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  1. This is TOTALLY illegal! But once a renegade, always a renegade.
  2. Sorry, I cannot join you for the fun. I am off to Fishers Island but not playing in the Race.
  3. Sorry, I won’t be making it tmrw. Have a wonderful time!
  4. Me too. And hope for a slightly later start if possible.
  5. I am very interested. Please keep me posted. karen
  6. Is the snap dragon skirt still available? Would it fit a Romany 16 cockpit? Karen
  7. To trim my gaskets, I definitely agree with the 'do a little at first' approach. I gently stretch the gasket around a plastic yogurt container or whatever works for your size: i wouldn't use a metal pan because it will dull the blade. I use a fresh one sided razor blade, a very good light, take a couple of deep breaths and smoothly rotate the container to maintain control. Good luck!
  8. Please add me to the wait list. Thanks, Karen
  9. Interested. Will this be local to the Greater Boston area?
  10. Assuming I don't get into the currents class which I understand is unlikely, I would love to join you.
  11. I would love to go but have to work that day. Would like to plan it sometime the first 2 weeks in august. Lets see if we can get a second crew.
  12. I’m sorry but i will not be able to make tmrws skill practice. I realized i had tickets to the Gloucester generous garden tour. Have a great day.
  13. To prevent bouncing around or when rolling, I stuff the binoculars in the top of my PFD. It's not an ideal solution for a long paddle because it can put a little pressure on one's sternum. But it works in a pinch. I also have a bino floatation strap and a plastic carabiner attached to the strap which clips onto a loop of my PFD.
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