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  1. Please send some of that refreshing cool water to southeast Florida. It's about 86 F down here now. I have the opposite of a cold water gasp when I practice rolling.
  2. Bet they're good at roll tacking.
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if a cylindrical dry bag (or even a paddle float) could double as a blow-up roller?
  4. Kate, I used to use blow-up rollers to pull my sailboat onto the beach. Something like these but they come in smaller sizes. -Leon
  5. I included and/or another self rescue technique. My roll recently failed but I had a backup. I shouldn't have said or. But I agree qualified friends are better.
  6. How about do you have a reliable roll and/or another self-rescue ability?
  7. Don't do that. The CG has enough trouble. https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/Coast-Guard-Finds-Missing-Kayaker-Off-Gloucester-560365471.html
  8. Don't jump on fisherman. It's a recreational kayak problem. I've been fishing from sea kayaks long before recreational fishing kayaks were invented. I use long skinny kayaks like my QCC 700X, Epic 18X, Seda Glider and Falcon 18. Take a look:
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=9jw6S8hfQEI
  10. I thought Herr Hair drained the swamps and marshes.
  11. Recommendations for repair requested. Composite Engineering is too busy.
  12. It seems to me that the perfect fail safe way to design a handheld VHF is: Upon pressing the "CH16" push button the VHF radio will switch to VHF CH 16 on full power, no matter whether channel lock is set or not. Not operating this way is akin to a DSC radio that doesn't send the distress message when the distress button is pushed whenever you have channel lock set. Or, for an airplane, if the autopilot doesn’t disengage when the pilot presses the takeover pushbutton. I often practice Eskimo rolls with my Icom M73 VHF and it keeps on working. I just wash it in fresh water when I get home.
  13. John, From my point of view the problem is the following: If I want to quickly call, say channel 72, to check on a fellow paddler pressing the transmit button chooses a random channel from the scan set of channels. So, I have to press the channel up or down keys to get to 72. If, in the alternative, the radio is locked to channel 72 and one needs to make an immediate emergency call to the CG, the 16/C button (the emergency button to go to channel 16) doesn't work. So, one has to unlock the lock first. The latter is the heart of my complaint about handheld VHF radios in the associated thread (Unsafe VHF Design); i.e., the 16/C button should immediately override the lock. Given enough time, someone (especially one who needs to raise the CG ASAP and is, say, using a borrowed radio) will not be able to unlock the lock and a possible preventable catastrophe might occur. -Leon
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