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  1. The two pix above were taken in Casco Bay and Cape Cod. Can you guess exactly where they are? I have the answers next week.
  2. This is a moving story behind this red kayak. It was a donation from D/D I post here. We used it to promote sea kayaking among young generation. Later we develop a trust/friendship between D/D and me. They even donated more or hundred little things to us. To them, it is used equipment with good memory. For me and new community, it is like treasure. We are more than excited to keep them and show to much bigger community in East Asia. When the owner of this kayak first time saw these photos from us, she cried. And when I told many friends about the story and they were moved. Sea kayaking brought us more enjoy than we can imagine.
  3. I am looking for old copies of Sea Kayaker or Canoe&Kayak magazine. Since we belong to a 501c(3) charity org, we can treat it as donation. I usually organized events for local Asian outdoor friends. In last four year, I shift some of my focus from local to some east Asian countries, like China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. As a volunteer, I brought lots American kayaking culture to these areas, especially China Mainland. I made lots friends there and gradually I became one of very few person to promote sea kayaking and kayak safety education which already saved dozen people lives, as friends told me and respect me much. Kayaking was pretty new things to China or Taiwan ten years ago. These years we have witnessed some fastest growing kayak community in the world. ACA has brought some professional training to those countries, but kayaker there need more culture material things to inspire their love for kayaking. They like Sea Kayaker and Canoe&Kayak magazine very much. I own lots books but not many magazines. If someone can help us, we'd appreciate it so much.
  4. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    Hi Les, Thank you so much and will contact you through the email in next several days.
  5. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    Very possible tomorrow. Will text your phone.
  6. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    MaryAnn, Thank you again and I will contact you after Aug 8. Kurt
  7. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    Hi Mary Ann, Yes we do accept the donation and really appreciate that. Is x5358 your phone #? Thanks, Kurt
  8. kurtyang04

    Klepper Aerius II For Sale

    Is XXX 8458 your phone number? Thanks.
  9. kurtyang04

    Klepper Aerius II For Sale

    I will contact you through your email or phone. Thanks.
  10. kurtyang04

    Klepper Aerius II For Sale

    Hi David, I have some interest and are you sure the skin is not be shrunk? I own one Klepper with shrunk skin. Looking for another one with good skin. Thank.
  11. kurtyang04

    Boston Harbor Navigation Session and Paddle

    Such a great report with lots detail. Nice leaning. Thanks.
  12. kurtyang04

    NSPN Yard Sale - Saturday April 28th

    I am helping David to sell a few items like this one. If someone have the interest, please let me know: Necky Jive play/surf boat for sale, with a Werner 1-piece Paddle, 191 cm (not sure which model, but looks like a Rio), 2 float bags Asking $275 for the package
  13. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    We got this classic kayak and thank Dave again for the generosity. I am sure dozens younger friends would use it in near future and become ocean kayaker later.
  14. Thank Suz and Newbury store for this wonderful event. I learn lots even I knew quite some before that. My Asian group and friends own more than 20 Kokatat drysuits. You may understand how useful this kind of event could be.
  15. kurtyang04

    Anyone like to donate old sea kayaks?

    Hi Lewis, just sent you an email and we really appreciate your help. Donation of equipment are all welcome. it would really encourage us to work harder on ocean outdoors and ocean safety education. Yesterday, we spent quite some time on a new article about the tragedy of Doug Tompkins. Thousands and thousands Asian outdoor friends got this safety message. https://www.canoekayak.com/adventure/doug-tompkins-life-and-legacy/