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  1. Lobster rolls (nom, nom). Please count me in. Dana
  2. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/private-island-coast-maine-listed Lovely, I wonder if MITA knows about this.
  3. Well, I was finally able to clear the day but it looks like a day too late. Have a great time. See you next year.
  4. Wonderful trip- venue, conditions and not least, the company. Thanks to all and especially Gary for maple syrup & organizing. E Gosling DSigall.MOV IMG_6246.mov
  5. Yes me too (Jim,replied on the seacoast thread- hopefully you saw that) Dana
  6. I see on the this site's member benefits page that NSPN membership gets a discount for MITA membership. Does anyone know how that works in practice? Is there a NSPN coupon code? Could it be...NSPN? Thanks in advance for any help. Dana
  7. Found this update on ipswichma.gov Pavillion Beach is open to non-resident parking again but only on weekdays. Reserved for residents weekends and holidays. Pavilion Beach Rules & Regs 4.2021.pdf
  8. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful advice. I've passed it along with a few links & encouragement to explore nspn.org while they decide. Dana
  9. Rob, Great advice & well put. I’ll pass it along with a link to NSPN and a heads up about the NTSK workshop. Thank you. Dana
  10. My new neighbors who have seen my kayak come & go and noticed gear drying on the line have asked for a starter boat recommendation. I couldn't name a particular kayak off the top of my head but I offered to look into it. From our conversation I know they've looked at some rec kayaks but I would hope to steer them past a bath tub boat and into something they could learn and grow into and enjoy some great paddling opportunities here on the north shore. Any thoughts on a starter boat? Bulkheads of course. Thanks in advance for any advice. Dana
  11. Hi Kyle, I'm interested but would like to hear more about costs & arrangements for food. thanks! Dana
  12. Great! that makes 3 of us. Air temp will be mild for this time of year but the water is very cold- right around 40F. Dress for a swim. You can get a look at forecasted conditions at www.windy.com. Tide predictions at https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov
  13. Sorry you won't be able to join us but I'm sure another opportunity will come along. See you then. Dana
  14. Looks to be a good day. Hope you can make it.
  15. We'll cross paths sooner than later I hope. Have a good weekend.
  16. Sounds good John. I'll double check the weather tomorrow. There's a chance of rain late in the day but I think we'll be off the water by then.
  17. If you're not paddling with Alex in RI on Sunday a Cape Ann possibility might be Lanes Cove into Essex Bay with a lap around Choate (formerly Hog) Island. Launch at 9:30 to ride the tide in at the mouth. Roughly 10', high at noon. Lunch and a walk-about on Choate or the back of Crane Neck. Looks to be a 2' swell meeting the ebb current on the way out which could be entertaining. Winds are forecast to be under 10 kts, westerly in the morning and swinging SSE thru the day. Air temp reaching the mid 40's but the water is as cold as it ever gets so dress accordingly (dry suit a must). About 12 miles RT. Interested? Suggestions/variations? Dana Covid precautions please
  18. Me too. Looking forward to updates Dana
  19. Its really an extraordinary collection isn't it? I especially like the photo of the Inuit fellow napping in his kayak. I suppose it was not uncommon to use your boat as a shelter. What do you suppose the white cloth screens seen on the decks in other photos are for? I thought they might be camouflage to blend with surrounding ice.
  20. I had come across this archive a few years ago and rediscovered it over coffee this morning. The crew appears to have passed their time in Greenland documenting the life of the indigenous population and trying their hand at some of those essential skills. There are great images of kayak construction, hunting, dwellings and the intrepid explorers developing their paddling skills. I've posted a couple of examples (we all know what's about to happen in the 2nd photo). Enjoy. https://www.spri.cam.ac.uk/picturelibrary/catalogue/baare/gallery/ btw- you can order prints too!
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