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  1. Brian, FYI: we have had to replace our book of MSDS with SDS at the fire department as they SDS is the new standard: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3514.html You may not find MSDS or MDS for newer items. -Jason
  2. I have seen results in less than 36 hours in Maine....
  3. I could use 3 Kajak Sport hatch covers. I really should check the site more often. If you order again, they make Valley compatible hatch covers. I could use two oval and two day hatches. -Jason
  4. A couple of us are heading out from 5 islands ~09:00. Please let me know if you will be able to make it.
  5. My next kayak mover is going to have to have a plow in the front...
  6. It's a kayak trailer without the trailer. #CoolRack
  7. On our fire radios we have a receive only channel that we lock our radios on to. That way if one would like to transmit one unlocks the radio and then swaps over to "FD Primary". Just like the Marine radios when one of the radios is transmitting it take over the channel and prevents others from using it. Each of our radios has a code that's transmitting to allow us to know what town is causing the issue (It will take over the repeaters for the county). If a radio is stuck then everybody in the department starts getting called at home and on their cells. (I haven't been the one to cause the problem yet). It's much safer to know how to use your radio, if we can manage the small buttons with large gloves you can manage to figure it out too. -Jason
  8. It's just like our fire radios and a good design. It prevents the channel from being used/blocked by mistake and can save lives. Unlocking the radio is minimal effort and is quick enough even when locked as +- 1 second in kayaking shouldn't make a diffrence. The channel 16 emergency button is the on likely to be hit when in your bag or if it's stuffed into a hatch, thus the lock makes a lot of sense. You might do monthly radio drills if you find it hard to manage. -Jason
  9. Nothing in my size. If they made a bigger person boat, I would be interested.
  10. It's designed to prevent you from transmitting on any channel by mistake. Thus the lock as used would be working as designed. If you don't like the lock you don't need to use it. I am sure that having a lock has saved countless hours of channel 16 from being inaccessible due to VHF's transmitting by mistake.
  11. I seem to collect other peoples boats to store, currently 10 boats at the house that aren't owned by Julie or I. I have the 55 gallon wash buckets outside (pre-rinse, rinse) hang dry outside if possible, and in if not possible I put my dry suit in front of the dehumidifier in the basement.
  12. My edit of David's list. Name some paddling locations you expect to visit in 2019 or 2020 for which you don't already own a chart: Iceland, California. If you DO own some charts, how do prefer to get them? (buy online, marine supply store, print them myself...) Buy online (Anybody have a good source for Iceland). If you were to BUY a chart, would you choose a $25 waterproof chart or an identical $10 paper chart? Waterproof How much would you be willing to pay to BORROW a waterproof chart that you didn't have for the duration of an NSPN trip? ($0 is a valid answer) I would not borrow but would purchase  Which of the following do you NOT currently own? waterproof chart case, deck compass, handheld compass, marine radio, tow belt, helmet Own them all
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