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  1. Hi John, No need to be sorry. Your contributions, via knowledgeable presentations, suggested books & online references, and your personal workshop documents are greatly appreciated and respected. NSPN is lucky indeed ! Best, Sue
  2. Please add me to a wait list...even though I have set my notifications for all new posts, my notifications are not consistent. I had really been looking forward to this paddle.
  3. Thanks Rob, I am hoping to be away for the first 3 weeks of August, stitching trips together. However, if that doesn't work out, I would like to support this event.
  4. Hi Folks, Does anyone have any experience volunteering (as a safety paddler) for this event ? Thanks, Sue
  5. Hi Folks, I can not attend the next 2 pool sessions (3/9 and 3/16) and possibly 3/24/19. If you have been closed out of 3/9, and/or 3/16, please PM me and I can sell one or both to you. You will still need to bring you required paperwork and both of us should inform Rob of the change in attendance. Thanks, Sue
  6. Hi Folks, I wanted to give everyone a heads-up regarding yesterday's 60 Minutes Episode. This program included a spotlight on the ongoing Climate Change lawsuit against the US Government (filed in 2015), brought by an Oregon lawyer and director of Our Children's Trust. The plaintiffs are 21 children from as many states, and basically the lawyers/organization have accumulated 50 years of evidence, actually the government's own studies, or studies they solicited or "heard" in hearings, on the climate effects of fossil fuels, etc. I can not give the effort and lawsuit justice here, but their judicial progress is the most optimistic possibility I have encountered surrounding this pivotal challenge of our time. If this brief note sparks your interest, you can Google "60 Minutes Overtime" and watch the expanded version of the segment (I think the title is Climate Kids). Best, Sue
  7. Great idea! I’m looking forward to it.
  8. I will bring a brown rice salad from the original Moosewood cookbook.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Dan and yes interested in Feb. and Joe, thanks for the pics ! I am contemplating a high tide viewing today, had an obligation yesterday. Sue
  10. Hi Dan, I would be interested in the viewing from land option, as my drysuit is currently in CA for repairs, etc. Sue
  11. I’m interested, just got back from NY. Best, Sue
  12. Sue H.

    Woods Hole area

    Thanks Jason & Mel for these trip proposals, if I didn’t already have weekend paddling plans in Maine, I would have gladly joined you both. Maybe next time. Best, Sue
  13. Hi All, I was really looking forward to seeing everyone, yet I have to cancel. My niece has made a last minute request that I help her prepare for her son’s graduation party on Sunday, I responded, “Of course! My Best Wishes for a fun paddle, Sue
  14. Hi Jonathan, I didn't hear back on this topic...did you find a group discount and make a group purchase? Even if there are none left form a group purchase, would you share the info on the process? Thanks, Sue H.
  15. Hi Bill, Is there still a space left? I responded through the link above, but it did not appear in my sent mail, so I wanted to double check that you received it. Thanks for offering this opportunity and Cheers, Sue Hriciga
  16. Thanks for the info Nancy! I haven't purchased anything yet, so I'll add your recommendation to my list of options. Best, Sue
  17. Thanks D...I’ll investigate further...just wish you try on this stuff...OH the joy of purchasing online! Cheers, Sue
  18. Thanks Phil and John, I'll check out your suggestions. Cheers, Sue
  19. Hi Everyone, I’ve been looking on line for hard sole kayaking boots with no success. I have a pair of Astral shoes (hard sole), which are ok for summer ( if I wear them with wool ankle socks, otherwise the sand gets against my skin & I receive an unintended pedicure). Also, I don’t like to wear them over my dry suit, as I believe the abrasion of the sand will cause problems. I also have a pair of high top Stohquist (soft sole) booties..which I don’t like at all....my feet get hurt most every time I wear them! Out of desperation, I have been looking at dive boots. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sue
  20. Hi Alex, I would like to watch and learn but not paddle. Sue
  21. YES! I have paid for a slot for tomorrow, 2/24/18 and am not able to drive home from NY as I had planned. Prudence, or anyone else interested in this slot, please respond here, remember to bring your wavier and 5 bucks (if not an ACA member). Enjoy, Sue
  22. I now have to withdraw, as I will be in NY, Enjoy, Sue
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