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  1. NSPN Midwinter Party 1/20 is Fast Approaching!!

    I’ll bring some beer and maybe some dessert if we need more. phil
  2. Feb 25 if you don’t want to go to the calendar.
  3. New Year's Day Paddle 2018

  4. Reflective perimeter deck line

    Only thing to I've noticed using 4mm reflective deck line is there's more sag when its wet. I do like the fact that its retroreflective. Phil
  5. GPS-watches

    I'm not sure which phone you've been using, but I keep my iPhone in a lifeproof case and its never had an issue with overheating, even with charging. best Phil
  6. Once agin Pru, an amazing trip report for what sounds like an amazing trip. I'm very envious. Phil
  7. Odiorne, Sunday August 20

    Sorry, between packing up and the shoulder I won't be able to join you. Maybe sometime in September Pru. phil
  8. Odiorne, Sunday August 20

    Hey Pru, would love to join you if I'm not busy packing up for vacation. Phil
  9. Heels wearing holes in deck

    I've used Jason's approach, but used epoxy resin over the tape and existing cloth. It seems more resistant to abrasion (N= my boat). Phil
  10. Mike does the Norwegian Flip

    Where's the "adore" button. phil
  11. Stupidity and Complacency Teach a Lesson on a Fun Day

    Hey Cathy Nothing worse than that scary feeling that things are bad AND you've lost the safety support structure of your group. I'll share my cobcscook story with you sometime over ETOH. I'm sure by now that you've figured out a bunch of things that could have made this not an issue. Otherwise it looks like it was a great trip on a fun tide. phil
  12. Cohasset/Minot Light Saturday July 22nd

    Cathy You might want to reach out to the harbormaster. They're replacing the bridge, which means a temporary bridge, demolition and other rebuilding stuff. I don't know the time table or if it will limit boat access into LH. best Phil
  13. Spray skirt leakage

    my first response is "buy a sponge". ;-) Realistically, that area is where the skirt is under the least amount of tension so there may not be anything you can do. Only other thought to add is to check for cracks in the coming, as they can be both subtle and very leaky. best Phil
  14. Is thisa good choice for high angle paddle

    Welcome to NSPN. IMO and only based on the picture I'd think the blade is intended for more of a low angle stroke. For example, compare the shapes of the Werner Ikelos or Cypress (high angle) vs Kalliste (low angle) here: http://www.wernerpaddles.com/paddles/touring best Phil
  15. It's likely due to the connection with Osprey's trip in your first post. Strong tradition of separating church and state on this board. ;-) best Phil