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  1. Number 2 is an easy one. Pretty sure of #4 although I haven't been there in a while. Number 5 is even easier because I'm in it! The rest - no clue.
  2. I loved reading your trip report. I loved all the rocks - Newfoundland really is a geology lesson, inscrutable to me but beautiful. The Trashy Beach describes many of the beaches I found - that's just the way it is. Everything you reported felt familiar to me, the friendliness of the people, the abandoned towns, the difficulty understanding the local dialect, the crappy cell coverage (at least you got better weather reports than I ever did), the continual quest for somewhere to camp, the long distances to drive from one place to anywhere else. I admire how you rolled with the multiple punches, finding ways to work everything out and continue to enjoy the trip. Seasoned traveler. And I'm glad you didn't get sick. Thanks for every single photo and all the detail in the report. Really makes me want to go back a fourth time. Fabulous trip report. Thank you.
  3. Wow, Peter, I've thought many times about a trip to Isle Royale. Maybe I need to get my carpe diem on too. Great to read your trip report and get some intel - it's been hard to find any kayak trip reports for the island. I was thinking early September but now will also consider late August. Very sorry to hear about your health issues and I hope the strength comes back in time. Thanks for giving me some more material for winter-time dreaming and planning.
  4. clear sky kate (make it all one word) at g mail dot com. I will be out of contact (sea kayak trip) starting tomorrow through the following weekend, but will be checking in daily and will make an effort to respond to any message from him. He can also reach me all day today.
  5. I would certainly be willing to talk with him, although I wasn't in that area for my trip. As I understand it, 100 wild islands is more frequently visited than the more northern coastline. It sure sounds like he has the skills to handle conditions, as long as he makes reasonable decisions (I have no formal training whatsoever, and kayak surfing is a great teacher). My guess is that he will have a wonderful trip, and if I can be of any help, let me know.
  6. We met through Wild Turkey trips, but we are a flock apart. Probably not all one species: one migrates south every year, one is an invasive from Norway, one changes plumage and takes to the mountains in winter, and one was storm-blown north from Florida.
  7. Such a nice surprise to see your convoy cruising by just as we "summitted" Nix's Mate. We'd be delighted to participate in a convocation. NSPN herd surrounding the island of Nix's Mate. (photo by John Lopato) The objective - new headquarters for the South Shore Sea Chicks! (photo by John Lopato) Sea Chicks Lisa, Bea, Joy, and Kate greet the NSPNers. (photo by Lisa)
  8. I think it's an important addition. I took a look at the Boston Harbor sector and it looks about right to me. Close enough is good enough.
  9. That is an amazing collection. Thank you for posting this!
  10. This is amazing. So very very useful. Thank you! One question, after looking at Casco Bay where I camped last week: are you not including MITA campsites? Do you think MITA might not be on board with that?
  11. Mark and I visited Blomidon Provincial Park (on foot) on our way back from Newfoundland. It shares the cliff range that runs all the way up the peninsula from Digby. At low tide, of course, you would be some distance from the cliffs, but at high tide you would be right there next to them. Topo shows they are the same height (300') as at Digby, but right on the coast. There's a campground at Blomidon.
  12. Well this was a fascinating read. A few years back I had given serious consideration to adding a Grand Manan visit after the annual NSPN Bar Harbor September trip. I was hard-pressed to find good information, and didn't think a circumnav seemed feasible for me, but doing short sections, as you did, seemed like it would be interesting. Ultimately, though, I did not go. Your write-up, as usual, is outstanding and full of useful information. I would certainly be interested in a club trip there.
  13. I don't even eat that well when I'm at home! You really know how to enjoy a camping trip. Great write-up. Used to do a little canoe-camping when my kids were young but Maryland has no natural lakes so we were on rivers. Wind not a problem.
  14. No we went clockwise, flood up the East, slack at Harlem, catching Hudson on the ebb. A little crazy trying to keep the group together, but it all worked out. The city is prettier from the water, seems cleaner.
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