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  1. Hi, All - I have a new boat (yay!) - but browsing the web, I found that deck-mounted compasses seem hard to come-by. I saw one website 'said' that the popular Brunton model was discontinued. Maybe I need to do some more digging, but any suggestions would be most welcome. Worst case scenario: I cannibalize an old kayak that I probably won't use much, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has been up against this recently and has a solution.
  2. Any word on how he's doing? Ribs, shoulder, and lung injuries sound pretty serious. Hopefully, recovering.
  3. Thanks for posting all the photos and descriptions of each day. I just talked with Dan about the trip too, and he agrees that the day 13 was quite something. It's an amazing trip - I'm glad you had that experience!
  4. Well, that's scary. It reminds me of the Jack London story To Light a Fire, except he made it out to tell the tale.
  5. Thanks, Ken. That makes more sense. I definitely saw ads for the cigarette lighter jammer, too.
  6. Thanks for alerting me to the link. That article is pretty spot on. In my navigation class, I devote a lecture to radio triangulation and GPS, and ultimately the GPS interdependencies and vulnerabilities. It's pretty sobering to realize how much we rely on GPS: power grids, bank transactions, shipping, and the like. One amusing item I came upon was a GPS jamming device that can fit into your car cigarette lighter/power source. Now, it's illegal to jam GPS, but it's legal to buy these items (unless that's changed since I last checked). You can also build your own GPS jamming device, if you're so inclined.
  7. It could be the southernmost of one of the old cuts, but I just don't remember seeing waves breaking there.
  8. Hi, All - I'm currently hunkered down (mostly) in Harwich Port, thanks to Zoom. I *think* I'm seeing ocean waves crashing on what appears to (maybe?) be a new cut on Monomoy. There was an area in the mid-section that was getting thinner and thinner. I'm wondering if the recent nor'easter cut through. Currently, there is not enough wind on Nantucket Sound to produce big swell, and I'm guessing that it's ocean swells breaking in the shoals of the cut. I'll do some detective work and report back. It's a bit too much of a paddle for February - I'm checking sources. If anyone has info, please pass it along.
  9. The eye witness accounts made it sound pretty hair raising.
  10. Oh, this makes more sense. So, the perhaps she was expected in Chatham, presumably getting there by car?
  11. On the Carole Madru story. I was out paddling the same day, on Nantucket Sound - so not precisely the same location, but pretty darn close (about 6 miles away). I don't know what happened to her, but the air temps were warm, and the day was mostly calm, but the wind really picked up late in the afternoon. Water temps were about 55 deg F. The 50 mile drift onto the point where her body was found was odd. The newspaper reports gave a street address, which made it look like the body rounded the north tip of the outer Cape, and then into P-Town Harbor. State Police, apparently, were/are investigating. There was also a fatality off York, ME, last weekend: https://www.pressherald.com/?p=5454914
  12. I do have measures of the winds for each of these, but they're from an anemometer on the roof of my house. Since I'm on a bluff, the effect of height and the funneling of winds up the bluff tend to skew the readings high. I have a hand-held anemometer, and I'm going to re- calibrate to surface readings.
  13. Hi, All - I'm starting a thread, which *may* (or may not) be interesting. This is something familiar - you pull into a parking lot, ready to paddle, and you look out on the water and assess the conditions, including the wind. There's some judgement of "this is easily manageable" or "this is dicey" or "OMG, I'm not going out in that". But, there's also communication about what you *think* the wind speed is to others- in knots, mph, or the Beaufort scale in Forces. I made (and am making) a set of videos from the same location at different wind speeds, and I want to see what people think the wind speed might be, and also their assessment of paddling in it. For reference, these are all taken looking south at Nantucket Sound, always with the wind coming from the south to the south shore of Cape Cod. The waves are fetch limited for the biggest winds, with Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard blocking ocean swells, so what you see is the product of wind over about 20-30 nm of water. So, here's the first: First wind video
  14. Gary asked me about this via e-mail, and I'm just checking in. One thought is that it's a submerged kettle that was once exposed when sea levels were lower. What is the bottom like there? Sediment or rocky? If rocky, that might eliminate a scour, and if it's mucky sediment, that might eliminate a kettle hole.
  15. Josko - I frequently paddle along the coast and up the Herring River (Dennis), and when I get to the marshy section, had a bunch of green flies attack me. They seemed particularly bad this season. So, yup, in Cape Cod. [been wanting to go around Monomoy, haven't had the time to set it up]
  16. The 22 degree is the minimum scattering angle. Ice crystals are hexagons, and the math works out with the index of refraction that the scattering angle of 22 degrees is the smallest, and also there's a broad minimum there for a variety of incident angles, so a lot of the light 'heaps up' close to 22 degrees.
  17. Here's a link to the two talks. Sorry to take so long to get it posted up, I've been busy with lectures. https://drive.google.com/open?id=10CNIniVPJTQlEM7_GBlqz1wF9HuzTb4d
  18. As far as I'm concerned - yes, there will be a break for lunch. So probably 10:30, break at 11:15 or so, back to it at 11:25 - maybe until 12:30 at the latest. Lunch Reconvene 1:00 (?) . Talk 1-1:45, break, reconvene at 1:55, talk until 3 PM. That's just a rough estimate.
  19. Thanks! I've been out there on large sailboats, so that makes sense - farther out allows the traffic to fan out more.
  20. I don't know if there's any perfect way of doing it. FWIW - I capsized with my VHF in August, and it bit the dust. I have a new one, supposedly waterproof.
  21. I'm contemplating a Cohasset to Ipswich urban paddle. One point of concern is the jump across President Roads - like Long Island to Deer. Obviously the question is whether boat traffic is just too heavy to safely cross. The alternative, I suppose, is to go way into Boston Harbor, but I don't know if this would really be any safer. Any thoughts or experience would be helpful. Maybe try to do it during a weekday and off-season when there will be less recreational traffic?
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