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  1. Is the snap dragon skirt still available? Would it fit a Romany 16 cockpit? Karen
  2. To trim my gaskets, I definitely agree with the 'do a little at first' approach. I gently stretch the gasket around a plastic yogurt container or whatever works for your size: i wouldn't use a metal pan because it will dull the blade. I use a fresh one sided razor blade, a very good light, take a couple of deep breaths and smoothly rotate the container to maintain control. Good luck!
  3. Please add me to the wait list. Thanks, Karen
  4. Interested. Will this be local to the Greater Boston area?
  5. Assuming I don't get into the currents class which I understand is unlikely, I would love to join you.
  6. I would love to go but have to work that day. Would like to plan it sometime the first 2 weeks in august. Lets see if we can get a second crew.
  7. I’m sorry but i will not be able to make tmrws skill practice. I realized i had tickets to the Gloucester generous garden tour. Have a great day.
  8. To prevent bouncing around or when rolling, I stuff the binoculars in the top of my PFD. It's not an ideal solution for a long paddle because it can put a little pressure on one's sternum. But it works in a pinch. I also have a bino floatation strap and a plastic carabiner attached to the strap which clips onto a loop of my PFD.
  9. I spoke with Doug Cooke who lives in Ipswich and he agreed with Sal saying they are out early this year. However, neoprene, dry suits and/or light clothing can be helpful.
  10. I'll be visiting my niece in Brooklin, Maine around Aug 15-23 and would like to do some day trips, possibly an overnight on one of the islands. As an aside, I'll be bringing an extra boat ( my Romany 16) to take my grand nephew out for some beginner paddles. If anyone is planning to be up there during that time, could you please get in touch with me to plan some non-novice adventures? I may be able to offer camping on my niece's land (20 acres of blueberry barren close to Eggemoggin Reach Stonington) to ease the logistics of trip set up. Also, if you have any ideas about clubs in the area that might have trips I could join, I'd welcome the info. The Benjamin River, an inlet of the Reach is a very good place to practice current work, especially on the incoming tide. I've jumped off the bridge in Sedgwick with some daring and gleeful children/niece on numerous occasions.
  11. Trip Report - Lanes Cove to Straitsmouth and beyond Bob Levine and I headed out on a wicked hot day out of Lanes Cove this past Tues with the goal of a 14 mile day and maybe some rock play. Temps in Boston were 99 and on my way home temps in my car registered over 100. It was difficult to figure out what to wear since Boston water temps were reported to be around 61. I opted for the short sleeved shirt and shorts but brought the shortie dry top and other clothing just in case. It was so not needed. The day started out with rolls in Lanes cove and many over the course of the day so we didn't melt - even on the water. Conditions were 5-10 from the S-SW with practically flat water. We headed out of Lanes out to the breaker where we decided there was no fun place to land. We then found a new much more interesting and lively rocky inlet to land on on the south east side of Straitsmouth. We took bets on how long we would have for lunch given the incoming tide (I won). This was a lovely, if not prickly place pretty much at the ends of the East Coast facing the open ocean and some sloshing wave action given the fetch. Needing more miles we decided to head around Thatcher, did some rock gardening and did the straight shot slog home. I was increasing the envelope of my miles but I think it was the heat that really added to the fatigue. I now figured out how to conserve the energy of my new apple watch using Gaia GPS by putting on airplane mode, shutting off the wifi and cellular. The GPS measured 8.3 at the inside SW end of Thatchers right before it died. We watched a cormorant eat a good sized fish and marveled at how adept it was at grasping only with it's beak and trying change grip while working it's way towards the gullet without losing the squirming thing. It was a lovely day on the water with surprisingly warm June water temps for rolling and thanks to Bob for coming out for the day! Chart trip provided by Bob since my watch lost it's juice mid way.
  12. Conditions are improved. Winds from the SW 5-10, 2’ waves. So the trip is a go. Please post your interest so i know to wait for you.
  13. As of now, weather is degrading. I am watching the weather and will make a decision before dinner on Monday.
  14. Weather conditions are looking favorable for a paddle out of Lanes Cove this Tues June 29. Boston high is at 4 pm. I can't make the Wednesday paddle since I have to work. I am trying to increase my mileage and am aiming for 14 miles. So we'll be heading towards Straitsmouth, near Thatcher, possibly playing around rocks as the group desires. This is a level 3 paddle for distance. Please be prepared with spray skirts and proper boats and gear. Meet at the concrete boat ramp at 1030, butts in boats at 11am. Please post your interest here. Karen
  15. Thanks for posting but i’m going to try to stay local on the busy holiday weekend.
  16. It was a long time ago but I believe it was in the channel that runs around the southern perimeter near Two Penny Loaf of Coffins. Are there any current tables for that area?
  17. Terrific! Thank you for your efforts, Peter!
  18. I love the paddle around the Essex Basin - a nice trip when wave heights are high. Plus it's beautiful. On one trip with a newbie a few years ago after I had studied the tide/current/moon info, we came across a huge rip on the ebb tide quite a ways upstream from the inlet of Cranes Neck and Wingaersheek. It sidelined us for a snooze which wasn't all bad. Can anyone give me some guidance about the timing of this huge ebb? It would be helpful for future predictions. I left a message for the Harbormaster but never got a call back.
  19. I love Windy.com. Along with wind, gusts, wave ht and direction (and a huge number of other useful info), it has a radar feature with lightening strikes which slightly vibrate the phone which is added fun.
  20. Does anyone know if the bathrooms are open at Devereux currently?? Thanks! karen
  21. I’m interested. Please keep me posted.
  22. I am definitely interested. Keep us posted.
  23. Thanks Peter for reaching out to Nate. I wrote a few weeks ago but never heard back. Perhaps an inquiry from a know source will be more successful. Let us know what you find out.
  24. Unfortunately, there are no comps because the property is so unique and unfinished. I tried to nail down the owner about a price but he says, "make me an offer, it is water front so should go above the town's assessment". If it were me, I would start with 50K above assessment and work my way up to 100K. If that were the case, one could have a home in the low $400,000 but with the challenges of building. I think he said the building permit is still active. Some naturing loving person with a connection to the trades and construction would be a perfect candidate.
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