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  1. Kevin B

    Various kayaks for sale

    Yes, the romany is still available.
  2. Kevin B

    Various kayaks for sale

    Greenlander has been sold.
  3. The surf is up at area beaches on the North Shore so Rock, Paddle, Surf is offering long boat surf classes each weekday this week! Venues and times will vary, so if interested, feel free to send me a PM, email or phone 978.270.8170. Don't miss this chance to help your skills take off to a new level!
  4. Kevin B

    Various kayaks for sale

    Yes it is
  5. Kevin B

    Seabrook Friday 5.18

    Depending on the tides, the current can ramp up. It won't be a big tidal day but the current under the bridge is usually decent enough, with well-defined eddies, to practice. The surf doesn't look great for tomorrow but ......
  6. Kevin B

    Seabrook Friday 5.18

    Whoops, a time would probably help lol. 4pm.
  7. Kevin B

    Seabrook Friday 5.18

    Will be up playing around in the current and any available surf...let me know if you plan on coming.
  8. Kevin B

    Various kayaks for sale

    I can try to weigh it tomorrow. Likely only get just past the Hudson either off of 84 or Tappan Zee.
  9. Kevin B

    Various kayaks for sale

    Not entirely sure...perhaps 5lbs-10lbs?
  10. Kevin B

    Various kayaks for sale

    Correct...looks like I forgot the Pro in the description.
  11. Kevin B

    Circumnavigation of Manhattan (Cross listed) 3/24

    As of now the trip is now full.
  12. I have 4 kayaks for sale: Avocet RM, Yellow, $700 Avocet RM Gray with reflective line, compass, $900 NDK Greenlander Elite, White with Green trim, custom bulkhead, compass, $1300 NDK Romany, Red black trim, compass, rope skew, $1500. Pics to follow soon.