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  1. You were right, Rob. Kink in the cable. Got it repaired and it slides easily now. d
  2. Thanks Ed. I was just on High Island in July. Not to camp but did see the camping area. Nice place. I did do a run from Port Clyde (actually, started at Round Pond) up to N****le a few years back. N***le is tough for more than a Bivy. But I may try that for one night. I'd love to head up to Vinalhaven/Isleboro but my paddling partners aren't up for the drive or too much open water. My goal is to feel like I am far from the madding crowd. I know Monroe doesn't fit that description. But I have heard that if you're on the southern campsite, the view to the south, southeast is pretty nice and you feel like you're getting away from it all. I did Jonesport last year and lost all my paddling buddies because it was too far. So I am looking for a compromise this year. And as I mentioned to Joe, we've done all the best of Muscongus so we wanted to try something new. I think Monroe will be taking a risk but in the end, I'm on the water off the coast of Maine. Things could be worse. Just curious, have you ever camped on the MCHT island Pond east of Isleboro? Thanks for your input. David
  3. Thanks Joe. I've done all of Muscongus. Many times. So looking for something different. And schedules limit how far east we go. Not a lot between there and Stonington. Will play it by ear. Thanks. David
  4. I am a member of NSPN. I will try to figure out why I am showing up as a Guest
  5. I'm planning a fall camping trip and was wondering if anyone has any experience camping on Munroe Island (MCHT) off Owls Head. Just wondering if its proximity to the mainland results in a lot of traffic and competition for camping sites. Any insight is much appreciated. David
  6. Not sure if my registration went through but I am planning on being there. Can't wait. David
  7. Hey Josko, I have a story to tell about SH and and NRS PFD. I have a SH HX870 and a NSR Cvest with a radio pocket. The pocket is too narrow for this radio (any radio really) so when I slid it in, the DSC flap on the side got snagged and opened up. Unaware of this, I began practicing rolls which somehow tripped the DSC button. I then start hearing the alarm going off that I have tripped the DSC and try to use my radio to contact the Coast Guard. In a perfect storm of malfunctions, water had gotten into the radio (a manufacturer's defect which got me a new radio) and my radio no longer functioned as a 2-way...I could only hear the alarm and see a read out to cancel it if I wanted to. But because it was wet, it wouldn't let me cancel it. A minute later, the radio was completely dead. Realizing that if the DSC actually worked, the CG would be on its way, I raced back into shore (about a 1000 yards), ran up to the house where I was staying, and called the CG directly. The good news is that the DSC worked and they were prepping a helicopter. The better news is that I was able to stop them before they sent it and avoided what would have been an incredibly embarrassing moment -- even though it wasn't my fault. As I said, SH replaced my radio free of charge. But I have always struggled to get my radio into the pocket of my Cvest without snagging the DSC flap and thereby exposing the button. Last week, finally gave in and bought a new CVest with a much wider radio pocket. And finally, to get back to the point of your post, my radio was off when I went out that day. But the radio has a Water Hazard feature which turns it on if a sensor gets wet. So I presume that by rolling, I triggered that sensor which turned the radio on, and then subsequent to that, I somehow pressed the DSC button by mistake through the pocket. Your radio is a different model than mine, but it it has the Water Hazard feature, and it's on, and you're rolling, that might explain it. Or not. David
  8. Thanks Rob. That may be. If so, it's been that way since I bought it about 15 years ago. It does slide easily once i get it started. But I find it difficult to get it started with a glove on. I'll tinker with it. thanks,
  9. Hi all, I have an NDK Explorer and am trying to figure out the best way to operate the slider while using neoprene gloves. The problem is the neoprene is too thick to get leverage on the slider. I have tried using my knife which works, but I have lost a knife that way when it slipped out of my hands. I have tried using a thin piece of flat metal secured with a bungie to my boat or PFD. This also works but I really don't like another thing hanging from a bungie that could get tangled. I keep thinking there should be a way to put a cord through the hole in the slider tab but I can't do it and I've never seen a pic of an Explorer that does that so I assume that is not possible. I'll bet there is a really simple way to do this but I haven't figured it out. Any ideas? David
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The Foretrex continues to be the right tool for the job for me. I think I just have to be more diligent in trying to prevent leakage to the battery case (tape) and then removing the batteries and drying out the battery case after each use. I don't think it will make it last forever, but maybe another year. David
  11. Hi all, I use the Garmin Foretrex 401. It's a great waterproof, wrist-mounted GPS that gives me what I need. BUT....it is not durable. I have had 3 because the water always finds its way into the battery casing and corrodes the contacts. It is a slow death that begins the very first time it gets wet and can take a couple of years to kill it completely. Just wondering if anyone else has a recommendation for a waterproof, wrist-mounted GPS. Or another solution that is waterproof and does not require taking hands off the paddle to use. Thanks, David
  12. I am interested. Am around until August 17th. Gone for a week and then able to do it after that too. David
  13. I have a tentative plan to do a quick, 3 day, 2 night camping trip out of Jonesport beginning on Sunday, October 6. I'm looking for a partner who is experienced paddling in the seas, wind and cold that is possible on that part of the coast at that time of year. (knowing it's just as likely to be dead calm, flat water and 65 degrees) I'm not looking to organize a group or be part of one. Just looking to get away. Destination, routes, islands are up for discussion. DM me if you are interested. Thanks, David
  14. I have a long crack in my NDK Explorer. It is too serious to try to repair it on my own. Is there anyone out there that does this type of repair? Thanks, David
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