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  1. kurtyang04

    Boston Harbor Navigation Session and Paddle

    Such a great report with lots detail. Nice leaning. Thanks.
  2. kurtyang04

    NSPN Yard Sale - Saturday April 28th

    I am helping David to sell a few items like this one. If someone have the interest, please let me know: Necky Jive play/surf boat for sale, with a Werner 1-piece Paddle, 191 cm (not sure which model, but looks like a Rio), 2 float bags Asking $275 for the package
  3. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    We got this classic kayak and thank Dave again for the generosity. I am sure dozens younger friends would use it in near future and become ocean kayaker later.
  4. Thank Suz and Newbury store for this wonderful event. I learn lots even I knew quite some before that. My Asian group and friends own more than 20 Kokatat drysuits. You may understand how useful this kind of event could be.
  5. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    Hi Lewis, just sent you an email and we really appreciate your help. Donation of equipment are all welcome. it would really encourage us to work harder on ocean outdoors and ocean safety education. Yesterday, we spent quite some time on a new article about the tragedy of Doug Tompkins. Thousands and thousands Asian outdoor friends got this safety message. https://www.canoekayak.com/adventure/doug-tompkins-life-and-legacy/
  6. Except Japan, most Asian people, no matter living in USA or in Asia, very few are into sea kayaking and they don't understand much about ocean safety. My friends and I have promoted sea kayaking, whitewater kayaking and rafting among minority Asian around Northeast in last 12 years. NSPN has always been the role model for us. Last Dec, we were successful becoming non profit organization (501(c)(3) specified on kayaking education and ocean safety among minority ( formal name: North America Asian Adventure Club). We have a successful story this year to expand ocean paddler base greatly. Since we have a very low budget to run the equipment, we do need some help from other sea kayak-ers. I assume there are bunch of old plastic kayaks made between 1990 and 2000 which sit in the yards for long time. Why not donate some of them to us? The donation can be applied to Charitable Contribution Deductions. I carefully read the article Sea kayaker numbers on NSPN and understood the issues. It is our effort to make some difference., and we have help many young professionals or students to learn sea kayaking who don't have space to store or way to transport. Most of them start to feel in love with sea kayaking. Also at least 10 of new friends bought their own sea kayaks this year., the best year ever so far. We also did lots sea kayaking safety education in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Friends there told us our efforts have save many people's lives. We would appreciate very much any kind of help to make our safety and sea kayaking education better.
  7. kurtyang04

    Group buy for hatch covers?

    Does anybody know Wilderness Systems 8 in. Round Hatch Cover fit Valley kayaks? it is much cheaper. Thanks.
  8. I went to the pool sessions once last winter and it was nice. I will join the pool practice with couple friends for 2-3 times this season.
  9. kurtyang04

    Nova Scotia Trip Gallery - Fundy Bay& Breton Highland NP

    Thank Pru and Blaine for your words.
  10. kurtyang04

    Fortune Bay, Newfoundland: A Love Letter

    Your Newfoundland trip reports are very helpful since Newfoundland is on my list. Thanks for sharing.
  11. kurtyang04

    Nova Scotia Trip Gallery - Fundy Bay& Breton Highland NP

    Nothing is more stunning than watching the glorious sunset from Gulf of Saint Lawrence. to be continued
  12. kurtyang04

    Nova Scotia Trip Gallery - Fundy Bay& Breton Highland NP

    Also I want to add some orient culture to every expedition of mine, no matter river or ocean.
  13. It was my first sea kayak expedition trip as a leader, even the total paddling distance was not long neither tough . The toughest section would be class/level 3. Its beauty is beyond words and the photos explain how much we love sea kayaking. Fundy Bay Breton NP
  14. Thanks for sharing. I may target Acadia next year and this trip report could be very helpful.
  15. good report and thanks for sharing.