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  1. <...the white cloth screens seen on the decks in other photos are for? I thought they might be camouflage to blend with surrounding ice...> Exactly what I think, too -- a portable shooting hide.
  2. Oddly enough, DS, I have had the Scott Polar Research Institute book-marked for a long time on my computer; but mainly for the book section in the "shop". (Back in days when I lived far away, I even sent a dear friend there to look at the paintings of Edward Wilson) I had never gone into this section of fascinating photos: thanks a ton!
  3. Since manufacturers of drysuits offer Goretex socks for the feet, one wonders why they cannot design and offer a (sized for the customer) Goretex mitt as another option? Imagine the luxury of having totally <dry> hands, in woollen gloves inside your drysuit!
  4. Now you all know why I more-or-less gave up on bl**dy winter paddling! There used to be a very regular core group of seasonal paddlers and the concensus was, as Mr. Nystrom wrote above, the Nordic blue gloves with liners... Additionally, for me, the challenge was usually the strapping back onto the roof-rack of the boat with now-freezing hands -- no, thanks.
  5. <Were you at Squam October 2000? Believe you were in Sirius? Red/white?> Shoot! Yes, you are so right, Sylvester-san! Correct on the boat, too -- oh, lots familiar faces there; but names? Some...
  6. <Probably a record # of NSPN paddlers captured on (and near) the water...> Come on, Gary: there were at least that number of paddlers caught on film, being towed by the Leon-machine, years back when we presented our founder with his Explorer, just before he left for foreign climes! Were you not there? And then there were plenty more <not> being towed by him, but merely watching the proceedings from their boats in Marblehead harbour...now <that> day would have been some sort of NSPN record! Good try, though...
  7. Joe, I have actually heard (or witnessed) <two> real Mayday calls on VHF, back in my aviation days -- and I tell you what: it <really> makes you sit bolt upright and listen with bated breath! Hope you never hear one for real...
  8. Well, Gary, I think you'll find that not much is there, except for rather <silly> or lame interpretations -- in <my> experience, it is a rather charming, even affectionate address, meaning "Oh, you clever thing"! It is an amusing one, quite common back when I was a schoolboy (that's a long time ago) and always seems to arouse mirth when heard by Americans (that's you lot!) -- I do use it at work sometimes...
  9. <Imagine getting caught in a hard west wind and being unable to turn your boat back into it. Nothing to stop you before Portugal> In that case, Jim, may I suggest the sculling-for-support manoevre? One stroke is invariably stronger than the other (direction-wise, I mean) and whilst you are lying down on your side, deep in the water, sculling over your head, your boat will then gradually turn <away> from Portugal (or France) and thereafter you may continue on your pleasant way...!! Oh, and may I also suggest cutting out the entire skeg-box and throwing it all away -- result: no more problem with jamming rope or stones catching in the slot after you have glassed the resulting open hole over...perhaps you will even gain an extra 1/4 knot to your average speed due to your now-improved drag coefficient! ;^)) Yours, eternally in jest (or am I?), CG (who also doesn't need no stinking skeg, in any case!)
  10. <Usefulness of red light for night nav> <Other good ideas for night nav> First off, Mike, I do not know why people think red light so useful for night-time activities: Cessna stopped using red cockpit lighting almost sixty years ago! That should tell you something...? White lighting with rheostats turned down is far preferable and, by the way, how might you discern details in red on your charts if using red light? Secondly (and here I have firm ideas that are not always agreed with by others), it is my belief that showing nav lights on a kayak gives a false sense of <traffic> to other boats. I would far rather remove myself from traffic situations and be aware of where the <others> are -- and keep my own night-vision sharp. Of course, "glow-lamp-thingies" (chemical sticks) may be useful when paddling in a group; but they can still disrupt the vision of others in the group when they are fresh. Any kayaker needs to be aware of other boaters at all times, even in broad daylight, so why change anything at night? The laws require that we carry a white light that <may be showed> to traffic if necessary, I think you will find... One of the tiniest chemical sticks (about 1" long) is a good idea for illuminating the compass, if you really need to navigate. (The <only> time I have ever needed to navigate properly at night was during BCU training operations. If I circumnavigate Cape Ann at night, I don't need a compass or light with which to read: I keep the shoreline on one side or the other, depending on which direction I am paddling -- I wouldn't likely be out in night-time fog!) 😎
  11. Plus a photo of our fondly-remembered Derek Hutchinson! (Clenching -- no, I mean <sporting> -- his beloved Toksook!) Only one small quibble: why would anyone want to cut out a nice ocean cockpit? Great advertisement otherwise, I agree. (And I think I know where that Gulfstream is today -- it is quite nearby, if I am not wrong...)
  12. Great news, Joe: congratulations! (Sorry we haven't paddled this season; but, then, it has been...strange?)
  13. <Maybe a small piece of rubber hose over the bar at the connection points?> Or (as I have done for a few seasons, now) simply wrap swimming pool "noodles" around the bars: they are quite comfy for your boat, I think, Leon. (Oh: I carry my boats upside-down, so this may not appeal to you -- or your aesthetic?) 😖
  14. So sad that I wasn't with you, Joe! It sounds as though you had entertainment aplenty. <Many> moons ago, Suzanne (Hutchinson -- people haven't forgotten already?) and I played at that <exact> same spot under the bridge...and I know just the spot around the corner in Great Bay where you played, too.
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