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  1. 30 second assisted rescue

    Other than the "Wet" one holding the paddle it looks like a standard rescue.
  2. Various Roof Rack Stuff

    I did a quick google and J-Bars are not producing results for me: https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/sport-rack/kayak-roof-racks?q=MzGTcKw8x I don't think that I am looking for J-Bars, but I would like to know what they are. I look forward to seeing your truck. Thanks -Jason
  3. Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    The need for 3 is to pass CG regs, That said I have been going out for 10 years without valid flares (that said I do have a laser flare in my PFD pocket).
  4. Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    Depending on the price I would be Interested. (I would need 3 to be technically legal, I haven't been stopped for my expired in 2004 ones yet).
  5. Newest Sea Kayak Leaders

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Great job!
  6. Chebacco Lake on Thursday evenings

    Is Chebacco ongoing this year?
  7. Reflective perimeter deck line

    When I last needed deck line I ordered a roll of 5mm normal line from Sterling rope, they also sell rolls of reflective https://sterlingrope.com/component/mijoshop/category/153-5mm-glocord It's a local company that makes the rope in Maine.
  8. Lodging for Rendezous 10/19...

    Julie and I have a spare room.
  9. Just be careful if you use a tarp to make sure that it's cut or folded not to extend out past the bottom of the tent as it will direct the water under your tent and create can make of a wet nights sleep.
  10. Carbon-Kevlar P&H Cetus LV

    Can you send me the pictures and I will upload them. Any error messages you ran into would be appreciated too.
  11. When you have 400lbs of kayaker and gear 4LB's of boat one way or another shouldn't make that much of a difference.
  12. Somes Sound, MDI, 9.8.17

    Looks like a very nice time on the water, thanks for sharing the report and pictures with us!
  13. GPS-watches

    If you order a Garmin look at the extended warrantee (If you order one via Amazon they will sell you an extended warrantee, I am sure that others will too). My vívoactive® HR lasted one year and one week before it died. As for GPS accuracy, they will be accurate to within yards, the question is how much time do they sleep between fixes (in attempt to save battery). If I was to order another Garmin (depending on the Apple watch 3, in about a month) I would order a higher end one with a sapphire lens, as the plastic one scratches up fairly easily. I am going to look at the Apple watch 3 (they have an option one the Apple watch 2 for ones with sapphire face) and then see what Gamin has at the time. I very much like the idea of the Apple watch, but not that it needs to be charged every night. The Garmin has a good life on it. Fitbit is interesting, but they don't have a waterproof one with a screen and built in GPS. -Jason
  14. Drysuits

    As a male I would go with the Kokatat Expedition. (The hood is now removable, when I ordered mine I ordered it without the hood as it wasn't removal). For someone that's Female one should look at the Expedition and the Idol and weigh up the pros and cons. -Jason
  15. I would second the recommendation of Carl at Osprey. He has done great work on boats for me in the past. You might check with https://www.paddlelincoln.com/ if Carl is busy.