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  1. kate

    Saturday Aug 31?

    I would like to join you too. Kate
  2. kate

    Bold Coast / Fundy / Cobscook 8.2 - 8.5.19

    Okay, those are huge flows. My prior experience on the Cheat, Gauley, New, and Tygart Rivers come nowhere close to that. Potomac River extreme flooding has hit 175K but when I've been on it it's more like 6-10K. Never been on the Kennebec or the GC. If I ever am, I will keep paddling!
  3. kate

    Bold Coast / Fundy / Cobscook 8.2 - 8.5.19

    I know of people who died on class 2 rivers (foot entrapment), and one who died on flat water (inadvertently tucked in the sprayskirt handle while practicing rolls alone and couldn't get out of the capsized boat - you can bet I double check every single time I snap on the skirt). But yeah, why tempt the gods? And yet, we all do - women and men. The Excitement:Fear ratio is an indistinct and wavering line.
  4. kate

    Bold Coast / Fundy / Cobscook 8.2 - 8.5.19

    "...NEVER exit your kayak in a whirlpool. Things will get much much worse...." This video in no way allays my concerns about those whirlpools! I'm curious, though, about the specific currents/riverbed topography that create this Ottawa whirlpool, as they are so unusual in rivers. I've been on some big rivers but can't recall seeing one. Ottawa River is a beast.
  5. kate

    Good simple PFD for women?

    I picked up a used Stohlquist pfd for $20 at an REI garage sale, older version of the women's Cruiser. Pocket on each side, clean and simple. Fits great, holds a granola bar and camera, more if you want to carry more. I've used it for about 5 years now, completely satisfied. I suggest sending her out to try on a bunch, pick the one that fits best.
  6. Best trip report yet. What a magnificent place (is that one of the words used by the group at the end of the trip?). Stunningly beautiful. Thank you so much for taking all those photos and taking the time to write up the detailed report. Blessed indeed. Kate
  7. kate

    Walden this evening

    Okay, great, I'll see you there at 5.
  8. kate

    Women's NRS Clothing

    I will take everything except the dry top. Email me at clearskykate at gmail dot com to arrange sale. Kate
  9. kate

    Walden 7/16

    I will only drive all that way if someone else is sure they are going. I can practice rolls alone a lot closer to home. Anyone going to commit?
  10. kate

    Walden 7/16

    I expect to be there. I generally arrive a bit early, trying to beat traffic.
  11. kate

    Cartopping kayaks

    CG, Perhaps I've used terminology incorrectly, but I did not make a mistake about how air moves over the kayak when upside down and backwards. Putting it forward-facing would force air to lift up the bow which would be upward pointing because of the slant of the cockpit. Backwards-facing leaves the stern sloping downward toward the front of the car, which lets air travel easily over it as the car moves forward. Try it with an Avocet sometime and you will see that I am correct. All bets off for how to carry a yak on the rak. K
  12. kate

    Walden Pond Tuesdays in May and June

    I'm out of town next week but will be back for the 16th. Get those coaching skills brushed up for my return....
  13. kate

    Walden Pond Tuesdays in May and June

    I was the only person there at 5 last night - eventually I bumped into Romaine who came late and went swimming when she didn't see anyone around. There was no trip on the calendar to respond to. I had a nice hour or so of roll practice on my own, but it would be great to know if anyone else was going to show up so I would know whether to wait. Could we set up the July calendar? Or do like the Wednesday lunch group and have a thread for each week? I'd love some company.... also some coaching on the norsaq roll... Kate
  14. kate

    Cartopping kayaks

    When I had a plastic Avocet, I always car-topped it upside down and backwards. Strongest point was the coaming so it made sense to let that sit on the crossbars, and as Rob said, the aerodynamics were more favorable if it was backwards (opposite of how it would be if right side up). I got scolded now and again about superstition - bad luck - but I had a lot of really good luck with that boat. Did the same thing with my whitewater boats. Rain didn't get into the cockpit that way either. Kate
  15. kate

    Walden today?

    Peter, I'm at Walden and it's exceedingly windy. I think it is not worth it tonight. I'm going to try to get the boat back on the car and head home. Kate