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  1. Pintail

    Full moon Sat., Sept. 14

    Sorry, Liz: I work Saturday nights!
  2. Pintail

    Isle of Shoals trip 9/21/19

    Paul, much as I should like to accompany you, surgery is set for 16th, so I think it's a no-go for me...shame! Anyway, I'm supposed to work on Saturdays (Bah, humbug!) We could always meet for a pint, though...?
  3. Pintail

    Kokatat L/XL PFD

    Alex, can the Kokatat hydration bladder system be fitted to this PFD? Forget I asked, Alex: have just found the answer for myself (thanks to Google and the Kokatat website). I shall be glad to buy it from you...send me a PM with your address or whatever, will you?
  4. Pintail

    Kayak recommendations needed.

    PS: negative on the outrigger floats -- totally unnecessary!
  5. Pintail

    Kayak recommendations needed.

    Hemminjay, go and look in the "personal classified" section, where there are <several> boats for sale right now that will fit right in with your (financial) requirements. There is a Valley Nordkapp (HM, standing for "hull modified", meaning <very> good tracking, due to the built-in skeg at the stern); there are <two> plastic boats that might do you well, at competitive prices, from the same source (plastic meaning you will not be bothered by scratches gained on pebbly beaches or the rocks); there is an Impex Force 4 that would likely suit one of you...and so on. Don't bother with "starter" boats, for if you are both as athletic as you sound to be, you will quickly grow into your boats -- that was exactly the advice I received from the founder of this club, many moons ago, when I bought my first boat -- and he was right! There are weekly skills sessions at Chebacco Lake in Wenham/Manchester and there are plenty of <great> coaches around for your tuition so that you may soon enough gain the mindset for pushing yourselves in that area (of learning). Take the plunge and go and look at some of these boats: sit in them and see what feels most comfortable. Good luck! Keep us apprised of your progress and you'll find plenty of paddlers here who will gladly pass on their skills and advice (it is that sort of club)
  6. Pintail

    Surfski safety

    Thanks, Matt Drayer, for the excellent attachment (Sharon Armstrong)! She looks to be a couple of miles off-shore in that clip and <forty> knots? That's one mighty southwester blowing, there! It's not often that they are <that> strong, when they come through...
  7. You're right on the money, Leon!
  8. Pintail

    Greenhead flies

    God, you're all so <sensitive> about the little greenheads! You really don't know what biting flies are all about until you've encountered the tsetse!
  9. Pintail

    SOS on NDK kayak?

    Inverseyourself is correct and no one else mentioned this, but the Explorer is a lot of boat and for myself, when I owned one, I found it to be a constant effort to drive it through the water. I am about 5'6" and have strong shoulders and have been paddling for 20yrs, plus... The Romany Surf, as far as I recollect, was also designed for larger paddlers. If this describes <you>, then you will be fine in either boat; but, if you are of more modest physique, then an original Romany will likely be a better fit. You did not give us enough information to offer appropriate advice!
  10. Pintail

    Greenhead flies

    Yes, why not? However, I had only seen <one> greenhead fly this season, on the water, recently, until a couple of days ago when a big bugger tried to bite me <in my car> here in Gloucester! Perhaps their range is increasing -- or she simply wanted to go shopping?
  11. Pintail

    Isle of Shoals trip - see new posting!

    Sylvester-san, I can do Mondays...
  12. Pintail

    J Bars wanted

    There are gazillions of them on eBay! (Well, maybe <thousands>...)
  13. Pintail

    Cartopping kayaks

    <When I had a plastic Avocet, I always car-topped it upside down and backwards. Strongest point was the coaming so it made sense to let that sit on the crossbars, and as Rob said, the <aerodynamics were more favorable if it was backwards (opposite of how it would be if right side up)> This is just wrong, Kate -- with all due respect. The laws of aerodynamics apply to your kayak on the rack in the same manner as when you fly your aeroplane upside-down, regardless! Read Rob's post again: that is not what he wrote. Forwards-facing is <always> better -- <fluid> dynamics... Regards, CG @Ken (with all due respect to you, as well): What is a "yak"? I always thought it to be a four-legged transport animal?
  14. Pintail

    Is my kayak viable for sea trips

    I absolutely agree with PeterB! If you do find that you take to sea-kayaking, you <are> going to want to upgrade your boat in due course...but, initially, follow his advice.
  15. Pintail

    Astral Brewer shoes...

    Afraid not: I work on weekends! However, I am available in Gloucester -- or even by courtesy of the USPS, if you want them... I am at 9seven8. 23nine, three3seven6, if you wish to contact me -- best to send a text message, since I often do not answer those I do not recognize.