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  1. David MC

    Chebacco Thursday 8 August

    New to NSPN? Or want to improve your strokes and edging? Get feedback. Share ideas. Trial and error. This is a great weekly opportunity! Be better prepared for conditions by seeing what you can make your boat do on flat water. Water is fresh, warm, and there are others to get you back in the boat quickly. From ~5pm to ~8 (dusk). Arrive anytime. Look for us in the cove to the left of the boat ramp. Map: Chebacco Lake boat ramp
  2. David MC

    Thursday 11 July at Chebacco

    I'll be there!
  3. David MC

    Chebacco lake Thursday June 27

    I can't make it today, but plan to attend most of the summer.
  4. David MC

    Short pump

    I've been happy with this one: SeaSense Kayak Hand Pump 12-Inch with Floating Mesh Bag Of course, smaller the size, the less volume of water exits with each pump. (aside: Janet, I am curious about your under-deck bag though. If you're at Solstice paddle I'd love to check it out. I'm always a little nervous having anything under the deck that might interfere with an exit, but my day hatch is less than convenient. ) David
  5. David MC

    6_12_2019 Wednesday Lunch Paddle #7

    Great report! I liked the details -- some insight into logic behind rock garden decisions. Thanks!!
  6. David MC

    Solstice L3 Group - June 22

    I'll be there and am happy to help with any pod as needed. Look forward to reconnecting with you all!
  7. David MC

    Yard Sale...

    Details about event: https://www.nspn.org/forum/topic/12134-nspn-yard-sale-saturday-april-28th/
  8. David MC

    Newest Sea Kayak Leaders

    Congratulations! That’s an achievement to be proud of. Fantabulous! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  9. David MC

    Squam Lake, Oct 6-8, 2017

    It was a great weekend! Thanks Dan, for picking up some of the organization and your trip report. Thanks too, to our cheerful, collaborative, group of paddlers. New friends were made, while old friends were missed this year. We've got to bring less food next time! Oddly, the typically pesky chipmunks were rarely sighted. I'm also thankful for a brief view of the full moon rising before it vanished into the clouds above.
  10. David MC

    Chebacco Lake on Thursday evenings

    I'll be there today.
  11. David MC

    Foam Back Rest

    Thanks David. I'll give them a try.
  12. David MC

    Foam Back Rest

    Did you find a good source to buy foam? I'm looking. I have a Wilderness Tempest 165 (PVC). I like the adjustable backrest on this model because it's quite low, but I want to create a wedge insert to put in the void behind the seat. Just a sloped wedge against the bulkhead to let water more easily exit the cockpit. A few gallons get trapped every time.
  13. David MC

    Chebacco Lake on Thursday evenings

    That makes sense. Any way to pass the message to Rick? I'm not sure he reads this forum regularly.
  14. David MC

    Chebacco Lake on Thursday evenings

    I'll be there tonight.
  15. David MC

    2017 Solstice Paddle / Potluck / Gear Swap - June 25

    Always a great event. For convenience, here's the link to RSVP.