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  1. I’m not familiar with the Patagonia bag but I have had a few dry bags from Watershed. https://www.drybags.com/bags/waterproof-bags-and-packs/ I have found these bags to be top quality.
  2. And the list gets shorter. Unfortunately I will not be able to join you tomorrow. Be safe and have a great day.
  3. I also prefer a 6" tunnel height, and this has been available with Seals Sprayskirts as a custom order. Last year, at this time, I needed a new spray skirt and was informed that Seals was not taking any custom orders, at that time, due to production backlogs. I'm hoping that is not the case this year, however I have not checked yet. As Jim mentioned above, if you can get one there could be a long wait.
  4. I believe the first price increase was when Lendal upgraded from the Paddlok ferrule to the Leverloc system. In my opinion the Leverlok is definitely worth the extra money. I’m not sure how they justify the second price increase. I agree that they are very expensive. Wether or not they are worth the price is a matter of personal opinion, but I agree with Joe, the Lendal Storm is a great paddle.
  5. David, I would like one of those charts. Thank you.
  6. On Sunday morning six of us met at Odiorne Point boat ramp for this level 2+ trip. Mother Nature was going to cooperate today, providing us with sunny skies and calm seas. Jeff, Jim, Liz, David, Tom, and Vladimir arrived to find the parking lot at Odiorne filling up fast, mostly with sea kayakers. There was a large group of AMC paddlers launching the same time we were to launch. With little effort we managed to keep our groups separated and we launched a few minutes after the AMC group. Heading out through the breakwater we were greeted with calm seas, a gentle swell, and lots of exposed rocks as the tide was dropping. After poking around some of the exposed rocks on the outside of New Castle we headed out toward Wood Island, the group staying close together and maintaining a watchful eye for traffic, as we crossed the main channel at the entrance to the Piscataqua River. Coming around Wood Island we kept going out to Whaleback Light. On the outside of Whaleback we encountered our first opportunity to play in some small surf. David and Jim made the best of what little surf there was. Taking advantage of the safety net provided by the more experienced paddlers, Tom decided to try out some of the skills learned at the previous days rocks and rescues skills session. Tom showed good form in the rocks and surf and rescues were not necessary. A short distance beyond Whaleback is White Island and several reefs that become exposed at low tide. We headed out to this area to explore. Wandering through the shallow water, with only a few groundings, we saw a lot interesting rock features, numerous sea birds, and a few seals. Next we would be return to Wood Island for lunch. Back in our boats after lunch we proceeded along the planned route through Pepperrell Cove, up the Piscataqua, and under the bridge at Goat Island. With careful planning we were able to paddle up the river pretty close to slack water and encountered only mild currents until we arrived at the bridge by the Wentworth. Here we took advantage of a few eddys, powered under the bridge, and made our way back to the launch. Thanks to everyone for joining me and making this a wonderful day.
  7. Yes, there is still room to sign up. I'll PM you launch details.
  8. I'm looking forward to a great trip on Sunday. I hope everyone who expressed an interest in this trip still plans to attend. This evening I will start a group message and to provide you all with full launch and trip details. Looking forward to paddling with all of you.
  9. It looks like we have a nice group of paddlers interested in this trip. There is still room for more to sign up. I will be monitoring the weather forecast throughout the week and I should be able to post location and launch details by mid-week. I'm looking forward to paddling with you all.
  10. Are you a solid level 2 aspiring sea kayaker, perhaps attended a few of the skills sessions and now are looking to take the next step. Join me and co-organizer Jim Snyder for this level 2+ ocean trip. The goal of this trip will be to introduce aspiring sea kayakers to the ocean environment in a fun and safe manner. With this in mind, we will be looking for mild conditions closer to level 2 in terms of wind, waves, and current. Location - TBD, possibilities include Cape Ann area, NH coast, or southern Maine. In an effort to keep this trip within the predetermined skill level I will choose a venue once the weather / marine forecast for this date is available. If weather conditions do not cooperate we will seek out more protected waters or cancel as a last resort. This trip is open to NSPN members with solid level 2 paddling skills. You should be comfortable with wet exit and assisted rescues as well as comfortable paddling for approximately 4 hours, or 8 - 10 miles, with appropriate breaks. Equipment requirements - Sea kayak, 14 feet or longer, with front and rear bulkheads, paddle, spray skirt, PFD, and appropriate attire for an ocean paddle (neoprene and a light weight paddling jacket work well at this time in the season). Spare paddle and pump are also recommended. Other things to bring along include hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, plenty of drinking water, lunch, and dry bags to protect anything that shouldn’t get wet. Please post interest in attending to this tread. If you are unsure about skills or equipment please feel free to PM me with any questions.
  11. It was a fabulous day. I also paddle out once, approximately 2 hours each way. Hitching a boat ride out allowed us to spend the entire paddling time exploring the islands. Great trip.
  12. Based on the weather forecast and sea state I have decided to make alternative plans for Saturday. Prudence and Sue, thank you for organizing.
  13. DM2787, I am about the same height and weight as you and I also paddle an Explorer. My Explorer has a stock seat. I have not experienced the same issue, with with the thigh grips, as you describe. I find the Explorer to be a pretty good fit. How do you compare in size to the seller? Is there already minicell foam glued in for a more customized fit? If there seller has built up the thigh braces with foam for a custom fit this should be an easy fix. Remove or shave down the foam. If that is not the case I would second the comments mentioned above. Tom Bergh with Maine Island Kayak is an expert on boat fit and always happy to help. If nothing else works, then this is not the right boat for you.
  14. Another source for foam is kayakoutfitting.com. They have a larger selection of sizes and better prices than NRS.
  15. I saw more than one MA plate in the Odiorne parking lot yesterday. Since an advance reservation is required to get in I'm assuming it is ok for MA to use NH launch facilities.
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