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  1. Okay this is a bit off topic but should link to a feel good story of family with kayak helping to save drowning elk in ice. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/families-rescue-6-elk-on-christmas-eve/
  2. Interesting article. I mentioned it to someone and they were like 'who cares" and they didn't like seagulls etc. Totally missing the whole point. I used the canary in the mines analogy, but don't know if they cared one way or the other. Here this winter we have way fewer birds than other years, it's quite noticeable. I'm thinking more in terms of a "Silent Spring " than ever before that's for sure.
  3. I have had good luck using the Ursak bag. Also I use a small "bear barrel" which hold a fair amount of food. Mostly it's the small mice and or squirrels that can be a bit of a nuisance, I haven't been pestered with racoons thankfully. The barrel is nice because a bear would not be so able to carry it away, though they could cuff it around a fair amount. Of course the barrel has to be able to fit in your hatch, so I can only use it with particular kayaks. Thought I would mention that I watched a bear working the shoreline till it got to where I had just been resting and eating a snack or two. As soon as the bear sniffed around my gear it literally ran straight up a hill and out of sight. Absolutely no interest in anything except running as far away as possible as quickly as possible. We carry an small air horn to scare things away but have never had to use it. Also I put reflective tape on my spare paddle. I make a face on the paddles and prop them up beside the boat as little "sentries" esp if I am worried about the boat getting stepped on by a moose
  4. Pretty sure that here there are few places we kayak to that have not already been visited by canoe, long before kayaks became popular. The Mic Mac (spelled in differently many times) perhaps further north in particular come to mind for their ocean canoeing..
  5. I'm putting up my Alvik for sale for $1200 this year. It's my boat that i have used for multiple camping trips both on salt or fresh water. It in great shape, super simple seat, ruder and deck lines all in good shape. I 've customized the hatch straps over the years they are " color coded" so I could easily see them in low light situations when packing etc. It's great for day trips or multi day 2 week trips. Sand color blends easily with it's surrounding. handles rough water easily nice rounded hull makes for a nice user friend boat. It's fiberglass 17 ft weighs in at 54 lbs. From the early days of Boreal Designs boats made in Quebec. Love this boat it has never let me down Here are some nice pics from the other day also a description from the web The Alvik is comfortable, quick, responsive and lightweight. It's designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers, but is also a good choice for the skillful beginners. The Alvik moves through the water with speed, grace minimum effort from the paddler. The Alvik is a unique kayak, certainly the most rapid in its category. Its long waterline and clean entry provide excellent tracking. A moderate rocker enhances maneuverability when making lean turns. The Alvik's low profile affords minimum resistance to wind.
  6. Thanks all. I'm sure I'll get it all smoothed out one way or the other before to long. ( by the way I'll probably be putting the Alvik up for sale in a few days)
  7. Yes, I don't know how to do that. I was thinking the rope could be replaced with a stiffer flexible cable ideally. I look at the older style Boreal Design boats as "vintage editions" from the beginning days . Made in Quebec.
  8. Yes, that would be a big help. It is a beautiful boat, old style, that we bought years ago from members on this forum that moved away. It could use some cosmetic touch up in a spot or two
  9. Hi I'm going to sell my drysuit ...size large . It is a Tropos Meridian Drysuit with Relief zip & Socks, color is Mango It's in great shape, been stored nice and clean . Think I might have changed the socks one time they might need changing again or swap them over to gaskets. Zips in good shape all in all suit has only been lightly used.
  10. Here an old thread with a bunch of info So I thought I might resurrect it rather than start a new one. Hope that is okay. So ...just got off from paddling on the Bay this morning High tide was 10 ish and though the full moon is not for a few days, there was plenty of Horseshoe Crab activity. So when I launched or landed for rest breaks I had to be mindful not to step on any. Also curious if anybody could tell me the name of whatever fish makes big splashes in the water this time of year. I was big time startled a couple of times when it happened right beside me as I paddled along...thanks
  11. We have an older Ellesmere with a rope deployed skeg. Thing is can never tell if the skeg deploys or to what degree. Wondering if anyone knows how to swap that over to a more positive connection presumably with a cable of sorts. thanks , spider
  12. Thanks, that would be a big help. spider
  13. Just reactivated my membership (if I did it correctly) after letting it lag for a few years. Just getting the boats back on the water after no paddling last year for me. I was doing most my paddling up in Quebec but the border has been closed for 1 + yrs now. Mostly looking forward to paddling my home areas of great Bay nh and the back side of Plum Island Refuge things like that. Hope all is well thanks, spider
  14. I didn't realize at 1st this thread was only for sea kayaking, but thought I would post this anyway. http://www.pinetreesociety.org/paddle.asp This would be more how we could help others in general...
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