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  1. Interested, have to wait to see if I can go that weekend. It's a great area!
  2. BethS

    Saturday, May 25 Odiorne to Rye Harbor Round Trip

    So glad you are both back in action!
  3. BethS

    Saturday, May 25 Odiorne to Rye Harbor Round Trip

    Yay, looks like I’m in , thanks to whoever canceled 😎
  4. BethS

    5/1 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Lanes Cove

    So bummed that i work almost every Wed... if you ever want to do one on a Mon, Tues , or Thursday...
  5. BethS

    Weekday Paddles and Greetings

    Another paddler who is often free on Mondays and Tuesdays (and occasionally other weekdays as well.) Welcome to the club! Beth
  6. I'm a definite yes for the camping option!
  7. BethS

    Saturday, May 25 Odiorne to Rye Harbor Round Trip

    Oh darn, looks like I just missed the cutoff point... Let me know if you decide that 13 isn't a lucky enough number for you! (or put me on the waitlist!)
  8. BethS

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    Thanks to everyone for this thread, this area is certainly on my must-do list!
  9. I'm interested in the campsite option as well, is there a signup for it? Do we need to reserve the site ahead of time, or just plan on coming? According to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust site, groups of 6 or more have to call ahead 207 729 7366
  10. Dan, this is fabulous, did you put this together yourself? Is it something that we can download and print out? Thank you! Sorry I can't make it tomorrow...
  11. Unfortunately I can't make it.. have fun and learn lots!
  12. I'll plan on 2 weeks from now! Beth
  13. Hi Dan, this sounds great! Yes, I'll be at REI, yes to dinner, and Yes I'm going to Jewell! Beth Update, alas, I am now a maybe for the day, a no for dinner, and a no for Jewell Island! Work stuff....
  14. BethS

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Unfortunately, I have to pull out this year.. I tweaked my knee in Baja; and although it is healing, I want to give it another week or two before I start dragging boats around (and practice falling out and climbing into them) again. have fun!
  15. I love the boundary waters! I've only been there once, but it was wonderful, I will definitely be going back. I agree, navigation can be tricky, and portages can be rough and tricky to find, our trip was honestly the toughest back packing trip I have ever been on! I was very glad I had brought sturdy boots for the portage trails. We saw very few people though in 8 days of travel. Next time I'll take less, and a lighter boat. It's a wonderful area. I'd love to got there in winter too!