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  1. Building on the information Jim has already provided, I'm willing to lead a trip on the same day, leaving Rye Harbor at 7:30am, allowing us to arrive about the same time as the other group. We would paddle out, explore and paddle back in the same time frame. Current forecast is SE 5-10 kt with 2-3ft seas. Would need a minimum of three people and folks should be able to paddle at a sustained 3- 4 knots. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. The winter months offer ample time to develop new skills and practice old ones! From rolling to rescues, you can redefine the limits of your current skill set and be ready for new, incredible adventures next summer. So, come on out and join us in a fun, supportive learning environment! Please note that space is extremely limited so be sure to register early. There are instructional spots and practice only spots available. The first session is on November 15th! Registration is easy at https://www.salemkayak.com/reserve/pool-sessions Please note that participants are required to wear masks unless on the water and encouraged to maintain social distancing while on the water. The number of spots available has been reduced from previous years to facilitate social distancing. Instructors will be masked and will instruct whenever possible in a socially distance manner.
  3. This course is for paddlers who wish to gain the skills required to safely lead others on the water. Whether you plan to work as a guide, lead trips on meetup or simply wish to develop a more comprehensive skill set for paddling with friends and family, this course will cover all aspects of competent leadership so you can stay safe on the water. Material is reviewed while on the water and during shore breaks, covering navigation, trip planning, group management, incident avoidance/management, boat handling, towing, rescues, hypothermia, Leave No Trace Behind ethics, etc.Day 1 is the training and Day 2 is the assessment. Participants who meet the standards of the ACA L2 Trip Leader Assessment may be awarded the Essentials of Kayak Touring Trip Leader award through the American Canoe Association. This award qualifies guides to lead beginner-level paddlers in calm coastal waters.Participants for assessment should be competent paddlers in the coastal environment, with a familiarity with basic strokes and rescues.Location TBD dependent on weather conditions. It is currently set for Odiorne Point State Park but may change.Registration Options:1. One Day Training ($125) only or Assessment only ($150)2. Two Day Training and Assessment ($250)Register here:https://www.salemkayak.com/reserve/instruction-full-day
  4. I am trying to help out someone who has registered for WFA this weekend but may not be well enough to attend. Any last minute deciders out there who might want to take WFA? It can be hard to find these so close to home and Todd Wright is an excellent instructor!
  5. Extend your paddling season by months or make it a year-round pursuit by learning how to manage the effects of cold water! Join Rock, Paddle, Surf Kayak Coaching and Newbury Kayak for their free Cold Water Workshop. This day-long workshop is designed to help paddlers increase their knowledge of safety on the water. Speakers will explain some of the risks and dangers of cold water shock and hypothermia.They will review and discuss the pros and cons of cold water accessory gear, drysuits, and wet suits. Participants may choose to don cold water clothing and go jump in a river (Parker River)- all for FREE!Pre-registration is required using the link provided:https://forms.gle/wf8npJYUxKzhZomB9
  6. Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is an introductory course designed to develop both decision making and management skills that address common backcountry injuries. The WFA course focuses on ‘hands-on’ learning, where students are engaged in managing authentic scenarios; scenario-based learning is supported by brief classroom discussions and reinforced with intensive practical work. The WFA is the perfect course for the outdoor enthusiast or trip leader who wants a basic level of first aid training for short trips with family, friends, students, and outdoor groups. It also meets the American Canoe Association, British Canoeing, and International Mountain Bicycling Associations first aid requirements. The WFA is 16 hours long (two days), and focuses on the basic skills of: Response and Assessment, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Environmental Emergencies, Survival Skills, Soft Tissue Injuries, and Medical Emergencies. Course fee is $180 per person, plus $40 if you also want CPR Certification. Todd Johnstone-Wright will be the instructor. Register online only please at https://www.salemkayak.com/reserve/wilderness-first-aid For questions, you can call either RPS at 978.270.8170 or NK&C - 978-471-9138.
  7. The winter months offer ample time to develop new skills and practice old ones! From rolling to rescues, you can redefine the limits of your current skill set and be ready for new, incredible adventures next summer. So, come on out and join us in a fun, supportive learning environment! Please note that space is extremely limited so be sure to register early. The first session is on December 8th! Registration is easy at https://www.salemkayak.com/reserve/pool-sessions
  8. PART 1: April 20 9-2pmPART 2: May 19 10-3pmThe Rock, Paddle, Surf Kayak Coaching (RPS) Coastal Navigation course consists of two on-the-water sessions. The goal is to develop skills for safe and enjoyable kayak navigation along the coast (within five miles of land). Day 1 starts with an on-beach (weather dependent) discussion of tides, weather, wind, waves, swell, boat traffic, and wildlife. It continues with an introduction to the marine chart, and the use of a compass. The on-water segment is initially focused on “H2O Orienteering”, with the goal of using the environment, chart, and compass to determine location and direction. The topics include bearings, back bearings, topography, buoys, landmarks, and shore curvature. Rules of thumb related to the on-water estimation of distance and angles are discussed. Day 2 of the course involves moving on the water, including exploitation of transits, bearing compensation for wind and current (steering off), ferry angles, and parallax. Location: Both sessions will be in Boston Harbor. Registration covers both days. The course will be co-lead by Kevin Beckwith (British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and ACA Advanced OWI) and Bob Levine (British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and ACA OWI)PLEASE USE LINK BELOW TO REGISTER:http://www.salemkayak.com/reserve/coastal-navigationNote that Newbury Kayak rents drysuits and has navigation materials available.
  9. The surf is up at area beaches on the North Shore so Rock, Paddle, Surf is offering long boat surf classes each weekday this week! Venues and times will vary, so if interested, feel free to send me a PM, email or phone 978.270.8170. Don't miss this chance to help your skills take off to a new level!
  10. Depending on the tides, the current can ramp up. It won't be a big tidal day but the current under the bridge is usually decent enough, with well-defined eddies, to practice. The surf doesn't look great for tomorrow but ......
  11. Whoops, a time would probably help lol. 4pm.
  12. Will be up playing around in the current and any available surf...let me know if you plan on coming.
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