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  1. What a spectacularly beautiful and soberingly rugged corner of the earth! Just amazing. Thank you for detailing the trip so thoroughly that I don't feel I must go and do it too Your epilogue points to the importance of going with a plan but without expectations that the plan will be realized. Then, there's no disappointment, only fresh adventure. My hat is off to you for taking on this adventure. One question: water temp? Does it benefit from the Gulf Stream? Or is it frigid?
  2. Well done, and well reported. Thank you. Are you thinking of going back to shoot down the western side and connect the dots?
  3. Thanks for this report of what looks to have been a really great trip. It's difficult to hit the Jonesport area in a gentle weather window (or maybe it's just me... every time I've been, it's been rainy, foggy, sometimes windy, and cold) but you did it. I am wondering about your campsite landing zone. Was it an all-tide launch/land? Or was it like every other campsite I've been to in that area, requiring a lot of negotiating of rockweed-covered rocks except at full high tide? Finally, I'm surprised that no one else has commented. These reports are invaluable for anyone planning future trips, and this is a wonderful but challenging location. I really appreciate that you always come through with the information and photos.
  4. I think there is a very human desire to convince ourselves that it couldn't happen to us because we are so well-prepared/have better judgment/have the right equipment, etc. I have seen this again and again, how people try to believe that the victim died in a way from which they are shielded. The truth, of course, is more along the lines of Ed's comment. We are participating in a sport that carries risks, and we all take chances and make mistakes, and sometimes we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. My heart goes out to this man's family.
  5. What a wonderful trip! First, let me say thank you for this report. I have badgered members of 2 prior trips (3 of whom were with you on this trip) for those reports, to no avail. It's so good to have some information about the area, for those who might want to follow. Yes Newfoundland is magical, the great undiscovered sea kayaking destination you can drive to. And yes, the people there have been warm and welcoming and helpful, in my experience. And also yes, the weather forecasts tend to be overly generic and not terribly helpful. But then, aren't most forecasts that way? Hats off to you, Joe, for an extraordinary level of pre-trip information-gathering. I tend to leave a lot to chance and adventure, but it's a lot less stressful to do it the way you did, invoking the knowledge of French fishermen! I'm deeply envious of your iceberg encounters. I have wanted to see them on every trip up there, and the timing/location was just not right. At the age of 70, it's unlikely to happen any more, but I sure did enjoy seeing your photos. That blue! I hope you all make it back up there again. Kate
  6. I too am a fan of solo trips. This one sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing all the details and photos.
  7. One of these days I'll manage to camp on that island. Seems to me to be the supreme location in an area rife with excellent campsites. I doubt that my meals will be quite as good as yours were....
  8. Good to know, thanks for the confirmation. One of these days I'll get there....
  9. Interesting trip report, really appreciate the detail, and having been to Stonington twice in the past 2 years, it was fun to see it again through your eyes. I've had my eye on Marshall as a destination for some time now, and have considered the crossing from Saddleback (too far for my enjoyment) and further south with a stop at Fog (a little better) but had ultimately decided that a trip to Stonington should remain a trip to Stonington, and Marshall would be better approached island-hopping from the north. Your trip report leans me further in that direction, and increases my wish to camp on Marshall! Yelp review of your trip report: 5 stars for detail, decision-making, and kayaking skill, but 1 star for the algae-covered rocks (one of those prior trips for me included a friend breaking her wrist on those rocks, and a tow back to the launch ramp).
  10. 1) crocs or equivalent (something with sticky treads for walking on rocks) with waterproof socks (not really waterproof but warm even if wet inside). Add foot powder to socks before the trip to manage odor later. 2) I set a line or spread on a sunny rock during daylight, then bring into tent vestibule to keep dew off. Can wipe inside with absorbent towel (sham-wow type, handy to have along for many uses) to help dry it out. 3) Everyone who has ever camped with me or read my trip reports will wince because I am evangelical about alcohol stoves such as trangia, REI solo, or homemade cat stoves (with circle of hardware cloth to support the pot). Here I am doing it again, even though I'm pretty sure I've never converted anyone. You can boil or simmer, depending on how you set the cover, and it really works. Reusable containers for the denatured alcohol fuel are ecologically sound, you can see how much fuel you have left, and fuel is readily available at any hardware store anywhere. Absolutely silent burning so you won't wake late-sleeping neighbors to get that first cup of warm beverage. Has no breakable parts that could fail at inopportune times. Teeny tiny when packed up. Extremely cheap - you can even make your own. I made my first one (which is still functional although a little beat up) for the price of 2 cat food cans. Okay, done evangelizing. Ignore my recommendation at your own peril!
  11. Whoa, those retractable thingies are a great idea! Surely I must have one or two around from my prior life as a worker bee....
  12. Number 2 is an easy one. Pretty sure of #4 although I haven't been there in a while. Number 5 is even easier because I'm in it! The rest - no clue.
  13. I loved reading your trip report. I loved all the rocks - Newfoundland really is a geology lesson, inscrutable to me but beautiful. The Trashy Beach describes many of the beaches I found - that's just the way it is. Everything you reported felt familiar to me, the friendliness of the people, the abandoned towns, the difficulty understanding the local dialect, the crappy cell coverage (at least you got better weather reports than I ever did), the continual quest for somewhere to camp, the long distances to drive from one place to anywhere else. I admire how you rolled with the multiple punches, finding ways to work everything out and continue to enjoy the trip. Seasoned traveler. And I'm glad you didn't get sick. Thanks for every single photo and all the detail in the report. Really makes me want to go back a fourth time. Fabulous trip report. Thank you.
  14. Wow, Peter, I've thought many times about a trip to Isle Royale. Maybe I need to get my carpe diem on too. Great to read your trip report and get some intel - it's been hard to find any kayak trip reports for the island. I was thinking early September but now will also consider late August. Very sorry to hear about your health issues and I hope the strength comes back in time. Thanks for giving me some more material for winter-time dreaming and planning.
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