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  1. On a downeast trip I had to replace my stern toggle line with washed up lobster line to get me through. When I got home I replaced the stern toggle line with the correct rope (it's nice to have 500' around). -Jason
  2. jason

    Do you wax your kayak?

    My boat is lucky to get new deck lines and replacement gel coat. Wax isn't something that any of boats should expect. Wax isn't close to air for tires. One is a safety issue, I would more equate waking a kayak to adding pinstripes to a truck. -Jason
  3. Little Hub Island Fire: https://bangordailynews.com/2018/08/16/news/hancock/fire-at-uninhabited-maine-island-started-with-makeshift-campsite/
  4. Looks and sounded like an incredible trip. I am glad you shared it with us. -Jason
  5. I ordered a real of non bungee from Sterling rope: https://sterlingrope.com/ I can find the part number if you would like.
  6. jason

    Chart Cases - Zipper vs Roll-Top Style?

    They all leak, I like the roll top ones better as they are slightly better and are easier to open and close. -Jason
  7. jason

    Foam Back Rest

    If you up my way I have a band saw that does an excellent job for cutting foam. -Jason
  8. jason

    30 second assisted rescue

    Other than the "Wet" one holding the paddle it looks like a standard rescue.
  9. jason

    Various Roof Rack Stuff

    I did a quick google and J-Bars are not producing results for me: https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/sport-rack/kayak-roof-racks?q=MzGTcKw8x I don't think that I am looking for J-Bars, but I would like to know what they are. I look forward to seeing your truck. Thanks -Jason
  10. jason

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    The need for 3 is to pass CG regs, That said I have been going out for 10 years without valid flares (that said I do have a laser flare in my PFD pocket).
  11. jason

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    Depending on the price I would be Interested. (I would need 3 to be technically legal, I haven't been stopped for my expired in 2004 ones yet).
  12. jason

    Newest Sea Kayak Leaders

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Great job!
  13. jason

    Chebacco Lake on Thursday evenings

    Is Chebacco ongoing this year?
  14. jason

    Reflective perimeter deck line

    When I last needed deck line I ordered a roll of 5mm normal line from Sterling rope, they also sell rolls of reflective https://sterlingrope.com/component/mijoshop/category/153-5mm-glocord It's a local company that makes the rope in Maine.