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  1. Just seeing this now. Sad news. RIP Gene.
  2. If weather looks good, I'm thinking about joining. What is estimated length of entire trip?
  3. Penciling it on my calendar. Will wait for more details, but interested in this event.
  4. Interesting thread for a rainy Sat. night.
  5. Interested. Will post again if I decide to join you. I go from there quite a bit, but haven't done that trip. Nancy
  6. Rob, I'm pm'ing you with my float plan info. I work tonight, but would like to try to make this.
  7. Yes, that area can be very confusing. Back during my years in Ipswich, it was my playground and I was out in the sound two-three times a week during the season. I have always been a bit "tide-obsessed," so I would try to time the tide to my favor and choose my route accordingly. Usually I would do short paddles averaging 5-8 miles in the area, but when the tide is right, this is a great trip. Thanks for the route map!
  8. Wow. Impressed with the plan. When I lived in Ipswich I used to do this paddle on the fly. Would love to do it tomorrow but won't be home in time to make it. I especially love that the tide would be in our favor both ways. Gorgeous area and I miss it.
  9. Thrilling for sure :-) The only whale watch I was ever on (mid-eighties), was out of Gloucester and included the boat running with a school of dolphins. But being in a kayak and having them so close must have been amazing.
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