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  1. Sue H.

    Wed. Lunch Paddle #16: 8/21/19 @ Riverhead Beach

    Also weather watching!
  2. Thanks! Just sent an inquiry !
  3. Hi Everyone, I am trying to reach Rob Lemmon and I do not have a Facebook account, nor want one, so I am having difficulty finding another way to get in touch with him at Maritime Day Tripping Inc. When I google his name and or business, I get directed to Facebook. Does anyone have another form of contacting him that you could share with me? Thanks, Sue
  4. Sue H.

    7/17/19 Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Odiorne

    Hi Jim, Largely I have tried to be a regular at these Wednesday paddles, however, tomorrow I'm heading north for 5 or 6 days. I'm assuming I'll be there next week. Enjoy, Sue
  5. Sue H.

    7/10/2019 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Lanesville

    Thanks for your input Dan. Actually for tomorrow, I was hoping to do the turn-around with the circumnav. of Straitmouth. The other stretch (Rockport to Thacher) was a proposal for another day, as the Lunch Paddles usually do not cover great distances. I wanted to ask folks about their preferences in advance, as even 12 miles seems farther than previous lunch paddles...other people usually have time constraints that I do not, or are just interested in shorter paddles. I'm always willing to go earlier and stay later than most ,and the longer distances are generally outside the 10:00 to 3:00 structure that Joe and Bob set for the lunch paddles.
  6. Sue H.

    7/10/2019 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Lanesville

    Hi Everyone, I know we will be discussing this at the launch, but wanted to express my interest in advance to get a feel for folks expectations (knowing a non-respondent to this thread might show). I am interested in going (NE)East out of Lanes Cove, around Halibut Point to Rockport...it may be too far for folks, but I wish we could continue past Gap Head and circumnavigate Straitsmouth Island. If not this time, maybe on another paddle, launching from from the Stone Pier in Rockport or other nearby locale and paddle that strip and continue south to Emerson Point and around Thacher Island. Best, Sue
  7. Sue H.

    7/10/2019 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Lanesville

    See you all Wednesday.
  8. Sue H.

    6_19_2019 Wednesday Lunch Paddle #8

    Once again Bob, an enjoyable and informative paddle, and trip report. Thanks to Bob and my co-participants for a fun day on the water ! Cheers, Sue
  9. Sue H.

    5 islands Sunday June 15th.

    Hi Jason, Would love to, but some of us that are going to Cpbscook in August are practicing our "Current" group skills Sunday in the Piscataqua River. Too bad, Five Islands is one of my favorite places...another time this summer ?! Cheers, Sue
  10. Sue H.

    Solstice L3 Group - June 22

    Hi Joyce, I am happy to co-lead this group level with you, or if the L1 and L2 group needs experienced paddler support, I can go with that group to assist. Cheers, Sue
  11. Sue H.

    6/5/2019 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Riverhead Beach

    Most certainly !
  12. I really am attending this time...😎🌊
  13. Sue H.

    Wednesday Lunch Paddle 5/22/19: West Beach

    Hi Folks, I have to withdraw again this week ...I just received a text that the paving co., who was to supposed to install the driveway last week, is coming today. Disappointed about the paddle, but excited about the prospect of using the driveway and finally being able to pull into the new garage! Have a sun filled paddle, Sue
  14. Sue H.

    Wednesday Lunch Paddle 5/22/19: West Beach

    Oh yeah !
  15. Sue H.

    5/15/2019: Wednesday Lunch Paddle in Marblehead

    Thanks for the clarification, withdrawing my interest, I've made other plans.