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  1. Would love to join you but having TXG with my family in an open air tent in Maine. I’m grateful to enjoy the outdoors with you all, do something i love in safe ways during this crazy year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and have a great day! Karen
  2. I would love to join you but have to work. ☹️
  3. Congratulations! And thank you for all the tips and trips you have shared. Awesome job! karen
  4. I recently bought the Malone suction roller after admiring it in action by a few members. I hoped that it would replace my tried and almost true "slide the kayak along my hood with a rug" technique that works pretty well. Could folks chime in with advice about: window placement: higher or lower? ideal angle of the boat to the roller when placing it to car top? ideal angle or placement of stern on ground when taking down? I've had a few mishaps with it but I know it has potential! I'm trying to avoid lift weight above my head. Thanks, Karen
  5. I would love to join you but i have to work. Have a great day!
  6. I’m sorry, i won’t be able to make this clinic tmrw. Been out two times this week and I’m going to let my shoulders rest from my new forward stroke technique. Have a great day! Karen
  7. I might be if it doesn't start too early. Let’s check in tmrw. karen.
  8. Hi Joe - so we are meeting at 830 for a 900 am start? Thank you, Karen
  9. Thanks to the organizers and Sue in particular for this skills day. I really appreciated her positive, observant and productive approach. I’ve been struggling with my forward stroke for years now with professional medical/expert help. And the day was transformative for me. Hooray!!!
  10. I would like to buy these. When were they purchased? I have a pair of these and i love them thank you, karen- please send me an personal email
  11. I found an update to this story in the Provincetown Independent paper. According to the story, the victim, Carole Madru was attending to a wound care patient in Provincetown and put in near the patient's home on Commercial St Provincetown. The body was found across Cape Cod Bay on a beach on 6a in North Truro. This makes sense given the wind direction. The boat was an older fiberglass boat, unknown if it was a single or a double. The victim was not wearing a PFD but the a PFD was found on the beach near the body and another was found in the boat. The body of a second victim, a friend visiting from France, was not found and a search was suspended after many hours of effort by the Coast Guard. The Chatham mystery piece was that the victim was suppose to return in her car to the Chatham area by 6 pm. But it does not appear that that was her put-in point. Her ultimate location was tracked by her cell phone which was left in her car in Ptown. The story does not say what the victim was wearing but my guess is, if she wasn't wearing a PFD then it is quite likely she wasn't wearing clothing for immersion. I think it would be very helpful if the media were to stress the dangers of cold water at this time of year and the importance of watching weather and sea state so this information could be better disseminated to the general public. I know our club has made efforts in the past to educate the public, but what do you think about writing a letter to the Cape Cod Times and Provincetown papers about safety?
  12. It was one of the first warm, beautiful, but breezy days of the spring. Wind 15-20 kts with 3-5 ft seas from the SW, conditions suited to well-prepared and skilled paddlers. This paddler’s body was found In Ptown, 50 miles away in less than 24 hrs after their put in from Chatham. Very sad, but it will be interesting to find out the details https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/05/23/metro/body-kayaker-found-authorities-searching-companion/?outputType=amp
  13. Thanks for setting this up. I have a yoga class at 530 but would love to join u for the first half. Karen G
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