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  1. Thanks for all the great advice. I ordered a thermolite liner. Looking forward to seeing how it works out. Barry.
  2. Hi All, Camped on Squam this past weekend and my sleeping bag, while great for summer / early fall, is not up to the mid-thirties temperatures we experienced. Would love to hear about your suggestions for a cold(er) weather bag that packs down small enough for kayak camping. thanks! Barry.
  3. Thanks Kyle / Prudence / Jeff, I reached out to Muscongus Marina and they confirmed that they charge $10 per night to park, and $5 to launch. A small price for peace of mind! I was leery of occupying space at Round Pond. There is also a public landing in Waldoboro or I have also used the parking and launch on Bradford point road in Friendship; but like Round Pond its relatively small. Barry.
  4. Hi all, Looking for any recommendations for good launch and overnight parking (1 night) preferably on the western shore of Muscongus Bay. Paid/Commercial okay. I know there is a launch in Round Pond but dont know the overnight parking situation. thanks! Barry.
  5. I have a reservation for this sunday and monday nights on the group site (up to 12people) on Moon Island, Squam Lake. Sadly we are not going to be able to use and I wanted to offer it to my NSPN colleagues. If interested, pm me and I can exchange the details. If you have not paddled squam lake before its an absolute treat. Easy parking, launch and great places to explore.
  6. My 12 year old is rapidly outgrowing his beloved Perception Scout. Looking for recommendations for a replacement in the ~ 14 foot range, that retains "real" sea kayak performance characteristics and aesthetics. Also if you have a lead on ones for sale or that might become available would be much appreciated. Thanks Barry.
  7. Hi David, We have paddled in the area a couple of times. We launched from Brooklin (we had prior permission to park and launch from the Wooden Boat School, but you could also launch from the public launch at Naskeag point). From there it's an exposed but relatively short crossing to the vicinity of Opechee Island and then a sheltered run down to the north shore of Swan. The shoreline of swan is beautiful and interesting. In summer, a swim in the freshwater quarry is very welcome. There are a couple of MITA islands in the area; but also check the website of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust as they have a couple of stunning islands you can camp on, including Marshall and Hog (near Brooklin). PM me for gps tracks or any other questions. On the return this year we paddled directly from the northern end of Marshall to Saddleback in the Stonington archipelago; conditions were ideal for the ~ 4 mile crossing, but it is very exposed otherwise. Barry.
  8. Painful to watch, I think we all know how difficult surf can be to deal with and he clearly does not have much (any?) experience in it. On another topic, I also find it painful to see how people can sit and video another human being struggle and not offer/provide any assistance so they can get the lulz on youtube. I've helped rec boaters launch many times, even helped push a power boat off the sand at Crowninhead Island. It's what you do! Barry.
  9. Thanks for the tip Gary, I just got my set (of course, I had to order all 3), doing a quick check it seems to include all the landings that I might have considered 'obscure'. These are a 'must have' for any Maine paddler. This year we had luck for extended parking with local land trusts and private business (Wooden Boat School). Ask nicely! As a reminder, the Mass Office of Coastal Zone Management publishes a guide to access points on the north shore. Currently out of print but you can access the online content here. Barry.
  10. Katherine, Jason https://goo.gl/maps/GrGh1 Also on my list, the half mile crescent beach is supposed to be spectacular. I think Peter Brady and some others may have paddled it a bit back. Barry.
  11. Ugh! Just spoke with Werner support. They received my paddle but apparently it's "too old" to repair (despite the fact that I told them it was at least 6 years old before I sent it in). They are going to send it back to me. My only thought now is to somehow fuse the two halves to make a one piece paddle, not very convenient but better than none. Good idea or not ? And if so, what's the best adhesive/technique to fusing it ? Thanks for all your help! Barry.
  12. Thanks Liz, McNetts seal cement and your tip about using duct tape worked really well. I didnt do the prettiest job, but it's a strong watertight repair. Barry.
  13. Thanks Sal, Deb, Nate & Christopher! I spoke to Werner and just shipped my paddle out to them for repair. The estimated cost is ~ $50 plus shipping, and they said they would turn it around in a week. So all told I'll be out ~ $100, which is still better than the almost $500 a replacement would cost. I'll try to treat my repaired paddle better! Barry.
  14. I have been mostly using my greenland lately, but use my Ikeleos as a spare, stored in two halves. Trying it out the other day I noticed that it is not locking in place when I join the two halves; they join easily but then I can rotate one blade independent of the other and I can then separate them easily without depressing the button. Obviously not something I would want to rely on. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas what might be wrong. Also any experience with Werner support ? It's a few years old and out of the warranty period. Thanks!
  15. Thanks, I just ordered some McNetts. Sure beats a $100 skirt replacement.
  16. Great thread! Tons of useful information and timely as I now have a skirt seam repair to do. I have had my $7 tube of Aquaseal about 2 years now and have performed 3 or 4 repairs with it, refreezing it after each use. Has worked great each time.
  17. Lisa, Phil, Paul, Jason & Scott, Thanks for the great information! The photos really helped, I'm amazed that you can actually achieve this with 40" to 48" of space. I have a pair of LB50 bars from a previous setup and just need to get the right feet for my current truck. I already have a Thule Hull A Port (ie. J rack style) and am now considering either pairing that with another one and using Lisa's approach of putting the 3rd boat in the middle on foam blocks or pairing it with a stacker which can take 2 boats side by side. Scott, point taken on the safety aspect ... I have seen the aftermath of a loose kayak caused accident on the highway and it's not pretty! thanks again, Barry.
  18. Hi All, Does anyone carry 3 kayaks on your roof rack ? And if so, what system do you use, how wide are your load bars etc ? I'd like to get my wife a kayak and do trips with our son. I have an old tandem but it's so big and ugly I hate using it :-) Thanks! Barry.
  19. Thanks Warren, you reminded me to renew my annual donation. MCHT really is a great organization. I am considering putting together a camping trip this summer to Marshall Island, which is about a 10 mile paddle from Brooklin. Marshall Island is almost 1000 acres, with 10 miles of hiking trails. Camping is by reservation for a maximum of two nights. You can read more here. Barry.
  20. Fascinating article about the survival of an overboard fisherman off Long Island ... fortunately it was July and not January! http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/05/magazine/a-speck-in-the-sea.html?pagewanted=1&hp Barry.
  21. Wow, I am just about in tears reading this report ... to read about my friends having to deal with this mindless act of vandalism. My wife had her tires slashed in Charlestown, MA and I remember the feeling of anger and frustration. Eventually having to come to the conclusion that I had to put it behind me or they would continue to victimize us. I am so glad that the people of Yarmouth rallied around and that the police handled it with such courtesy and professionalism. Doug, I love that second paragraph ... never thought of it that way, but it makes a lot of sense. Barry.
  22. As always a great report Pru. Sadly there was no Guinness on our part of the trip. Will remember to bring some next year. I have linked below Days 1 and 2 of the Muscle Ridge section. Unfortunately I forgot to switch my gps on until we had covered a few miles. Day 1 Friday 9/20 Day 2 Saturday 9/21 Barry.
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