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  1. Pintail

    Astral Brewer shoes...

    Afraid not: I work on weekends! However, I am available in Gloucester -- or even by courtesy of the USPS, if you want them... I am at 9seven8. 23nine, three3seven6, if you wish to contact me -- best to send a text message, since I often do not answer those I do not recognize.
  2. Pintail

    Short pump

    As a matter of interest, Janet, what do you carry or keep in that under-deck bag? Don't you have a day hatch for most articles that you might need? I'm wondering if that bag is superfluous and, of course, your PFD should have one or two pockets built-in? Musing aloud: I wonder why everyone is wedded to the idea of a pump: mightn't a collapsible bail be more space-saving? BTW: When I wrote "hanging" piece of foam, I did mean that it is glued firmly in place: it is just that it is hanging down -- slightly -- between your thighs, in position to offer some purchase for bracing said thigh when you roll your boat -- example: instead of <this> arrangement, below, imagine <one> piece of foam with roughly same dimensions in overall width. ...
  3. Pintail

    Short pump

    How about this idea? You glue under your foredeck a "hanging" piece of (dense-core) foam (you can even buy them, pre-shaped and -cut) with a round hole in it, into which your pump slides longitudinally along the axis of your boat. At the same time, this gives you the inverted "hump" against which your knees fit and push for rolling... There must be plenty of photos of this arrangement online, I imagine; but you can certainly buy them, already-made, ready for the glue!
  4. Pintail

    Kokatat Dry Suit, Womens, BRO

    <...it is a women's medium with shortened legs - legs shortened by 2". Suz> And who are <you>, pray tell, when you're at home? (Big hugs to you!)
  5. Pintail

    Unable to renew membership

    Aha! And here was I thinking <I> was the village idiot...!! (I did think that others were having trouble, actually -- I have recently had exactly same issues as DaveB.)
  6. Pintail

    Astral Brewer shoes...

    Anyone? Men's, size 8, in charcoal colour and in great condition. Little used, in fact. $35. (In Gloucester) godfrey dot christopher gmail (Picture? Everyone knows what they look like...)
  7. Weather forecast (NOAA) is for SW/10-15kt at the moment; but, as we know, that can change. How about resuscitating the moonlight trips with a calm, unadventurous sort of paddle out of Lanes Cove, this coming Friday? That side of the cape will be (sort of-) protected and the moon will be two days' short of full. The water <is> warming up, slowly, so suitable garb recommended. I shall be present at the cove from c.1700 (five o'clock for landlubbers), probably practising my strokes or whatever inside the cove (you <do> all practise, don't you?). Let's set a put-in time, then, of 1800? I do not carry illumination for my boat; but a waterproof headlamp <is> a good idea. Perhaps we will stop off over on Wingaersheek or inside Essex Bay for a snack? Just like Bob and Joe's Wednesday paddles, call this a co-operative effort; but of course there doubtless will be some experienced kayakers to assist or guard those who might be venturing out for the first time after dark. Respond here...
  8. Pintail

    Membership renewal woes...

    President Rob, I have been into the STORE and thence to MANAGE PURCHASES but still can find nowhere further to travel up that creek to cancel any automatic payments... Additionally, that page of my history shows two payments each for 2015 and 2016; but I daresay that one was cancelled for each year? That address that shows on that page, too, is an old one with no obvious way of modifying or editing it. Oy, vey.. Interestingly, I also see on that page that I have been -- supposedly -- a member since 2006; but that was the one year I missed out on membership, I seem to remember! I have, in fact, been around for <much> longer than that! Mr. Crangle joined up soon after me. Only Mr. Sylvester has been on board longer, I think. Happy days, indeed! And the water is getting warmer...
  9. Pintail

    Membership renewal woes...

    Careful, Michael, lest those legs atrophy... ;^) Thanks for the advice.
  10. Pintail

    6/5/2019: Wed. Lunch Paddle #6

    Sorry I wasn't with you! Next week...
  11. This happens to me almost <every> year: I renew my membership -- with website navigational difficulty -- and then find that I have signed up for automatic renewals! Sorry, everyone; but I dislike automatic renewals of any kind, preferring to think that I have full control, myself. Why is navigation of our website so confoundedly tricky for the simple likes of me? I think that the instructions leave something to be desired and I also think that it seems to be a case of "automatic" or nothing. It seems to me, too, that I have read of others, recently, also having troubles in their efforts to renew, so it isn't just me. Time for an overhaul? In the good old days, I usually wrote a cheque and sent it to a PO box and that system never went wrong. (Does anyone write cheques any more?)
  12. Pintail

    Latex Care in the Non-Kayaking Commuity

    May I hi-jack this thread? I wonder if that tape to which you refer is useful as a temporary sealant for (composite) boat hulls? Is it strong enough, do you know, Jim? It just could be an easy solution for those wishing to carry repair kits in their boats...
  13. Pintail

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Sylvester-san, can you take Mondays off, I wonder? I'd love to go down and play there with them on such a day...it's been a very long time... Are <you> able to make Mondays, Josko?
  14. PeterB, I am going to try to get that weekend <off>, so (tentatively), will you please keep one place open for moi-meme? It is high-time... (Forgive me: I cannot remember the correct alternate for typing the circumflex in "meme"!)
  15. Men's, size 8, in charcoal colour and in great condition. Little used, in fact. $35. (In Gloucester) godfrey dot christopher gmail (Picture? Everyone knows what they look like...)