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  1. "Keep me in mind if you are headed out again." Thanks Peter. I'll do that. What are the current restrictions for launching in Manchester harbor? Is it open to discreet non-residents?
  2. After watching the forecast early in the week it was looking like Thurs afternoon would be a good bet. Winds were SW 10-15 kts in the morning but predicted to ease in the afternoon. Doug Cooke & I paddled out of Lane's Cove about 11:30, just before high tide, with the idea of finding some surfable swell. We turned into the wind towards the Annisquam & Coffins beach. Apart from wind chop there didn't seem like much going on but as crossed the channel we could see breaking waves at the east end of Coffins. The wind began to ease right on queue and we found regular sets of 2' rollers with the occasional set of 3'. We spent a couple of hrs in late summer sun surfing, swimming & practicing bracing. In a tender moment Doug confessed love for his new carbon fiber Greenland paddle. Our return was relaxed with the nearly non-existent wind at our backs and a slight push from the ebb. We converged at the cove with another NSPNer and his friend whose names I promptly forgot. (Note to self: build memory palace, eat more fish oil pills, try to stay young). My GPS track looks like a ball of twine after the cat got to it. Nice day. Sorry you couldn't make it Prudence. Dana
  3. Doug & Prudence, I was thinking about getting out on Thurs... Dana
  4. Doug! Nice to find you here. Welcome to NSPN. Lots of great people here of every level of ability and experience. See you on the water- if not before. Dana
  5. Hi Christopher, nice to hear from you. Hope we do cross paths out on the water. If you think of it let me know when your planning to paddle. I'm halfway back to work and have some flexibility.
  6. Well, there's no debate here. Kokatat it is. Thanks for all of your first hand advice. (first I'll have to put the old Palm on and get in the water with gaskets in the air– hope it leaks so I don't have to make the decision) (hmm, maybe I can drown my old phone at the same time...)
  7. Direct, succinct & unequivocal. Thanks Prudence
  8. This topic probably gets hashed out regularly but I haven't found a thread on the boards so... Just pulled out my old Palm Sidewinder Torrent to 303 the gaskets and found 2 of them split, zipper looks a bit worse for wear too. The fabric appears to be in good shape though my shape has expanded a bit since I bought it. I'm debating whether to send to Palm for repairs or maybe spring for a new one. I'm getting back into paddling after 2-3 years away and I'd like keep at it through the winter. At the time Kokatat was the preferred make but I didn't have the $. I've looked on the web at NRS, Stoquist, Kokatat and Level Six. If you were buying a dry suit (again) what/how would you choose? Thanks in advance for your advice. Dana
  9. Listing this boat on behalf of a friend who is selling for health reasons. Please PM me if interested and I'll pass along his contact info. Echo Islander Ocean Rowing Shell, 3 yrs old, in perfect (mint) condition, with red on white hull. It has been used only on a NH lake and carefully stored each winter under a cottage. It comes with Omni Kevlar oars, custom deck lacing, compass, rear-view mirror and rolling caddy. These boats are ready to row in a jiffy with no tools required to open the rigging. They are intended for ocean use with large, sealed compartments, fore and aft, very well built and are incredibly stable and fast! $4,500 or best reasonable offer https://www.echorowing.com/echo-islander-product-info-page
  10. dsigall

    Odiorne 9/5

    Just booked parking.
  11. Wasn’t sure I’d have a car to put under my kayak tomorrow but that’s sorted out. I’d like to jump in if the roster isn’t too full already. Please let me know.
  12. Hi Midtempo, have a look at Jones landing, Gloucester. Parking is available and you are launching into the protected waters of the Annisquam. Its not Essex Bay but its lovely. Stay in the back side or paddle just out of the mouth to the light house for a little "taste" of Ipswich Bay. You can't land at Wingearsheek Beach but there are sand bars further up where you can get out and stretch. I think you can launch on any tide though it may be a bit of a walk at the ebb- I recall the bottom beyond the ramp being hard rather than shoe sucking mud so still manageable. Maybe others can weigh in on that? Be aware there are currents, especially over the shallows near the mouth but that is also true of Essex Bay. I was out today and can report the Greenhead threat has subsided for the season.
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