and can be hard to turn into the wind on a very windy day. Also, your wife should get a boat that is not too big for her, that is the one mistake that smaller people often make. Personally, I prefer skegs over rudders for the NE coastal environment. Go to a rental place also, and try out a few boats. Often there are end of season sales on used boats as well.
  14. BethS

    Isle of Shoals trip - see new posting!

    Yes, please do, I hope to be able to go in Sept. Mondays and tuesdays are best for me during the week, but weekends are often good.
  15. BethS

    Walden this evening

    I’ll be more like 5:30