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  1. Ever thought about paddling the whole Maine Coast? Come hear Suzanne Blackburn and Janet Robinson describe how they planned their 2020 coastal traverse and then enjoy an account of the adventures and challenges of the trip itself. Learn about scheduling, route development, food planning, navigation, WAG BAGS! gear and other details, and then be inspired by some of the gorgeous scenery that the Maine coast offers along the route. Summer's coming! Q&A time will be available at the end. Note: This presentation is the main feature of Southern Maine Sea Kayaking Network's monthly virtual (Meetup) meeting. If you're not a member already, consider joining our paddling buddies next door. Join the Zoom meeting HERE
  2. Our messages crossed-see my post above. g
  3. I'll take it please, as it seems it would fit me, after reviewing the NRS measurement chart. Please send me an E to confirm, and cost of shipping helmet. Thank you Alex. gary yorksnhatGEEMaledotcom
  4. Thanks, Jim, I needed that to finish up the year.
  5. https://www.remodelaholic.com/diy-nautical-map-wallpaper/
  6. I've been hoping for an invite to a holiday party, especially Solstice, when we look forward to lengthening of the days (8h 58m 50s on Monday). Thanks for hosting, Dan.
  7. Still one blank to be filled in, to the left of Pablo.
  8. Please forgive me, as a youngster and relative newbie to the club. I'm sorry to have missed the momentous occasion, as well as Paul's recollection (and proof) of the crowd at Squam. Glad to here the stories and see pix of times gone by. Thanks for the contributions!
  9. Good on you, given you weren't there for the photo, Peter. No Evie, but another spouse, plus someone famous for their smoked pot-luck offering (2 hidden figures, not 3).
  10. Probably a record # of NSPN paddlers captured on (and near) the water, @ Jewell, 4.5 years ago. 1. Starting on bottom right, and proceeding clockwise, identify by first name only, the 17 participants in the photo (bonus points for 2 hidden figures, top left). 2. Excluding the photographer, who is the ONE missing from the photo?
  11. I'm hesitant to look up the meaning in the British slang dictionary!
  12. On these tabletop projects, expect the edges to be coated. In fact, in the early stages, I'd recommend coating the edges with a foam brush. After ~1/2h, when the goo has started to set, take your foam brush and sweep excess (bottom edge) goo to the underside of the table. Another option would be to add molding around the edges to create a tray table, where the epoxy would remain on the top, and, effectively, create a waterproof reservoir (think backyard ice rink project)
  13. or, how I spent my Q20 vacation. No one loves more than me to pore over nautical charts. Such incredible detail, artwork, and colorful masterpieces! Since we live (mostly) in an E world, I tend to review my laminated charts or E charts/software. Since Casco Bay is home base for me, I decided to find a way to display a chart of the area, and took on the challenge of epoxy tabletop finish. An ugly dark brown coffee table was a suitable choice. Here is the step-by-step eezy-peezy project: 1. Fill in any divots, especially the flat top, with dry-patch, dry, then sand. 2. Paint table color of choice. We used basic white, spray paint. 3.Determine area of chart you want displayed, then trim to include 3" around all edges. 4. Apply adhesive, carefully position chart (Lat/Long lines parallel to table edges), then flatten with laminate roller. 5. Allow to dry, then trim edges. 6. Cover any undersides of table that may be exposed to drips, then apply warmed, thoroughly-mixed epoxy, per directions. 7. Allow to cure, and Bob's your uncle! Remember to save unused portions of chart to make coasters, clock face, mirror frame, key chain, etc, using the same epoxy method.
  14. Given the soaring demand and $$$ for homes in NH, Susie and I are looking to downsize. Not too much, though, as we still want room for furry kin, and kids, when they come home to visit. Anybody have a boat like this they'd like to unload?
  15. Bucks Harbor makes more sense.
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