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  1. Lobster rolls (nom, nom). Please count me in. Dana
  2. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/private-island-coast-maine-listed Lovely, I wonder if MITA knows about this.
  3. Well, I was finally able to clear the day but it looks like a day too late. Have a great time. See you next year.
  4. Wonderful trip- venue, conditions and not least, the company. Thanks to all and especially Gary for maple syrup & organizing. E Gosling DSigall.MOV IMG_6246.mov
  5. Yes me too (Jim,replied on the seacoast thread- hopefully you saw that) Dana
  6. I see on the this site's member benefits page that NSPN membership gets a discount for MITA membership. Does anyone know how that works in practice? Is there a NSPN coupon code? Could it be...NSPN? Thanks in advance for any help. Dana
  7. Found this update on ipswichma.gov Pavillion Beach is open to non-resident parking again but only on weekdays. Reserved for residents weekends and holidays. Pavilion Beach Rules & Regs 4.2021.pdf
  8. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful advice. I've passed it along with a few links & encouragement to explore nspn.org while they decide. Dana
  9. Rob, Great advice & well put. I’ll pass it along with a link to NSPN and a heads up about the NTSK workshop. Thank you. Dana
  10. My new neighbors who have seen my kayak come & go and noticed gear drying on the line have asked for a starter boat recommendation. I couldn't name a particular kayak off the top of my head but I offered to look into it. From our conversation I know they've looked at some rec kayaks but I would hope to steer them past a bath tub boat and into something they could learn and grow into and enjoy some great paddling opportunities here on the north shore. Any thoughts on a starter boat? Bulkheads of course. Thanks in advance for any advice. Dana
  11. Hi Kyle, I'm interested but would like to hear more about costs & arrangements for food. thanks! Dana
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