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  1. I wonder if anyone has had similar thoughts or even tried what I am thinking about. After a time, sprayskirts seem to lose their efficacy and start to let in more water than when new. I would like to try treating one of mine with something like Scotchguard waterproofing. Has anyone ever heard of this or tried it? Is it <likely> to work? This is important to me: I spend much of my time upside-down!
  2. My babies almost grew up on the beaches right there! Just out of shot, picture-left, is the airfield out of which I used to fly... It is curious to me that he was carrying a fishing rod, taped to his aft deck: perhaps the sardines were running and he had intended to do some trawling? When that happens (May-July) the density of predators goes way up. For surfers, the Durban beaches are mostly protected by nets (but not Umhlanga).
  3. Old conversation, I know; but what about this (on sale): https://www.backcountry.com/sea-to-summit-thermolite-reactor-extreme-sleeping-bag-liner?skid=STS0084-RD-ONESIZ&ti=UExQIFJ1bGUgQmFzZWQ6U2hvcCBBbGwgQ2FtcDoxNjoxMDo=
  4. I <am> a resident of Gloucester and can tell you that I put in, yesterday, at Pavilion Beach opposite the Greasy Pole -- and no one was checking. There were plenty of beach-users (quite probably leaving behind their cookie-wrappers and their cigarette ends in the sand...)
  5. < This is an unpleasant experience when paddling in a kayak> Really? I always find boat wake...fun! I daresay you could try what NSPNers often do and that is launch at Pavilion Beach, between the Great and Little Necks, Ipswich (Take Jeffrey's Neck Rd.). You are on Plum Island Sound there, so you proceed to your right, into the river and then turn left almost immediately to find Fox Creek that links Essex Bay with the Ipswich river... By the way, Island Road ramp is too tide-dependent to be useful. It dries out completely there.
  6. I, too, have never had any problem with any of my Werner paddles -- and I dry them off post-paddling, after shaking out any water, rather than rinsing in (fresh) water. (I hope I haven't spoken too soon, mind...)
  7. <...At about the consistency of a moderately-chewed piece of bubble gum...> I must remember to mix my two-part, solid epoxy by chewing, next time, to compare its consistency with that of chewing gum or bubble gum! Thanks for the suggestion, David! 😁
  8. Bump, bump, bumpity bump...same details, except that a text should be sent to 9seven8 seven54 five1 seven1...and available for $30.00
  9. I know exactly where that happened: often flown over that place...
  10. Is this something you have already done, Jim? I have the near end free; but do I really <need> to remove the other -- it's awfully far away and in a very constricted space. If this is so, then I'm going to need child labour to crawl inside! Oy, vey...
  11. If a guest wishes to make statements about kayak safety, then I daresay that that is their prerogative; but one might guess that <as a guest> that person is, likely as not, unfamiliar with the culture of this little club. Is this not so, midtempo? The <entire> culture of this club just happens to be one of safety, awareness of hypothermia and all the rest. It has been thus, ever since the inception just about twenty-two years ago! I think you need have no fears about our communal awareness or concern in this area. Enough said? If you are local, then why do you not join up as a member? You will find us a friendly crowd with an attitude of "pass it along" (skills, etc) We also have a good safety record.
  12. Is there anyone here who has experience with those plastic foot-peg sets that have runners each side of the kayak, black plastic, with the red release levers that lock the pegs in place? Pegs are released by turning the red lever locking devices and my newest boat came with stupid foam blocks (that nasty, hard stuff that washes up on beaches) instead of proper closed-cell foam. He gave me the foot-pegs separately, with the tracks already in place and now I cannot install the things... I'm certain it ought to be utterly simple; but I am at my wits' end!
  13. <We are aware of this issue and are working to fix it> Yes, maybe; but is he a member again (ie, re-instated), I hope? That man has been a member of this little gang for over twenty years!
  14. You (she) wouldn't go wrong with an Avocet at $450 -- nice boat! The Skerry <has> an ocean cockpit, regardless of what Mike says about its relative size. I know: I have one -- and you still need to perch on the aft combing to slide into it...it's a lovely boat to paddle, mind you, with lots of rocker.
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