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  1. How about Hammond Castle in Gloucester? https://www.hammondcastle.org
  2. Prudence, Consider me “in” for Sunday. Thanks for initiating. Shari
  3. I might be able to join you all, but need to be off the water by 3pm-ish as well. Will confirm as closer. Shari
  4. Shari

    Cabin Fever Party

    I am also sorry not to be joining in this year. I have family visiting from out of state. Have fun.... Shari P.S. Bill, good luck with your pup!
  5. Change of plans, no falafel- I'll bring vegetable spring rolls and sauce. Shari
  6. I will bring a tray of Falafel and dip (vegetarian). Shari
  7. It is from the Sierra club site- see below The Peoples Climate Movement On April 29 we are cSearch for and RSVP to a Sister March near you. Rockport Climate March Start: April 29, 2017 • 10:00 AM Rockport Climate March• Dock Square, Rockport, MA 01966 Host Contact Info: [email protected] 963-8683 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boston Hub: People's Climate Mobilization Start: April 29, 2017 • 12:00 PM *TBD* (placeholder)• 24 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02133 Host Contact Info: [email protected]
  8. It was another successful camping weekend at Squam Lake thanks to our enthusiastic group: Gary, Peter, Janice, Sherry, Mike, Yong, Paul, Elizabeth ( and me). We shared lovely Moon Island with a group of industrious and stealthy red squirrels who bagged a sandwich, pumpkin and corn bread (undeterred by heavy plastic containers). The weather vacillated between partly sunny to occasional showers with daytime temps in the low 60s and nighttime lows around 45-50. The mountains were stunning with low hanging clouds and mist, though only small patches of fall color. We paddled to some favorite destinations including the Yard Islands and Rattlesnake Cove. One morning included a hike up the Western Rattlesnake Mountain with lunch on the granite faced vista. Our weekend concluded with a hearty lunch at The Common Man. It was a wonderful weekend of fellowship, great food, and relaxation at one of NH's gems! Thank you to everyone! I will attempt to attach photos. Shari P. S. here is a link to Gary's pix: https://goo.gl/photos/SjG5yxoxjeyn9ZY68
  9. One spot is open for this trip. PM me if interested. Shari
  10. Our Squam camping trip will remain at the max of 12 people, all on one site. I have a waitlist. Friday plan is to arrive at Piper Cove by 11am and launch around 11:30am for Moon Island. We will set up tents then go for an afternoon paddle before an optional potluck dinner. I will PM more details to trip participants. There is also the option of another pod making a later afternoon arrival. This can be arranged through the group PM. Shari
  11. Stu, you are on the waitlist. If group size changes I will contact you to book another site. Shari
  12. Stu, The Squam Lake Association really frowns on this and spoke to me about low impact etc. I'd prefer to stay within their guidelines, but will talk to a few people who know this area well to discuss. I'll get back to you, ok? Shari
  13. Join us for an early fall weekend at Squam Lake, Friday morning September 30th through Sunday October 2nd. Our group base camp will be on beautiful Moon Island (approximately 2 miles from the Piper Cove Put-in). Numerous areas to explore on daily paddles, with the option of a hike up one or both of the Rattlesnake Mountains (fabulous views). Typical Pot-luck Buffet for those who would like to participate. Possible night paddle to Walter's Basin for dinner one night. Details will be posted as we get closer. Cost will be $22/ person. Our camping site limit of 12 people has been met. PM me with questions or to be added to the WAIT LIST! Thanks, Shari
  14. Liz, my car (and kayak rack) are in the shop until after Wed. I have to back out, sadly. Another time? Shari
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