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  1. Interested but will be out of town! Could do one in late August or September?
  2. Apparently not Covid, but I am having some mild symptoms so I won’t be joining you. Have fun!
  3. I got exposed to Covid this week and am waiting on my test results, so I won’t be able to join you unless I have results by tomorrow. I am going to back out so if there’s someone else who’s interested they can have my spot since I likely won’t get results until Sunday.
  4. Unfortunately Easter plans have changed, and I won't be able to make it.
  5. Just double checking, is this where we are meeting? https://marinas.com/map?lat=42.38164976659715&lon=-71.05732590248749&zoom=14&markers=marina,harbor,anchorage,inlet,bridge,lock,lighthouse,ferry,landmark&style=dockwa/cja1gtn25aemq2rt24d01c57w&pin_id=ryc8lx
  6. David, If I'm not too late I'd love a chart, but I think I may be too late! If i am no worries. Beth
  7. this sounds like fun but I think it would be more fun in the summer time!
  8. I didn't know about this, thank you for the update. I hope he is on the road to recovery.
  9. I'll take the skirts, I think my sister can use them! Let me know where I can pick them up from you Also if you still have the size 9 neo booties I am interested in them as well
  10. That's excellent, I'd love to join the post workshop paddle! Should be a nice day for it.
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