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  1. I also had trouble signing up: On my computer I clicked on HERE just above the picture in Gyork's post above and could sign up. On my phone I was unable to find a way, including trying the above step. Al
  2. My friend immediately returned my message. He said, "The greenheads are not bad this year." I have had some luck in past years during early greenhead season arriving prepared to launch quickly (usually the first bite increases the motivation). Once I was on the water the greenheads seemed uninterested in me but do not know if you can generalize from my experiences.
  3. Hi Bob, I have not paddled there recently (injured) but they generally are around from early/mid July through early/mid August. I believe their appearance is related to the full moon in July and ends with the one in August. I tend to avoid Essex Bay during that period. Not sure about the relationship between Cranes and the rest of Essex Bay. I read the winds reduce the greenheads on any given day but not sure. I have friends that have a place at Conomo (where Clammer's Beach is located). I will try to find out the Greenhead situation from them and post here.
  4. FYI: Prime greenhead area and this is prime greenhead time.
  5. As parking has become problematic at the last lot before Deer Island, many of us have found the Winthrop Town Landing a great place to launch for the Harbor Islands, outer Boston Harbor, etc. The extra paddling is balanced by sufficient parking most times, bathrooms, and an easy put-in. https://www.town.winthrop.ma.us/harbormaster-department/pages/town-landing-complex-0 https://www.google.com/maps/place/707+Shirley+St,+Winthrop,+MA+02152/@42.3668443,-70.9747084,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e36fb74d329dcf:0x7a2e29d42064f97b!8m2!3d42.3668443!4d-70.9725197 There has been an inconsistent policy about the $5 fee for launching over the last few years. At first I was told the fee was for launching at the great new boat ramp, not for shore launches. Then some of the employees said it was collected for anyone launching either at the ramp or the shore launch immediately to its left. I spoke to the Harbor Master and his assistant over time and the answers varied. NOW Launching on the ramp now costs $10. However, there is a clear statement under Parking under the first link above: "Fees apply to use of the boat ramp and not parking." I stopped in recently and the Assistant Harbor confirmed the policy. Notes As you enter from the street go straight, staying to the left. There are some parking spots just before the ramp marked for car top boaters! However, you can park anywhere as long as the spots are not marked for other use (such as trailers, etc.). Overall, I have found the staff there very nice, and the entire place is well run. It was just the inconsistent fee situation that was bothersome.
  6. Good suggestions. Thanks. Now that I think of it, I should have offered you either the front or rear 80% of my Cetus
  7. FYI. Here is what I learned from trying to sell my original Cetus recently: The quickest and largest response came from Craigslist. Had 5 interested buyers respond immediately, and sold it within a day. Had one person immediately interested on NSPN classified but it was not the right boat for her. Posted on 6 different kayak Meetup groups and received no response and just a few views. It is not obvious where the "For Sale/classified" area is for a Meetup Group and not all have one. Computer: MORE>Message Boards>For Sale... Phone: I just tried to find it on my phone and could not. I could not post on paddle.com since minimum sale price is $1,500 Other suggestions for those selling boats or equipment?
  8. Tried that already. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the details but I tried that. It retained the display order I first used, which was the reverse order I entered them in. Not the end of the world.
  10. Unable to edit the order of the pictures in my Classified Post of Original Cetus for sale. Anyone know how to edit and reorder? Thanks, Al
  11. Ricardo, Thanks for the great reference. Headed up that way in June and will stop by. I tried clicking on the link above and it did not work. I think it has an extra "." at the end that does not show. I copied and pasted the following link and it worked. https://www.bowdoin.edu/arctic-museum/exhibits/2020/kayak-exhibition.html Al
  12. Great presentation Joe. Gave us the necessary overview and enough details to feel confident about getting going. Thanks so much.
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