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  1. Wat? Tell that to Scott Ide and Jerry Madore who tackled this years Blackburn Challenge with a C-2 in 4:13:39. Matt
  2. You can watch me go around on Saturday morning all the same! I'm planning on doing a prep run, starting from the typical spot between 8:00am and 8:30am. You may see a couple other people doing the same...but it's not a race... Matt
  3. This was such a fun morning, and you all did great! Thanks @Jim Snyder for organizing (and re-organizing) the session, and thanks to everyone who attended! Matt
  4. Hope y'all had fun today -- I saw a lot of empty roof racks in the Riverhead parking lot when I finished my session this morning! I'll try to swing by Devereux this afternoon to hang out for a bit. Matt
  5. For planning ahead I use Windfinder and for real-time radar visualizations I like MyRadar. I am currently running an iPhone 6s. Matt
  6. Agreed that this will be an introductory workshop with the expectation that you have some sea kayaking experience, although you certainly do not have to be a renowned Arctic explorer or Olympic K-1 sprinter. As a general agenda we can plan on the following: Part 1 (Dryland): Orientation, Concepts/Theory, Technique, Training Part 2 (Shallow Water): Stroke/Rotation, Boat Mounting/Remounting, Getting Going Part 3 (Deep Water): Form, Stability, Stroke, Cadence, Glide, Speed, Hollering with Delight Jim and I spent about two hours going through the above with just the two of us -- for a group of 10 I think we should assume three hours for the session. For those of you who have your own surfskis, please also bring a leg or waist leash if you have one, in addition to your PFD. I have an extra leg leash and also a waist leash that I will bring for people to see/try. A shorter surfboard leash can suffice in a pinch, although they can be bulky. Also if your skis require any sort of tools for setting the footplate/leg length, etc., please bring those as well. Happy to answer any/all additional questions you might have. Matt
  7. That was fun! We hit 9mph on our final sprint in the double -- teamwork makes the dream work! Matt
  8. I'm overjoyed by the amount of enthusiasm! We will definitely hold at least one more surfski workshop at some point this summer. And, as a reminder, there is a surfski get together every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm at Lynch Park in Beverly (55 Ober Street) all summer long. We call it a race -- but you don't have to race. You can go for a paddle, hang out, try out some of our skis when we get back to the beach, and talk skis in the parking lot afterward. (Also FYI that I will not be there tomorrow night). Matt
  9. I think it would be best to use an actual surfski versus the Eddyline -- the Caribbean is designed for fishing and so it's super-stable, but I think it would prevent you from really getting the feel of the ski's length, pedal/rudder system, and the nature of the forward stroke. Based on what I'm reading in this thread and my side-conversation with Jim Snyder, as well as a few friends of mine who have said they're interested in helping, it seems like we'll be able to pull together enough skis for everyone to use. Matt
  10. I haven't tried these wing paddles, but for $189 + free shipping I'm like wow: https://www.amazon.com/CISI-SPORT-Performance-Lightweight-215-225cm/dp/B0776BF67S/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=CISI%2BSport&qid=1623350899&sr=8-2&th=1 I believe they are off-brand Braca paddles, possibly the IV or XI model. I contacted the seller to see if he's getting more after his current inventory runs out and he said he's not. EDIT: I have an Epic V8 G1 to lend for the workshop, as well as an Epic wing paddle. I also have a V12 available, but learning on a V12 is basically just a swimming lesson I will also bring the Double which will be fun. Matt
  11. I have recently come into possession of a really sweet Epic V10 Double surfski! If anyone would like to go for a ride in Nahant Bay sometime, please PM me and we can work out a day. I have an extra wing paddle that you can use as well. Matt
  12. Agreed the Ivan Lawler videos are excellent — I rewatch the full master class video at least once a season. There is also great Australian podcast Paddle2Fitness which covers a lot of technical aspects of paddling — short focused episodes are released fairly regularly. As far as paid online courses go, the OSK course appears to be expensive but at $119 for the annual subscription and ~20 hours of video content that’s only $6/hour plus it looks like there’s more included. Not sure how “good” the videos are, or how vibrant their online community is but it’s always YMMV with these things.. Mocke Paddling offers a bundle of courses as well for $20 per — I think they contain approximately three hours of content each which is ~$6/content-hour as well — seems to be the going rate for paid content. Their online courses are geared toward surfskis but there are lots of crossover concepts. If you are looking for a more interactive experience there are also many sport-specific coaches now who will work with you virtually in pursuit if almost any type of goal, however the cost is obviously higher than static video-based courses. Matt
  13. Reminder that weekly Tuesday night racing at Lynch Park in Beverly starts tonight at 6:45pm! Average course length is 5 miles. Sea kayaks (SK/FSK) very much welcome to participate, although be warned you may find yourself taking a surfski for a spin post-race Matt
  14. Oh, I so wish that I could have attended this session -- I ended up helping my son with his math homework and that was the right choice, but still Matt
  15. Wow, pace > 4mph makes it a L4 trip? That's basically every surfski paddling session regardless of conditions -- you'll go faster than 5mph even just paddling lightly on a calm day.
  16. I'd be interested in helping to devise and possibly deliver some sort of training/fitness/competition-oriented module for this workshop, in whatever format we think might be most palatable (physical/mental training, fitness programming, ocean racing, downwind runs, etc.). A few of us in the NE surfski community are working on a revamp of our atrocious website and exploring a possible collaboration with NECKRA on the ocean racing front, so this could be timely. A couple years ago @Kevin B and I discussed adding a module like this to his symposium concept, which ultimately turned into a demo day with Newbury Kayak, IIRC. It is definitely helpful to line up local outfitters and vendors who are willing to allow people to use/rent their boats + gear for classes and workshops, since a lot of people do not necessarily have their own. I have an extra Epic V8 in my garage, but only one Matt
  17. The 2021 kayak racing season has kicked off with Rhode Island's Narrow River Race. If you just felt a slight tinge of FOMO do not despair! There's plenty more fun on the way. Note that while some of these events are intended for HPK class boats (eg, surfskis), FSK and/or SK class boats can typically enter if prior approval has been granted by the race director. Weekly Racing: May 25 - August 31: "Salem League" Tuesday Night Race Series (Beverly MA) info Regional Racing: 06-05-2021: Sakonnet River Race (Portsmouth RI) info 06-26-2021: Ride The Bull (Jamestown RI) info 07-17-2021: Blackburn Challenge (Gloucester MA) info 09-12-2021: Great Stone Dam Classic (Lawrence MA) info 10-02-2021: Essex River Race (Essex MA) info 10-16-2021: Plum Island Lighthouse Race (North Kingstown RI) info Not currently on the schedule, but possibly being added: * June: Kettle Island Run (Beverly MA) * August: Nahant Bay Race (Swampscott MA) * September: Tinkers Island Run (Marblehead MA) Happy to answer any/all questions about any of these events. Matt
  18. It’s approximately 10k crossing from Odiorne to the Isle of Shoals which in a ski should only take an hour or do, and even faster when you imagine that triangular fin behind you I’ve had this trip on my mind for a while now, maybe this is the year for it we’ll see. Matt
  19. Yep that was us! I was paddling the black Epic surfski -- great day to be on the water! Matt
  20. I’m meeting some surfski friends around 10:30 — maybe I’ll see you all there or on the water depending on when I arrive and what we decide to do. Matt
  21. The New England Surfski "Salem League" Series completed its final race of its 15th season last night with an out-and back course from Lynch Park to Bowditch Ledge (Course #2). With the late-afternoon storm front tracking just far enough north to enable us to race, Greg Lesher once again asserted his dominance over our local crew, finishing the 5.6-mile course in 47:35 -- two minutes ahead of the next competitor and placing a cherry on top of his 7th overall series win in the past 10 years. The 2020 series saw a range of paddlers competing each week, from grizzled veterans to shiny rookies. The introduction of two new courses to provide additional options for downwind legs, as well as a COVID-conscious offset starting procedure were both found to be popular developments that will carry forward to the 2021 season. With racing wrapping up, the focus for the remainder of the year as usual shifts to pursuit of the ultimate downwind run. A community Google Group exists for people located on the North Shore interested in coordinating downwind surfski adventures. For more information about the Google Group, please feel free to PM me. Matt
  22. For loose/wobbly paddle connections I’ve learned that a thin smear of superglue on the male side can increase the purchase required to get a tight fit particularly with “lever lock” style connections — you can apply multiple layers to build up thickness as needed. you just want to make sure the glue is totally dry before you put the paddle back together or you’ll never get it apart again Matt
  23. Nice what is your calculated MaxHR? Does your app provide you with a HR zone breakdown as well? Typically it’s presented as time spent in each zone. Hey find that the more I train and dial into the downwind the more my sessions look like HIIT workouts, with a large percentage of time spent in the upper work zones and a similar amount of time in the lower recovery zones. More importantly who joined you? Member #2 of the South Shore Surfski Center? Matt
  24. Woooo! Have fun Conditions are great on the North Shore, too! Matt
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