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  1. love it. He almost got 'flanked' at 4:14 :-)
  2. Gary, please add me to the mailing list. I'm not sure yet when I will launch but the night paddle sounds like a great idea. Rene
  3. I second the support for multi club outing - it was a perfect finish to a paddling season for many. Even though some of us will paddle some more...
  4. I would be in for a group buy too. 2 large, one day hatch, or perhaps double that.
  5. The Eastern Prom beach has storage racks for kayaks and small boats. I think it goes about $200 for the season or something like that.
  6. How could they know she pushed the paddle away? Just curious.
  7. I was one of the advisors when they first considered having a meetup presence. If I remember correctly one of the main reasons was to better control attendance and organization of their trips and cleanups.
  8. Excellent report on a great trip with great company! Here are a few shots I have:
  9. I generally tend to gravitate towards warmer bag. Manufacturers temp recommendations are usually somewhat optimistic. If I wanted only 1 bag and didn't plan to do winter camping then I would go with a 20 degree bag. After all, if a bag is too hot then it can be unzipped partially or completely and used as a blanket. Camping in Maine the temperatures can plunge quite low even during summer months. ...but I am an old, decrepit hermit and over time I accumulated a number of sleeping bags so I probably have a bag for every season + more weird stuff like top quilts and a bag for 2... :-)
  10. I bring a cotton shirt to wear around the island when kayak camping. I find it more comfortable in the summer days than any other garment. That is as far as I will go for kayak camping.
  11. Well, by definition there is need for cotton for the days when the temperatures are too hot. Right? And in between too hot and cold is normal. Normal means you can wear cotton and you won't die. Normal means if your cotton garment gets wet or damp then the sun and your body heat will dry it out. Once we realize cotton won't kill us we should also focus on how cotton functions on our body during various activities. Lounging around the camp, or casually walking around in cotton tshirt is totally fine. Paddling with a cotton tshirt on might be detrimental as the wet cotton clings to the body and could induce skin wear in most frequented folds. Let's talk about benefits of cotton: around a campfire, cotton is much more spark resistant than synthetic garments. And what about those pesky Northerners waxing their cotton garments to make them water resistant? :-) They must be onto something. And what about those hardy Canadians using Cotton Anoraks camping in temperatures much colder than what we usually get to ?
  12. aww crap. Peter had a new boat and I did not say anything :-) To my defense I've seen him in several boats over time and thought it was just one of those ;-) Here are some additional pictures that might paint our trip: Our (Cath, Bob, Chip and I) launch from Cousins Island went without a hitch and soonafter we had a nice break on Bangs Island Brief break on Stave Island, observing manmade tidal pool draining during outgoing tide For those into hammocking, here was my setup for the weekend Our Saturday circumnavigation of Long Island It was great meeting new friends. In this photo, Roger and my paddling buddy Bob Warren can't help himself from promoting sea kayaking one smile at a time :-) Return to Jewell, to our campsite beach just in time to have a nice hike around the island Cocktail Cove at dusk
  13. Hi Ed, Both are Nordkapps :-) Cheers, Rene
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