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  1. gyork

    USB-chargeable marine VHF radio?

    I've had my ICOM M-88 on many multi-day safaris without need to recharge. Admittedly, not ON for all of those days, but would be OK without need for recharge if judicious use (turn off at breaks). Probably a reflection of its long battery run-time at full charge, and can't be assumed for different makes/models. g
  2. This trip is now filled. Send me a Private (not Public) Message if you would like to be wait-listed. gary
  3. gyork

    Jewell Island 2019, by the numbers

    Link to additional photos of the BEST Jewell outing to date! https://photos.app.goo.gl/So9bbiodDxaL377K7
  4. gyork

    Tidal Currents in Casco Bay

    Exactly-large water volume (aided by current) bouncing off the steep cliffs of "Cliff"
  5. gyork

    Tidal Currents in Casco Bay

    Thanks for digging this up Dan. This confirms my suspicions/experience that currents, in general, about Casco Bay are, in most locations, 1kn or less. If my calculations are right (cm/sec X 0.0194=knots), conversion results in max floods of 1.07-1.46kn for Portland Channel and 0.83-1.13kn for the Hussey; 0.78-0.97kn for max ebb. Many times I've felt a pronounced change of conditions (as in washing machine) when rounding SE Cliff, heading for Cocktail Cove, and the clustered vectors on Ernest and James' excellent study are supportive. I suspect that Brown Cow plays a role in funneling water there on the flood. g
  6. Some consider Stonington as THE finest paddling destination on the East Coast. This long weekend will be based out of tent site #3 at Old Quarry Ocean Adventures ( http://www.oldquarry.com ), with easy access to numerous islands in this gentle archipelago. Cost of the trip will be $57 for 3 nights of tenting. This is a supreme opportunity for L2 paddlers to explore what this area offers: white, crushed-shell beaches, hiking to campground quarry, quarry swimming (Green I.), skills practice, including navigation fundamentals (potential fog), and just plain FUN!There may be an opportunity to visit the NSPN Saddleback Island group, or arrange to paddle with some of them.First preference will be given to paddlers who consider themselves L2 as outlined here: https://www.nspn.org/trip-levels/Please contact me via PM if you would like to join this outing, even if you are >L2. I will maintain a waitlist and select 5 paddlers, based on the timing of sign-up. If the trip is not filled by L2 paddlers, I will select from the waitlist, based on order of sign-up/RSVP. gary
  7. Not sure how to attach this cheat sheet to the doc above, but here it is: VHF-Radio-Cheat-Sheet-2.pdf
  8. gyork

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    There is not a little water spilling out of the Basin, with charted depths >100'!
  9. gyork

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    Take the ferry. Park your car a few blocks away in public lot, near an all-tides ramp. Not supreme camping options, though I haven't checked out western-most MITA site. Check out the Basin (S entry, between Barton and Dyer may require short portage) and ride out the W mouth on the ebb. Nice paddling in the White I. group and islands N of here. A circumnav (Vheaven only) can be done with an early start (~12h). Haven't done any paddling of Nheaven. gary
  10. Last call! RSVPs for this trip will not be accepted after April 26. g
  11. m-I am out of town for several days but will catch up with you by PM upon my return. gary
  12. gyork

    On-land Navigation practice

    Another opportunity here in Nashua, April 27: UNO-Nashua
  13. And for those northerners in the club, shown on 4.17.19 in Concord, NH. https://shop.northernforestcanoetrail.org/products/03E26D1/filmfestconcordnh41818
  14. Not really North Shore, nor nautical, but these land-based exercises go a long way to improving your sense of "place" on the water, by recognizing features of your surroundings, and practicing plotting courses, while using your always-present-on-the-water orienteering compass.
  15. gyork

    Winter reading

    Lost in the Wild by Cary Griffith Eagle Scout and trip guide Dan Stephens disappears without a trace in the summer of 1998, after a quick dash into the woods in search of a portage in Quetico Provincial Park. Not far south from Dan, 3 years later, medical student Jason Rasmussen follows an abandoned path on his October solo backpacking trip, becomes lost and confused. Read about what they each did to survive 3 and 7 nights, respectively, in the unforgiving landscape of Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and, like Where You'll Find Me, the devoted efforts of SAR responders from near and far. [Brought to my attention from Prudence's recommendation in NSPN Trip Report dated 3.3.19]