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  1. Hi all, sorry to say I can’t make this trip tomorrow. Hopefully someone from the waitlist can. Thanks in any case for organizing it Janet. Looks to be a great day. Best, Dana
  2. Hi all, I'm finally able to confirm. Looking forward to it. If I've missed any discussion please catch me up. Thanks for your patience Ben! Dana
  3. Ok I'm in (assuming there is still room) Thanks either way Sue. Dana
  4. Thank you Sue, Dave and everyone. Great day with great company. Dana
  5. I'm in if there's still room. Dana
  6. Thanks for posting the detailed trip report Joe and for your good sense on & off the water. I'll just add a little to the show & tell. Dana a short video of that Lion's Mane jellyfish– https://www.dropbox.com/s/rzalwr8wmz46vm6/IMG_7811.MOV?dl=0
  7. I like Amojis for waterproof clogs. I've been warm enough with a pair of sandal/slippers & wool socks and they are easy to get in and out of. Cheaper than Crocs too. If its wet or you are planning to do much hiking you might pick a different style there are some new options since I bought mine. https://amoji.com I bring a line to hang gear & clothes. There's usually more room than I need. Happy to share. I have a Jetboil Mini Mo with adjustable flame. If you do any cooking besides boiling water you'll want to turn it down. I also have the french press accessory which I don't recommend. There are lots of other stoves out there. I'm sure others will have many good recommendations.
  8. Hi Prudence, I set up at the shop where I work– lots of useful stuff at hand. I used a small wheeled cart, draped the suit over the side and tucked it underneath and out of the way. A few spring clamps kept the arrangement from sliding off the top and I rehearsed a couple of times to be sure I could get all the way around before actually cutting. The wheels turned out not to be helpful and it was a bit of a reach getting around the corners. I think you could use a tall stool: step 1, tape the bowl securely to the seat.
  9. Dan, I used a Nikwax wash/soak in treatment on an EMS Gortex shell that must be nearly 30 yrs. It worked pretty well, not as good as from the factory but a definite improvement. That was 10-12 years ago so probably should do it again– when you find the best new thing please share. Dana
  10. Trimmed mine after trying to convince myself it was comfortable enough. I applied 303 as directed, wiping off any excess then stretched the neck over a glass bowl inserted from the inside. The gaskets have a series of concentric lines molded into them (at least mine did). staying just above the first line, I cut the gasket with a sharp razor blade. I arranged the work so that I could cut all the way around the neck without lifting the blade. The idea being not to create a nick or new cut line that could be the start of a tear. It took a few minutes to get all set up but it went smoothly. I find that as the gasket warms it loosens slightly so only cut down one ring to start, then give it a try. You can always cut another later. Good luck and relaxed breathing- Dana
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