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  1. I won't be able to make the paddle. Have a blast! Shaila
  2. I just bought this tent. It is light, has a bathtub bottom which withstood 2 days of rain the first time I tried it out. It is free standing but the vestibules on the fly require two stakes total. I am not sure if it is long enough for you, Jason, but it is a bit wider so that may help. Full price is a bit much but I got it during the clearance sale so it was quite a bit cheaper.
  3. Pictures!: Boston Harbor Islands 8/17/08 Lots of the Boston skyline... I figured that one of them had to turn out. Great trip... Thanks for showing me around!
  4. I am fine with that. Is this helmet your 3rd, 8th, 20th present?
  5. Sunday is definitely a possibility for me. I haven't really explored Cape Ann or Boston Harbor so I am game for either.
  6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/...57606731219275/
  7. Sounds like the reasonable thing to do. For the record I most likely wouldn't have done sunday either. There is always next time!
  8. As of right now I am a no-go. If it is at all possible, Sunday would be the free day for me. Shaila
  9. I took my niece and sister out for a paddle last week and they rented from there as well. You can use the very same small beach at NSK because it is municipal and open to anyone. Really the only catch is that the people at NSK said that my kayak couldn't sit on the sand for more than 10 minutes per order of the city. That was no problem because I waded in knee deep and floated it a foot off shore. They were also great about letting me clip my boat onto their giant line of boats while I was getting things from the car, etc. The way to the small beach is just past the tuna wharf where NSK is... there is a small opening with stone stairs down to the beach. This is where your friends will get into their kayaks.
  10. I am interested in joining you. Right now I have family visiting so it may depend on whether I am joining them that day or not. I won't know until a day or two beforehand. Shaila
  11. Suwin made a cupcake with frosting that I loved... and I traditionally don't like frosting! That's talent! The whole evening I felt like I had a monkey on my back but I didn't mind My list of owed rolling masks is getting longer and longer: Brian Gillian Who will be next? I promise that I won't forget guys!
  12. Hope this works! Thanks for the Flickr pointers. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1
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