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  1. Thanks from Leon in Florida. Although my current Snap Dragon sprayskirt has a year or two of remaining life, I just ordered perhaps the last Glacier Trek Breathable in my M M size.
  2. I dunno. I've been fishing from a sea kayak since the '90s and it's more fun that way. You can cover distance faster, especially useful if you see a feeding blitz 1/4 mile away. I've caught Tarpon in Florida ~50 lbs (Tarpon over 40 inches MUST remain in the water, not that I could lift one into a 20 inch wide kayak).
  3. Another problem with the Yakima roof rack system is that the round bars sing loudly in the wind. I cut down the volume by covering the two bars with insulated pipe covers. I must use the Yakima system because Thule doesn't have a system to fit my 2015 Impala. Although the Yakima roof connector parts seem to be superior to that of the Thule system (which I use on another car) the Thule rectangular bars are superior for wind and connecting kayak carriers.
  4. Sir Christopher, Two problems with your solution: 1. On my trip to Florida, once the kayak is sitting almost sideways on the carrier thingies, I load all of my kayaking gear into both hatches and the cockpit. If the cockpit was upside down the stuff in the cockpit would pop the cockpit cover and fall out. And even if I preloaded the boat, it would be difficult to hoist it onto the car (The weight of the gear alone is probably 40 pounds). No room in the car’s trunk and back seat for all of this stuff in addition our luggage for the trip. 2. For such a long trip at generally >70 mph highway speeds driving south I wouldn't trust the kayak sitting on noodles (not enough yaw friction). As it is, I depend on my bow and stern tie downs to hold the kayak firmly in the J carriers. My trip out of America (to Florida) begins Friday. Best Leon-san
  5. Hi Paul, Slack is not the problem. You tighten a pair of plates against the cross bar. The problem is that there insufficient friction on a round bar. Look at the video - it's almost the same model carrier that I have. You gave me a good idea, though. I think wrapping the bar below the carrier with some rubber sheeting might provide sufficient friction as you tighten the plates against the bar.
  6. I can't tighten the Thule metal straps to the cylindrical Yakima bars tight enough; the whole unit easily rotates in the vertical plane unless I over-tighten the bolts. Of course, with the kayak in the carrier there is no torque in the vertical plane so I guess it's not a problem. Any suggestions?
  7. Please send some of that refreshing cool water to southeast Florida. It's about 86 F down here now. I have the opposite of a cold water gasp when I practice rolling.
  8. Bet they're good at roll tacking.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice if a cylindrical dry bag (or even a paddle float) could double as a blow-up roller?
  10. Kate, I used to use blow-up rollers to pull my sailboat onto the beach. Something like these but they come in smaller sizes. -Leon
  11. I included and/or another self rescue technique. My roll recently failed but I had a backup. I shouldn't have said or. But I agree qualified friends are better.
  12. How about do you have a reliable roll and/or another self-rescue ability?
  13. Don't do that. The CG has enough trouble. https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/Coast-Guard-Finds-Missing-Kayaker-Off-Gloucester-560365471.html
  14. Don't jump on fisherman. It's a recreational kayak problem. I've been fishing from sea kayaks long before recreational fishing kayaks were invented. I use long skinny kayaks like my QCC 700X, Epic 18X, Seda Glider and Falcon 18. Take a look:
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