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  1. Cathy You might want to reach out to the harbormaster. They're replacing the bridge, which means a temporary bridge, demolition and other rebuilding stuff. I don't know the time table or if it will limit boat access into LH. best Phil
  2. my first response is "buy a sponge". ;-) Realistically, that area is where the skirt is under the least amount of tension so there may not be anything you can do. Only other thought to add is to check for cracks in the coming, as they can be both subtle and very leaky. best Phil
  3. Welcome to NSPN. IMO and only based on the picture I'd think the blade is intended for more of a low angle stroke. For example, compare the shapes of the Werner Ikelos or Cypress (high angle) vs Kalliste (low angle) here: best Phil
  4. It's likely due to the connection with Osprey's trip in your first post. Strong tradition of separating church and state on this board. ;-) best Phil
  5. I like these UVpacklite tie them to your deck during the day and the glow dimly for hours. If you need brighter or you forget they can also be "charged" with a flashlight Phil
  6. Thanks for stepping up Mike. Unfortunately most of the usual suspects are unavailable to help this weekend. So a great opportunity for others to step up and make this workshop great. Phil
  7. quick and easy video and info here: really important parts (again depending on skirt and boat) is the tuck forward, grab the loop and push forward and up (not pull) away from the body before pulling the rest of the skirt off. As said by others, if you can't do it sitting upright in your boat on dry land then its the wrong skirt for you and your boat. Phil
  8. looking forward to it. Folks, if you're new to the club this paddle is for you! Phil
  9. Glad you're OK. I wandered by a Subaru wagon the other day that had the flush roof rails (maybe a 2018?). Being in New England, the awd is a nice benefit and if, note if, Subby has moved past their funky roof rack from the past several years then that might be ideal. Worth a look anyway. Phil ps: not recommending VW as one of the folks burned by diesel gate. Doesn't mean it too might not work.
  10. To expand on Rob's excellent introduction, for the classroom sessions we're thinking to try something a little different and focus on what would I like to know before going on or proposing a trip? Hopefully, with the knowledge of the participants and the facilitators (Rob, Lorrie Allen, Bob Levin and I at this point) we can make these sessions useful for folks new to ocean paddling as well as experienced club members. Looking forwards to seeing you there. Phil
  11. Hey Rob I'm interested. Phil
  12. Once again Pru, another amazing trip report from looks like an amazing place. Phil
  13. You're asking a lot from us NSPN'ers if you expect us to be reasonable. ;-)
  14. Hi Rob, sent you PM. Phil
  15. Thanks Rob. I'd missed that "in stock" part before. -Phil