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  1. Strutter Sweet Protection Kayak Helmet Medium/Large, Dirt Black Purchased June 2019. Worn less than 10 times for very short periods. Like new. A few tiny scratches from storage in boat. Have storage sack, user manual, original sizing adjustment material, and invoice. Description: EXTREME PROTECTION - Long fiber thermoplastic infused with fiberglass improve impact performance without added volume; Carbon fiber reinforcements enhances the strength to weight ratio for optimal rigidity and impact performance; EN 1385 CLASS I-IV certified MADE FOR PADDLERS - EVA liner provides great low-volume shock absorption; High memory foam with low temperature and crackresistance provide great protection for low speed impacts PERFECT FIT - A low volume 2-way adjustable Occigrip mechanism allows on-the-fly adjustments to achieve a personalized fit PLUSH COMFORT - Includes soft and comfortable foam Comfort Pads wrapped in an hypoallergenic, moisture wicking fabric This particular helmet lists at close to $200. Other colors/sizes are available for less at times. When doing your research make sure you select medium/large if you are interested in this helmet. Offered at $110.
  2. Joe, What an incredible resource in so many ways! While there will be additions and suggestions this feels like a mature “project”, not a first demo. - I learned so many new interesting and valuable details about an area I have paddled a lot. - What a great resource to help plan a paddle. - One of the most valuable strengths could be to help those that might join a proposed paddle get a better sense of what they are committing to. How many times have I wondered just what am I signing up for when I was new or moving to a new level, or now as age and injury limits me? Having a visual sense of an area adds so much more comfort. — This visual aspect will also help me try new puts-in. I am sure others will complete this list. Great resource. Thanks.
  3. Joe and Bob, Looking forward to another yet of great lunch paddles. Thanks for posting. Al
  4. Hi Mike, That is great. I would definitely like to try it on. I live close by in Winchester. Can you send an email to [email protected] with phone or text contact (or I can respond with mine) and we can work out when to get together. Thanks, Al
  5. Chat, What timing. Downloaded it last night and dove in. Certainly not that far into it to make a complete comment but I am very much enjoying the start. Well and tightly written allowing my mind to wonder in the scenes and history. I usually am not that hot on reading the extended life histories of the characters in a book of this type. However Jordan's choice of the development of Wolfe is just as interesting as climbing K2 will be. Again, I am not very far in so sprinkle some magnesium chloride on what I said. Thanks so much for the reference.
  6. As usual, NSPN comes through. Thanks everyone for the great comments. So the Astral Blue Jacket and Kokatat MsFit are on my list to try out. I remember trying on a MsFit in Newbury K&C but I don't think they had the large size at the time. I just noticed the Kokatat Outfit: https://www.outdoorplay.com/kokatat-outfit-tour-pfd-kayak-lifejacket-on-sale?color=34 which looks like perhaps a male version of the MsFit? Of course the length might be too long for my squatty-body. Anyone know about it? Al
  7. Happy Holidays, I have been trying to buy a new PFD for a couple of years without much success. Given the incredible discounts right now I hope to snag one. I am 5'7 with a very short upper body, large chest and 34" waist, 170 lbs. I appreciate at least a pocket or two and place for the radio, knife, whistle, ect. I hang a water bladder off the back - have an old Kokatat. I am most likely not looking for rescue rope storage but it might be a plus. Again, with my short upper body it may be a problem. At 70 I am still trying to play in rock gardens but certainly not pushing the envelope - max assuming I am heathy might be NSPN level 3. Want quality but don't need to pay for gold leaf. Thanks for any help, Al
  8. I am out. May try to river paddle to see what the body can handle. Have a great time.
  9. I am iffy due to minor medical recovery. Hope to be there.
  10. After all this unfortunately I will not make it tomorrow. Have a great time.
  11. Jeff, I apologize. Just noticed the small print in your original post mentioning the possibility of T-storms. Sure hope it works out.
  12. Hi Jeff, Sounds great except Weather Underground is predicting scattered thunderstorms starting at 1 PM Wednesday. Boston is isolated thunderstorms starting at 2 PM. Radio just said the thunderstorms would start much later in the day Wednesday!! So guess we need to stay tuned! By the way, the tall ships (not sure how many) are in Portsmouth this weekend. There are paddles with other groups later in the week but I think we are just before the rush. Al
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