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  1. I signed up, though I have a commitment later in the day, and host has not given specific time yet. Could affect my plans to come, but I hope not. Any idea when we will be off water?
  2. How many miles is this trip? I've never done it and would love to.
  3. I am looking for a 2.2 cockpit cover - could come get it if you have one.
  4. hi Stephanie, I have a large Woman’s Kokotat yellow/blue-purple Gortex model. Very lightly worn but gaskets probably could use replacing. If you are interested, PM me or better, email, and I can send pics. Nancysan at Comcast dot net I would say I wore this 5 times, bought new around 2009. Thanks, Nancy
  5. Just seeing this now. Sad news. RIP Gene.
  6. If weather looks good, I'm thinking about joining. What is estimated length of entire trip?
  7. Penciling it on my calendar. Will wait for more details, but interested in this event.
  8. Interested. Will post again if I decide to join you. I go from there quite a bit, but haven't done that trip. Nancy
  9. Rob, I'm pm'ing you with my float plan info. I work tonight, but would like to try to make this.
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