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  1. My original Cetus (equal to HV) is longer than 16' 9" but it is still for sale. Price negotiable. On NSPN at:
  2. Tried that already. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the details but I tried that. It retained the display order I first used, which was the reverse order I entered them in. Not the end of the world.
  4. Good point Deb. I guess it really is a keyhole but I always think of it as Ocean cockpit since it is so large it does not feel like a Keyhole unlike the used Cetus MV that replaced this boat. Thanks, Al
  5. Unable to edit the order of the pictures in my Classified Post of Original Cetus for sale. Anyone know how to edit and reorder? Thanks, Al
  6. Very dependable, red over white, 2007 P&H Cetus. Fiberglass. Equivalent to an HV but I don't believe P&H used the term "HV" then. Perfect for a medium or larger paddler who enjoys the ease of access of an ocean cockpit and plenty of leg room. Classic Cetus speed & stability along with quick turning for its size. One owner. Washed with fresh water and stored in a garage after every paddle. The deck lines and bungees were replaced a couple of years ago. They are in great shape and look good. Has a professional keel strip with additional Keel Eazy strip on the bow. Probably could use a short one at the stern (included with purchase). All hatches are waterproof except the smallest one in front of the cockpit. This seems endemic for this design. Plenty of scratches and dings. Some boats from this first production run had problems with the skeg box. As directed by P&H, two small zip ties were added and the skeg has never failed. Original receipt ($3,000) is available as is the P&H "Care of your kayak" with registration number. Old spray skirt included. Garaged in Winchester, MA. Lakes and river close by for test paddle. Al Coons Here or [email protected] Review: https://paddlingmag.com/boats/p-h-cetus-kayak-boat-review/ Specifications: Length: 17’10” Width: 21.5” Depth: 12.2” Cockpit: 34.25” × 20”, 100 U.S. gal Weight: 64 lbs (fiberglass/Diolin)
  7. Ricardo, Thanks for the great reference. Headed up that way in June and will stop by. I tried clicking on the link above and it did not work. I think it has an extra "." at the end that does not show. I copied and pasted the following link and it worked. https://www.bowdoin.edu/arctic-museum/exhibits/2020/kayak-exhibition.html Al
  8. Great presentation Joe. Gave us the necessary overview and enough details to feel confident about getting going. Thanks so much.
  9. Wow for the successes including dealing with what could have been real problems of the expedition. Wow for sharing the personalities and emotions in your report. I have seen from land a bit of the North coast. However, until now I had no sense of the beauty, variety, and challenges of where you paddled. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I will be joining the paddle also. Should be perfect weather.
  11. Did find it. Thanks. FYI. I use Verizon mail, but it is handled first by AOL (which was bought by Verizon) and then passed onto my client. Last week's confirmation went through fine. This week's was caught by the AOL spam trap (default settings) with the message: "For your security we disabled all images and links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam." Al
  12. Just checking: I submitted my form yesterday and there was an indication I was entered, but the Google confirmation has not arrived (Monday 11 AM). Al PS. Thanks for the great practice session last Saturday. As usual, very valuable.
  13. Rob: Thanks for asking. I was referring to functional limitations. Maybe I should have said "experiential results". What and when do radios work and when not? What experiences have paddlers had beyond using radios among the paddling group? While my understanding is that VHF radios work on line-of-sight how does that play out on the water? Do low islands block line-of-sight transmissions? Why do I receive the Boston Harbor Coast Guard information when paddling along the north shore? As a sometimes solo paddler I am always wondering if my radio will truly be helpful where I am paddling. How to check your radio when you are alone (the free automatic service from Sea Tow was wonderful, but it has been discontinued - https://www.seatow.com/tools-and-education/radio-check), .... Rob Cooke: Basically I am agreeing with Rob Cooke's great post above - something I also proposed in to an earlier questionnaire.
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