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  1. Yes, still for sale. I am just seeing this question now. I thought I was following this thread, but only got notified just now by Rob Folster that you were interested.
  2. There was a caretaker (lighthouse keeper for a 2-week stint) on White Island when I was there a few years ago, although the website for White Island Historic site says it is unstaffed (and it was closed to visitors in 2020 due to Covid). If you were the caretaker or knew the caretaker.... I also recall seeing an add from a local kayak company (not sure which one) a few years ago advertising a kayak/camping overnight on one of the islands. They must have gotten permission.
  3. I've paddled out and back once and spent a bit of time paddling around the islands and visiting the lighthouse on White Island. I'd love to spend more time paddling around the islands without the out and back part. It's really beautiful out there!
  4. There is a new wash-over directly across from Chatham Bars Inn as of February 3. There is a Facebook page called "Chatham's Three Breaks". It is there you'll find pictures and video.
  5. Now, I want to go back to Misery to look for goats! I think Wayne was the only one to see it (but I assume there are more).
  6. The rescue story about the goat in Belfast, Maine reminded me of this. My husband saw a goat on Great Misery Island today. We also saw a lot of deer, but that is to be expected, But, a goat? One thought is that a goat (or goats - but he only saw one) were taken to the island to keep the poison ivy and other vegetation at bay. Does anyone know anything about this? Is this another runaway goat?
  7. A drysuit is essential this time of year.
  8. Wayne and I will join you!
  9. Neoprene is waterproof. A good pair of neoprene gloves that are advertised as waterproof will have the seams sealed where they are stitched or glued together, making them truly waterproof. Think of the seams of the gloves like the seams of a tent fly that has to be sealed along the seams to be waterproof. My NRS Maverick gloves (old style) have a circular cutout at the wrist which seals it fairly well over my drysuit gasket. I haven't seen any other gloves made that way. The new version has the same wrist. It's called a HydroCuff. I don't think one can generate enough heat in the hands to warm a constant inflow of new cold water into a glove (if it is leaking). It is not my understanding that a glove is intended to work the same as a wetsuit, particularly in cold water. In fact, when the water is really cold, divers switch to a drysuit and there are different gloves and systems to keep the hands dry. Some of the gloves have a wrist gasket, like on our drysuits. Any neoprene glove that is advertised as waterproof and isn't was not made properly.
  10. I wore my NRS Maverick gloves last week and found water leaking in in a few areas that were worn (mostly thumb and cracks in the seam where the knuckles bend). I ran a bead of neoprene cement along the knuckles and coated the thumb pads along with the tips of the index fingers with two coats on all those places. After trying them in a cold basin moving my hands around, opening and closing my fists, they are completely dry inside. I've always liked those gloves and it seems I have given them some new life, for now. <fingers crossed>. Most have said to have dry gloves to change into at lunch, or sometime(s) along the way. I agree with that!
  11. I've always thought these might be good, but they don't come in sizes, so would probably be too big for me. https://www.chillcheater.com/greenland-gauntlets
  12. This is exactly my problem. I haven't found that any one things is best, but some things work better than others. I have worn a thin liner glove under a nitrile (or similar) glove. Over that combo I wear an Outdoor Research Revel Mitt. It is waterproof up until a point and thin enough that I can use my camera and get my spray skirt on. Yesterday, I put on some neoprene gloves (I agree that most of them leak - even my expensive NRS gloves with gasketed wrist leak now) and then I traced out a pogie that I thought would fit over my gloved hand. I made the pogie out of 3 mm neoprene. If fits my gloved and hand fits well on the paddle shaft. I will try it out and let you know how well I like it. For me, I always have an assortment of things with me so I can change when I start getting wet/cold. One thing that kept my hands fairly warm were NRS thick neoprene mittens, but I decided against wearing them because it is impossible to do anything with them on, other than hold the paddle.
  13. Joyce is to the left of Pablo. That was the first time I'd been to Jewell. What a great weekend!
  14. That's right, Gary. If you haven't been to #7, then you won't be able to guess. The harbor is Head Harbor on Campobello Island.
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