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  1. So...Lawson-san: who took the picture-evidence? (Can you remember that?)😊
  2. Good!!! I can go back and play... Thanks, Michael, for the update.
  3. "Video unavailable: this video is private"...???
  4. What about this, Dana? https://www.nspn.org/forum/topic/12597-kokatat-men’s-goretex-semi-drysuit-red-590/ (Looking forwards to seeing you out on the briny again, one of these days...not that I seem to get out with club members at all nowadays!)
  5. <If cyanobacteria is observed (even in an area that was previously cleared), both humans and pets should avoid contact with the water> Of course, <we> all know (don't we?) that they <meant> to say "If cyanobacteria <are> observed..." Language police ever on the alert!
  6. <Good Harbor Beach is by reservation only for non-residents and residents-only most weekends> Well, Bob, your summary is welcome enough; but Good Harbour has never <been> available to boaters whatsoever. Try paddling anywhere close to it and you will get yelled at by the lifeguard, so putting-in or taking-out there is out of the question.
  7. This one-man band got on the sea today for the first time in a week (rare for me, at this time of year, when I usually expect to paddle several times per week). Turning left out of Lanes Cove, I was undecided where to head except in the general direction of the Annisquam mouth; but, on impulse, I decided that the ebb (I launched just after high water) might offer some fun across at Essex Bay estuary -- and so it did! Whilst the waves were not regular and surfable, they were choppy enough to provide some fun and there were standing waves close to the southern side of the mouth, close by the northern end of Coffins. I think I hit the area at max. ebb and after playing there for a while I paddled (and dragged my boat, briefly, in the area of Middle Ground) across to Conomo Point to see if the current there could give me some more play -- and so it did: nice current and eddies at the side and more fun when any motorboat came through, against the ebb tide. A party of four or five recreational kayaks did not venture into the narrows, save to cross to Conomo, where they took out on the gravel beach. Coming back, straight across Ipswich Bay, I had almost got back to Lanes Cove when I saw a fin in the water near me, about four hundred yards from the seawall. I guessed immediately that I had found a sunfish (Mola mola) and there it was, basking and swimming slowly towards to northeast: it was the largest one I have yet seen -- I am guessing it was five feet long? It dived once I got too close, whereas, in the past, I have found them very relaxed and accepting of a close encounter. End of a perfect day, although I had half-expected to bump into a certain Mr. Granowitz somewhere in the area; but, then, the ocean is a big place!
  8. <You can park across from Farnham's for free to launch...> You know, this is inappropriate advice because -- if you care to take a close look -- there are clear signs on the road saying "State Highway: No Parking" and, every now and again, quite at random, you <will> find police issuing tickets to those who park there. In addition, this is the very first time in over twenty years that I have heard of anyone putting-in at Farnhams. I think it should be discouraged: we will soon wear out our welcome (if, indeed, there <is> any!)
  9. A certain Mr. Edward Lawson cannot spell his own name (hee hee!): <Ed Lawqson> (see above).
  10. How could anyone have identified it from that miserable little piece of video? And where, pray tell, are the large numbers of prey for such a creature? (The masses are down on Monomoy, aren't they?)
  11. Great work, Gary: I like the directoral work, especially -- not sure about the acting! Photography very worthwhile, too! (Perhaps a Nomination for that?) Today, I believe I <could> feel/detect/sense the water coming in around my knees whilst capsizing, so that would confirm Brian's advice about the trouble usually being around the edges. Like you, I wear only Snapdragon skirts and I suspect that the increased water pressure when upside-down is what is causing my problem...alas! It isn't an <old> sprayskirt, either, although neither is it new. I think I shall go your direction with the Aquaseal <and> some sort of external spray-on stuff, too. I am not ready to trade-in for a new one yet! (BTW: Who is it in NSPN who paddles a beautiful wooden boat (Night Heron?) in natural finish? Seen <twice> yesterday evening, driving down Main Street, Gloucester, in a Subaru while I was at work!)
  12. I daresay that I may be the sole regular on this message board who has had a real run-in with a Portuguese Man o'War? (Actually, it changed my life, in a manner of speaking...)
  13. Aha! The oracle has spoken. I've been waiting for you to pitch in, Sir Brian! Thanks for the information. It seems that this is the crux of the matter, then: <...neoprene becomes porous over time in areas where it's creased, compressed or stretched...> in which case, likely as not, there is really not much to be done about it. Thanks, mate! (When are you going to get waterborne again?)
  14. Keenly awaiting experimentation results, Gary...please advise once completed? I cannot see why this sort of intended treatment might not be an improvement...
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