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  1. Looking forward to joining you. Info in pm.
  2. Hi Al, Will join you Saturday, I have PM you my info. Thanks, Glenn
  3. I would like to make this trip with everyone. Looks like a few pods. glenn.
  4. until

    Looking forward to this John. Thanks..
  5. I will bring an eggplant dish to the party...
  6. "BOB"...But out of bed....plan on joining the trip. Glenn
  7. Hi Pru. I am planning on joining you folks , should be a good day. Glenn.
  8. Thanks Jason... issue has been addressed.
  9. Jason I'm unable to PM or contact you as administrator. Suggestions?? Thanks Glenn
  10. Planning on joining the pod for a row up the creek. g.
  11. Great report Peter. I'm back.at work but not really, still in Great Wads. Thanks to our band of brothers and sisters it truely was a great adventure and hope to have many more.
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