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  1. Thanks Pru, So am I correct that I am neither on the Saturday list or the waiting list? Al
  2. Thanks, Nancy. That is very useful info. I have been worried about how crowded the parking lot would be on weekends given the limited number of available put ins. I agree about supporting the facility. The employees have always been very helpful and the facilities have been spotless. I will post conditions here next time I paddle there. Al
  3. Hi Nancy, Thanks for the update, but I am wondering: Was the harbormaster "appreciating" the fee when referring to the formal ramp rather than the shore launch? There has been a $5 fee for using the ramp. However, there has never been a fee to launch from the shore (which is as easy if not easier than the ramp for me). He did not mention the fee when I spoke to him last week about the shore launch. Either way, it is a great facility and I am sure the town could use any income at this point. Al
  4. Sorry I was not clear. As far as I know, nothing has changed with parking/launching. There is just one large parking lot. Usually, I can park right next to the put in/launch rather than other spots in the lot.
  5. I checked with the Harbor Master who confirmed that the Winthrop Boat Launch is open (I have not yet launched there this year). It is about a mile paddle from the end of Deer Island. No charge to launch to the left of the formal, beautiful, new boat ramp. This is a primo launch. Usually you park right next to it. Carry down a very short, slight incline to the narrow beach. I have never had problems rolling my cart to the water. Never had any significant mud or soft sand. Make sure you follow the markings for parking. They are very serious about keeping the parking organized by intended use (cars with trailers, harbor master, etc). Note: In the past I have never had a problem parking but I have driven by on some weekends and the lot was. I have no idea how crowded it is now that so many people are not working. The great bathrooms/showers (at the right end of the Ferry Dock/Harbor Master building across the parking lot) are NOT open at this point.
  6. Lion’s mane jellyfish (the big ones) were spotted at Nahant Beach, Wintrop, Lynn, Revere and other locations over the weekend. The following Globe article lists some other areas were they typically show up and how to deal with their sting. https://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?artguid=caf4691e-4eb3-42b2-a754-27481875b1d0&appid=1165
  7. Can anyone confirm if the Riverhead Beach, Marblehead boat launch and parking are available? I believe that is a state launch and I think state launch sites are open??
  8. There have been various articles and pieces on TV about being able to buy lobsters as they dock at very good prices as a result of lowered demand. My sister-in-law is wondering specifically where and when she could pick up some of these lobsters in Massachusetts.
  9. I just received a message from the NSPN Message Board saying Andrea's Zoom Presentation is at 2 PM today rather than 4 PM (see above). Maybe there is a time zone question? Either way, is anyone sure which is correct?
  10. I agree: First is a correct sleeping bag and using it well - not wearing too much clothing, and using the hood, and any draw strings to keep warmth contained. Second: An effective insulating sleeping pad. If you wake up cold a bit of food can make a difference. A combo of carbs for a quick warming and some protein for the rest of the night. Even doing everything right my wife gets cold so we resorted to an old winter camping trick. Turn a water bottle into a Hot Water Bottle by heating water on the stove before bed and placing the bottle in a thicker hiking sock. She keeps it at the foot of the bag and has not been cold since. Crucial: Check out the bottle that you are going to use before going. Fill it with hot water, make sure that it does not leak, and that it does not become soft and split. Al
  11. I thought Dan made the crucial point: "That said, all of humanity is in this together, and if social distancing is our best chance to buy some time and flatten the curve, it's counter-productive for everyone to be carving out reasons for why their group activity shouldn't count as a group activity." While any one group may effectively pull off social distancing, so many people still do not get it and/or do not do it well that seeing "groups activities" will only encourage them. In the last few days some members of my pickleball group have started playing outdoors saying they will stay 6 feel apart, my wife's track group had practice (very small group and they probably did it well), and I have watched hundreds of people crammed into parking lots and walking in tight groups at local woodsy locations. A neighbor commented that, "The parking lot at Horn Pond is more dangerous than Whole Foods." Of course, I should mention that it is heartening that so many people are doing "social distancing" well. I am going to paddle alone in a way that most likely will not require other people to rescue me, bike alone, walk where there is the least chance of groups and the most chance of getting adequate space. But of course, each to their own. Hell, I probably take showers that are too long.
  12. Have been tramping through the woods a great deal recently as a relatively safe way to exercise. Since I have all 5 major risk factors (although I am lucky that they do not impact me much), I am very aware of others when I do have to pass them. The one item that is never mentioned is the impact of wind on the minimum social distancing. Even if 6 feet is the right distance with no wind, I cannot imagine it is safe when you are downwind. For example, is a large circle the best formation for a beach briefing even in a light wind?
  13. For what it is worth, here is the link to an article Practice Social Distancing: Go Paddling on paddling.com https://paddling.com/learn/practice-social-distancing-go-paddling/?utm_source=paddling.com+subscriber+list&utm_campaign=a6a9947955-NEWSLETTER_03-18-20&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f2ead8a079-a6a9947955-213796289&mc_cid=a6a9947955&mc_eid=daa314b44c
  14. Joe, What an incredible resource in so many ways! While there will be additions and suggestions this feels like a mature “project”, not a first demo. - I learned so many new interesting and valuable details about an area I have paddled a lot. - What a great resource to help plan a paddle. - One of the most valuable strengths could be to help those that might join a proposed paddle get a better sense of what they are committing to. How many times have I wondered just what am I signing up for when I was new or moving to a new level, or now as age and injury limits me? Having a visual sense of an area adds so much more comfort. — This visual aspect will also help me try new puts-in. I am sure others will complete this list. Great resource. Thanks.
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