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  1. Anyone interested in a paddle off of beach at Ocean St Sunday @10:00? I'll be doing alot of Rock gardening so bring a helmet. Ross
  2. This coming Saturday folks! Don't forget
  3. Solstice paddle update ! The Solstice is a traditional NSPN event . There are three paddles: a level 3 Trip, a level 2+ Trip, and a level 2 Trip. All trips leave from Riverhead Beach, Marblehead. Level 3/3+ Trip Leaves earliest , is out the longest, goes the farthest. Beach briefing at 10:00 AM Level 2+ Trip Is in between, traditionaly goes to Salem Willows and back. Something for everybody! Beach briefing at 10:30 Level 2 Trip Stays in protected waters, usually around the Dolliber cove area, and leaves latest. Beach briefing at 11:00 am All trips will be under the CAM model As was the plan last year, we will avoid large groups on the water, so each level trip will be prepared to break into smaller groups/ "pods" , preferably @ 8 paddlers each group. That will be sorted out during the beach briefing. Be ready for the day (dressed for the water , with boat and personal gear ready) at the time of the beach briefing. Paddles return 3 PM-ish, after which people get dressed, square away boats and gear , and filter across the road to the pavilion on Devereaux beach for the Grand Potluck. Bring good food and strong beverages! Looking forward to seeing everybody!
  4. Event Date: Saturday June 25th 2011 (Single Day Event) Come celebrate the summer kick-off in style with NSPN! This is our big summertime social event when you're likely to meet a bulk of us, much like our Winter Holiday party! Traditionally this event consists of several paddling trips of differing skills levels all leaving early in the AM from Riverhead Beach in Marblehead, breaking en route for packed lunches. Various Trips will be posted by members on the Trips forum. So far we have a L2, a L2+, and a L3 trip being planned.... Direct Links to the trips forum for each trip will be listed soon. Please RSVP with the Trip Initiator of the one you plan to attend. Upon return in the afternoon (most likely 3 to 4 ish), all groups pack up their gear, change and collect under the pavillions at Devereaux Beach across the street, and enjoy a pot-luck BB-Q style beach party for dinner! Non paddling friends and family are of course also invited to meet up with us there for the food friends & fun! Bring your on-water and beach games along for a full day of festivities! So bring your gear, your love of paddling, and a yummy dish to share, and help us kick-off the summer paddling season in style!!!
  5. Kim has graciously provided me with a new paddling companion. Elijah arrived @12:30 in the afternoon on March 10. Mommy and baby are doing fine!! Ross (AKA Papa dos)
  6. So my wife is at the LL Bean outlet with my daughter the other day. As they walked past the kayak section she runs up to one the boats, points at it, and says... "Dada!!" Thats my girl! Ross
  7. Looks like I won't be able to head out till after 3:00. I will probably head to Salisbury beach as it will be low tide and there are decent waves out there at that time. We'll get together sometime and you can try out my WW boat in the surf. It is a blast. Have fun and be safe tomorrow. Ross
  8. Hey there. I was out there this evening and the waves have grown and predictions are that they will be getting bigger so be careful. I brought my short boat as I figured my long boat would just be too much work. If you stay to the north part of the beach the waves are sometimes a little more tame but the shore is slightly rocky (not too bad though). They are also fewer surfers out there. Probably not a bad idea to put in at Rye as parking is sometimes a problem. I may join you in my short boat. Ross
  9. rossjb1


    Jenness Beach @ 4:00 I'll be out there. Ross
  10. Absolutely! Beautiful evening of surfing with Emilie and Tyson! Moon watching over head, sunset obscured by the dark western looming clouds. Did my first endo (not as scary as they look)! Caught some Really nice waves. Ross
  11. Yes that was me. Jenness beach is a great spot for surfing just have to be respectful of the "real" surfers and bring some change for the parking meters. Its up 1A NH in Rye. I'll be out there rain or shine. Ross
  12. Jennes Beach 9/17 @ around 4:30 or 5. I'll be out there having a blast. Ross
  13. Surf was decent last evening. I'll be up at Jennes Beach @ around 4pm (after the Pats game). Post here if interested. Ross
  14. Sue, If I understand your question correctly we'll all be launching from Jennes beach and sticking around the area Ross
  15. Don't know what the conditions will be like but I'll be out there aprox. 4:00. Ross
  16. Bob, give a call @ 914-489-2673 about sharing a ride. Call anytime tonight I'll be up late. Ross
  17. Doug and gang, looks like a great trip. I'm planning on joining you all for this paddle. Bob, I would be interested in car pooling and sharing expense. I live 5 minutes off of 95 so its right on the way. I'll check your post for confirmation. Ross
  18. Past couple of days surf has been outstanding. I'll be out there on Friday after work @ 4:00. Ross
  19. I'll be out there on Sunday @ around 4:00 to see if there is anything to play around in. Should be some surf and the max. current will be flowing under the bridge at around 5:00 or so. A level 3 paddle considering surf and current. Ross
  20. Michael looks like you've been doing your research
  21. yeah that looks exciting, an author whose books I have read! thanks for the post! Ross
  22. Looking for combination Waterproof vhf radio/baby monitor. Does this technology exist? Can someone build it? Do they make infant sized dry suits? Are there Coast regs against outfitting the day hatch as a second seat? Will I ever paddle again? Ross
  23. Back to the original question... A good idea and yes I would be willing to put some time into helping out. Anyone else? Ross
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