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  1. kate

    Walden today?

    Peter, I'm at Walden and it's exceedingly windy. I think it is not worth it tonight. I'm going to try to get the boat back on the car and head home. Kate
  2. kate

    Walden today

    Weather was the factor for me. Long way to go for a rainy evening. Next week though... Kate
  3. kate

    Jewell Island 2019, by the numbers

    My recollection is that Deer Point was a short but jumpity section of rebounding waves. The Long-to-Diamond crossing was long and very windy (snotty?!) but not confused. It was the final Little-Diamond-to-Bug-Light segment that was churned up by boat traffic, wind, and current/tide. Or maybe it was just because it was at the end of 3 days of activity and I hadn't had lunch (and no ramen awaiting me). We had a different route than Peter's group - perhaps they had some wind-shadow from the mainland as they got closer? It reminded me of how it gets around Hull gut in the summer when there are ferries, fishing boats, sailboats, and all manner of other craft squeezing through from Outer to Inner Harbor, and the water is every which way.
  4. kate

    Jewell Island 2019, by the numbers

    I hope #5 didn't sound ungrateful toward Kyle - I'm certain he pointed us in the best possible direction, given the conditions, including a welcome stop at Little Chebeague. I would have chosen more or less the same route myself, and the same fantasy of easy passage would have been dashed repeatedly.
  5. 0 - number of times I had used pogies before on a trip. Why didn't I think of this before? They work just fine on a greenland stick. Toasty hands! 1 - number of times I had used my radio for anything other than weather reports, until this trip. Seems that not everyone can read my mind to know where I am. 2 - number of thermoses of tea I made in the evenings for first-thing hot tea the next morning. Thank you, Robert Folster, for the idea! 3 - number of bawdy limericks Peter Brady recited at the pot-luck meal. 'Nuff said... 4 - number of helpings I had of Janice's excellent tahini sauce, which recipe she promised to share. Okay, Janice, do share! 5 - number of people in our return-to-Bug-Light trip. Also the number of people who will probably swear along with me that there is no such thing as a "protected route" between Jewell Island and Portland. Also the number of ticks I found on myself or my tent. 6 - number of people smart enough to wait until afternoon to do the Jewell circumnav, after the wind had dropped. Turns out that hiking there is every bit as enjoyable as paddling there. 7 - number of stair flights, in the WWII tower, draped with bird poop but so worth navigating for the view from the top. Excellent for pouring boiling oil on marauding enemies, so I hear. 8 - number of dollars per day for parking at Bug Light, and so worth it. Thanks, Gary, for arranging it for us. 9 - number of emails it took to coordinate the launch. CAM model has its challenges. 10 - number of islands I can remember paddling past/to. Or possibly twice that. There are so many! 11 - approximate number of feet that airplane had for landing and taking off from the sandbar at low tide. How did he do that?? 12 - number of directions waves were refracting in Portland Harbor. Oy. 13 - number of choruses of "Baby Shark" I sang to myself to get through those waves. Oy. 14 - number of times I tripped over that tent vestibule peg. Must paint it bright red... 15 - number of awesome people on the trip, who I hope graciously accepted my group-challenged paddling. Countless - number of times I marvelled at the beauty of Jewell Island and Casco Bay. Thank you, Gary, for organizing this trip! It was fabulous and I hope to return countless times. Kate My campsite at low tide. Cliff at southern end of Jewell, on windy morning hike. Janice and Lisa at Vail Island on our route to Jewell. Amazing rockface of Jewell Island. morning view from sandbar near campsite Site 2, and central gathering place.
  6. kate

    Unable to renew membership

    Thank you! I feel so validated!
  7. kate

    Unable to renew membership

    If you could do same for me, I'd appreciate it. I can do all the functions of a member here, but I am listed as a Guest. This can be confusing to others. If you can figure it out, thanks! Kate
  8. Planning to go. Thanks for putting it together.
  9. kate

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Josko, thanks for your generous offer. Now that I'm retired, mid-week works for me (I'm about an hour away), but later in the season when I've had some time to polish the skills. I love kayaking that area, but not sure I can keep up with you and Mel (in fact, sure I can't), so would only sign on for a mid-level trip. Rounding Naushon with the currents would be cool, haven't done that, but I have another commitment on 6/30. Running down to Cuttyhunk - been there, done that, and never again! Most boring coastline ever, for hours! Woods Hole itself is the most fun and interesting and hair-raising part of it all. Everyone who wants to hone their skills should make the effort to go.
  10. kate

    Paddling Woods Hole

    You can definitely paddle from Woods Hole to Oak Bluffs - I've done it several times and I'm sure Josko is no stranger to the route. From there to Edgartown and Chappaquiddick - I haven't done that but it sure seems doable. My husband has circumnavved the Vineyard so it's all possible. The crossing can be tricky - timing for tidal currents and dodging boats and ferry - but it's an awesome trip.
  11. Wise weather decision anyway. See you in 2 weeks.
  12. I'm still planning on being there for the pond portion but not restaurant. Kate
  13. kate

    Walden-area Tuesdays

    This is great! I so miss the old rolling days with Turner and Will and Dan. I can make Tuesdays and hope to get there for the first one, weather permitting.
  14. kate

    NDK Explorer Kayaks

    I have an older Explorer LT (bought used in 2010, don't know the age). Agree it is one heavy boat. The only design change I'm aware of is that newer boats use a different skeg system. Which IMO is a good move, as the old one requires a lot of babying to remain functional, and jams easily. I suspect that this boat will last longer than I will....
  15. kate

    Solo loading

    I drive a Subaru. Sedan. No eyebrow. What a PITA to have to deal with that. Note to self: keep current car forever....