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  1. Prudence, I just found out I can paddle this Sat. If you have room, let me know. Liz
  2. Corliss Landing and Long Wharf are both open to non-Gloucester residents. I suggest that if you launch from Corliss, you try to time it before or after high tides, since we can launch kayaks in less water and it gets crowded with boats/trailers at high tide. (Do make sure to return before low tide or you will be slogging through mud. It used to be possible to return at low tide to the left of the boat ramp and carry kayaks up the hill, but when I was there a couple of weeks ago it was totally grown over.) Long Wharf is accessible to kayaks at low tide, and there is usually parking then, since boats cannot use it. Another mid to high tide launch is Brown's Mill on the Mill River, Washington Street and Hopkins. (On the return, if you are coming back near low tide, the main channel is on the left when you get to the mud flat. Don't ask how I know that.) It is dry at low tide. Liz
  3. what time do you expect to be off the water? I need to be home fora 4 PM zoom. Liz
  4. https://www.mass.gov/alerts/department-of-fish-and-game-offices-are-closed-to-the-public#1466471 follow several links on that page. Liz
  5. I did not realize that Jim had posted about this on Monday. If you want to comment or have questions, please do that on his post to avoid 2 threads on the same topic. Liz
  6. On a happier note, you can get a great deal on fresh off the boat scallops and haddock at Fisherman's wharf: https://www.facebook.com/pg/fishermans.wharfgloucester/posts/?ref=page_internal
  7. The Lanes Cove boat ramp is covered by the restriction. The head of the cove is not a "ramp" however. They don't want crowds of people at the ramps, all trying to get their boats in the water at the same time. I suspect they will come up with a system to space that out.
  8. for emergency and commercial vessels. Needless to say, recreational boaters are NOT happy. The city/harbormaster/coast guard are working on protocols to reopen .... Liz
  9. I have a whole roll of webbing, but it is dark green. If anyone wants some, let me know. Liz
  10. see you Sunday. I was on a cocktail zoom today with Generous Gardeners - the group that is making GLoucester so gorgeous. Liz
  11. I finally figured out that I should wait until I'm going to bed to blow up my Big Agnes sleeping pad, so my warm breath warms the pad. When I did that at the same time I was setting up my tent, all that warm breath was wasted and my body heat had to reheat the pad. I have a single tent that is cozy, yet high enough for me to sit up. I think the smaller space helps. Liz
  12. Dan, thanks for setting this up. I'll be looking for advice on perfecting how to "bake" my cornbread over a campfire. Liz P.S. I have 3 zoom meetings today.
  13. No groups. As with Gary's, my local, Sunday morning hiking group has put group hikes on hold. A friend's husband has it ( tested and confirmed) after they initially thought he had a heart attack. The whole family is home quarantined. Another friend was going to get groceries for them but then could not because of exposure via his daughter, via her school. I went shopping instead. There are a lot of complaints about young people's behavior. We need to be good models. Liz
  14. My brother and sister-in-law are interested in getting a double, sit on top to paddle along the shore of L. Winnipesaukee. Know of any for sale? Liz
  15. He won't need them all. I'll PM you about getting together. Liz
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