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  1. Bringing a slow-cooker main dish, probably with meat in the mix, and a brown rice accompaniment. Is anyone bringing bread? I can bring some if folks want such as a buffet selection...let me know. 🌊Sue
  2. Hi Everyone, Are you planning to have folks sign-up for foods in various categories, i.e., appetizers, salads, veggies, fruits, main-dishes and sweets? Cheers, Sue
  3. Congrats Prudence and Cathy, well deserved after all your prep and demonstration of skill...I didn't have a doubt in my mind! Cheers, Sue
  4. Thanks Jason and Julie, would have taken you up on offer, but alas, I have located a room shortly after my post.Sue
  5. Hi Folks, i have been undecided about attending & have not secured housing for the event! Does anyone have an unassigned room available in a cottage or house rental ? Thanks, Sue
  6. Hi Jason and Everyone, Due a last minute change in family plans, I will not be able to join this paddle. I will be thinking of you and am looking forward to hearing about the outcome of this journey. Cheers, Sue
  7. Anyone interested in paddling out of Sandy Point and circumnavigate Chebeague? If so, email me at [email protected] Best, Sue
  8. Would anyone like to Paddle out of Sandy Point and circumnavigate Chebeague ? If interested, email me at: [email protected] ?Sue
  9. Hi Jeff, I will take note of these dates and see if I can join-in. Either way, thanks for providing another venue ! Cheers, Sue
  10. Hey Jonathan, I'm up for joining this messing-about-day. I'll look forward to more details. Cheers, Sue
  11. Hi Prudence, I am glad you posted this, I was going to post or ask around regarding same...count me in! Cheers, Sue
  12. Hi Jason, I would be interested, I think July would work. Cheers, Sue
  13. Thanks for providing this opportunity! How do I sign up? Cheers, Sue
  14. I am so happy for you Rob! A well deserved award given the preparation, and from personal experience as a tea bagger during the assessment...I had the privilege of witnessing the kind leadership unfold. Cheers, Sue
  15. Hi Les, Folks going tomorrow? Sue
  16. Hi Folks, So sorry to have missed this opportunity, didn't see this posting until too late, next time for sure...up at 5:00 am every day this week & back home only to fall into the bed! I am going to the RICKA mtg Monday evening as I would like to get to know the area and paddle. Staying over Monday pm and Tuesday am meeting up with Carl Ladd to learn how my new Aries will behave in current and surf! Cheers, Sue
  17. Hi Everyone, I'll be joining you, arriving late Thursday pm, staying at the Llangolan Inn and leaving after our Sunday paddle. Looking forward to it! Sue
  18. Hi Gary and All, Count me in too! I have been staying on and off all summer outside of Boothbay (rented a studio), which is only an hour away from the campground. I have this space through the middle of October, so I plan to sleep there for the weekend, but am looking forward to paddling and generally hanging out with folks. Were you planning to have Potluck evening meals, eating out or some combo or individual eating plans? Cheers, Sue
  19. Hi Kathy, I have PM you regarding same...have been in Boothbay on and off since May, as I have rented a room for the season. I look forward to your email. Cheers, Sue
  20. I saw David Sunday and got a taste of the planned presentation...it will not disappoint! Sue
  21. Hello Gary, Would it be possible to arrive Friday pm? I would not be able to take Friday off from work, but I could leave from Lowell, MA by 3:00, with a 3.5 hour drive...arriving at 6:30 to 7:00 pm. Are folks planning to arrive Friday am or after work? Cheers, Sue
  22. The info keeps rolling in, so thanks. I may be foolish at times, but I was not planning to mount the phone on the deck of my boat, I was not planning to use my phone in any form on-the-water...I can barely tolerate technology off the water...but I indulge out of necessity. Since I have not had a tablet to date, and my laptop is not that portable, I thought I should load up my only constant companion, aka smart phone, with kayak planning apps, in order to readily access that info during those in-between moments, and on-the-go...again, not while paddling... or driving for that matter! Since our national symbol (bald eagle) often prefers to steal the food caught by others, rather than hunt for its own food exclusively, maybe (with national pride in mind and inspired by the bald eagle)...I should just steal Warren's phone...appetite satisfied! Cheers, Sue
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