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  1. alcoons

    7/17/19 Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Odiorne

    Hi Jim, Strained some arms muscles. Will have to skip this week. Have a great trip. Al
  2. alcoons

    Anyone want to paddle Saturday 7/13?

    Sorry to say I will not make it. Too much use on my torn bicep the last few days. Enjoy.
  3. alcoons

    Anyone want to paddle Saturday 7/13?

    Thanks Dave. Depending on conditions, I am good for somewhat further but just wanted a sense of what is happening. I expect to be at Lane's. As Prudence wrote, "We’ll do float plan info at launch."
  4. alcoons

    Anyone want to paddle Saturday 7/13?

    Yesterday's paddle was particularly beautiful. I am very interested. Would be helpful to know max distance. Is it Lane's Cover to Rockport and return or significantly more?
  5. Hi Prudence, Well it does take "some" strength and care but it works for me. Not perfect. A bit harder on the Forester (SUV) than my Legacy (average sedan) but to my surprise it worked. Hope to see you Wednesday. Al PS. I better publish my route to Lane's Cove so others can avoid it.
  6. Update on the Yitamotor cross bars for my wife's 2016 Forester. All is good! - Arrived quickly, nicely packaged. - Instructions looked good until you tried to follow them (like not really mentioning that you had to tighten the 4 bolts under each crossbar after adjusting the length to our particular car). Cannot find a complete video, but that should not stop anyone. They are easy enough to put on. - Was worried that it would be hard to put my boat on top of 2016 Forester. That year is pretty high. The Seattle Sports Sherpak Boat Roller again work as advertised even on the vertical back window. - Was also worried my Thule cradels would not fit on the cross bars (they are much thinner) but they (just) fit. So unless I loose my boat on 128 headed for Lane's on Wednesday, this worked out well enough for the price.
  7. alcoons

    7/10/2019 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Lanesville

    I'll be there.
  8. Paul: The short of it is a local trash pick-up pickup truck stopped in front of my driveway. I stopped behind him. He then put the truck into reverse and tried to back into my neighbor's driveway, crushing part of my front end. Luckily his insurance covers all including my deductible. You don't say what model your's is. My is a Legacy. 2015 was the first year of the new model designed to compete with the Accord and Camry which it does very well even though it retains much of the Subaru feel and has 4 wheel drive. Paul, email me privately if you want more information on a 2015 Legacy. Al PS. All members of my family (Boston & Denver) drive Subarus.
  9. Thanks Marshall. Found I can get two Yitamotor cross bars designed for the Forester for $64 used and $90 new. They handle 150 lbs each and have very good amazon ratings. Think I will go with them assuming my Thule boat cradles fit. Al
  10. Thanks Jonathan. My experience with c-clamps is that easily can be dislodged with impact (such as the normal bouncing of a car over road irregularities). Am I wrong? Not sure what the "nylon nuts" are for? I assume you are suggesting clamping my existing bars with a steel bar on top and another one below the side rails? Sorry, Al
  11. Taking my kayak car (2015 Subaru Legacy) to the shop for three weeks on Monday. Will get a rental car so need to use my wife's 2016 Subaru Forester to transport my kayak. It came with slide rails on the roof, but nothing else. So I need to move my Thule Rack (old Aero Cross bars, etc) to the Forester. Rack Attack can sell me four foot packs to do the job but about $240 with tax. Other solutions (set up a GoFundMe site, duct taping the aero bars to the side rails,...?). Thanks, Al
  12. alcoons

    7/3/2019 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Boston Harbor

    Looking forward to it.
  13. Jim, While the WeatherUnderground report for the NH coast looks pretty nice by the time we are to start, their weather map says it is 40 BELOW ZERO in Lawrence, MA right now! All other towns as expected. Guess I may have to crank up the heater for a bit on the way up from Boston! Enjoy the hay. Al
  14. Hi, Could you supply some more information about this opportunity. If there was a description posted earlier I am not finding it. Thanks, Al
  15. Looking forward to it. Someplace new!