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  1. I brought my radio manual to Jewell, intending to read it, but the company was so engaging I never opened it! A class with the coast guard would be great. Liz
  2. my neighbor is looking for something to use to pull lobster traps, right off my rocks. If you have something suitable your really aren't using, let me know. Liz
  3. Does Grape still have skunks? There were lots of adorable ones when I camped there many years ago. They were used to people and did not spray. Liz
  4. IN case any of you were planning on launching at Dunfudgin and doing the Blackburn route: from the GDT By rail and by water, the ongoing MBTA bridge replacement project continues to disrupt the lives of Cape Ann riders along the Rockport commuter rail line and mariners on the Annisquam River. The next major disruption for mariners is scheduled to begin April 5, when the full river channel through the $100 million project will be closed to all vessel traffic Mondays through Saturdays, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. The closures, set to continue until April 30, are to accommodate a 100-foot by 30-foot work barge and pile-driving system that will be used to drive support piles for the bridge's fendering system. The MBTA said the barge and associated equipment will be moved from the channel after working hours and vessel access will resume. "They're really trying to get the fender piles in," said city harbormaster T.J. Ciarametaro, who added that there will be a city harbormaster/police boat stationed on detail at the site during the hours of the closed vessel access. The closure will block all northbound and southbound marine traffic beneath the 110-year-old railroad bridge that connects West Gloucester to Gloucester proper. Boats on the north side of the bridge will need to take the long route up the Annisquam, out Ipswich Bay and around Cape Ann to reach any points east and south of Gloucester and Rockport. Vessel operators can reach the harbormaster staff on VHF Channel 16/13. Other questions may be addressed to the MBTA resident engineer, Matt Morehouse, at 617-839-8075 or sector Boston waterways manager Tim Chase at 617-447-1620. Liz
  5. Alan's description of the gyre reminds me so much of my misadventure in Glacier Bay many years ago, except we were caught amongst icebergs also. His ability to keep focused while that hypothermic is impressive. Liz
  6. Manchester is re-doing the docks at Tucks. I think they project finishing by June. Liz
  7. a friend has been going to retreats there for 20 years. I keep trying to have our schedules mesh so I can paddle over and stay the night: https://starisland.org/visit/ Liz
  8. what? can't carry guns into Mar-a-Largo?
  9. it would be so cool if a cut formed there, new or old. Liz
  10. I have a pair of dry gloves that I never used, and won't because I don't paddle in the winter. If anyone wants them, you can have them. No guarantee that they won't leak. Liz
  11. thanks. I'll look into it. Likely would require 2 people for the installation.
  12. At the end of the trip I bought the charts for my Norway paddle, intending to use them for wall paper, but I have never figured out how to do that. Any ideas? Of course now they have been rolled up for many years and would have to be flattened. Liz
  13. After that Squam trip they told us not to bring so many kayakers ever again. Another too-big trip was the NSPN-RICKA-Connyak multi-club trip in CT. August 25, 2001, Saturday Jamestown Circumnavigation Time: 9:00am Location: Ft. Wetherill, Jamestown, RI I can't remember how many paddlers came. But we gave up on the multi-club trip idea after that. Liz
  14. Mine are old, weak, and the straps are all stretched out. There are so many new ones on the market, what do people like best? Liz
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