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  1. BethS

    Lake Umbagog kayak camping, Oct 5-8, 2018

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you all after all, but have a great weekend!
  2. BethS

    Lake Umbagog kayak camping, Oct 5-8, 2018

    Hmm.. looks like it's full after all!
  3. BethS

    Lake Umbagog kayak camping, Oct 5-8, 2018

    Are there still any spots open? There is about a 75% chance that I will be free to join you all, BUT I probably wouldn't be able to arrive until Sat. (working Friday until noonish) AND, I won't know for certain until Wed or Thursday if I can go... (Grr, sometimes work sucks!) Having said all this, can I be on a "just in case there is room" list ? I'd be fine with paddling out solo on Sat to meet you all on Sat evening. This is a beautiful area, esp this time of year!
  4. Yikes! quite an adventure!!, Well, so what's the story with painting black stripes on your boat to discourage sharks? https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/07/shark-attack-wetsuit/397772/ http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/out-smarting-sharks-to-prevent-attacks_145931/ http://www.sharkmitigation.com/
  5. I'm finally free on a Wed, Planning to be at Walden around 4:30 or 5, is anyone else going? Beth
  6. Unfortunately, i can't make it this week, have fun!
  7. BethS

    Walden Wednesday - 5/30/2018

    I am coming today but may not be able to make it until around 4.
  8. BethS

    Saguenay Beluga kayak - camping

    Wow, I totally missed this thread! I guess that's what I get for being too preoccupied with hiking and snowshoing in the winter.. And I'm not free this Aug anyway, but maybe it will be so awesome you will want to do it again! Troad, I remember talking with you last summer about doing this, and I'm sorry I won't be joining you this summer. Have a great time everyone, maybe next year! Beth
  9. BethS

    Local trips

    As a new(er) member of NSPN (ie maybe 8 years or so..) I look forward to meeting and paddling with you!
  10. BethS

    Looking to try an Anas Acuta

    Looks like one may be for sale here, look under 'Another yard sale" just a few posts down...
  11. BethS

    NSPN Midwinter Party 1/20 is Fast Approaching!!

    Oooh I am SO sorry that I will miss this fabulous affair! I am co-leading an intro winter camping trip this weekend, and it looks like the weather is co-operating (no -20 temps) so our trip is on... and I will be sleeping in the snow, dreaming of yummy potluck delights as I digest my freeze dried dinner. Please eat lots of goodies for me!
  12. BethS

    Baja Kayak Fest 2018?

    Excellent, you just convinced me! I'll start checking airline prices tomorrow...
  13. Hi, I know some of you have gone to this in the past, and enjoyed it. I'm seriously considering it for this spring http://www.bajakayakfest.com/index.php Anyone else on here planning to go? Beth