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  1. Mike I just cropped and scaled a PDF using Adobe/acrobat. I did not have enough time to go up the learning curve to manipulate and add lat/long, scale, and compass rose or mag variation. Perhaps after Joes's Zoom webinar Pablo
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Casco Bay in two charts/pages suitable for 8.5 X 11 two sided printing 1. Southeast: Portland bug light to Jewel to Crow is. 2. Northwest: Jewel Island to Orrs Island including Harpswell peninsula
  3. Joe sounds great I just did a partial job to get a two sided 8.5 X 11 chart of most of Casco bay for this up coming weekend. I had a hard time cropping from the NOAH PDFs to get the right size and area, so anything new is welcome . I am up for zoom session. How do I find the download section of the site, otherwise I might share via google drive. Regards Pablo
  4. I had switched to Nite Ize polymer Cam Jam tighteners and polymer hooks to minimize potential flyng metal but now I see I need a polymer carabiner. Just got a Prius Prime so I look forward to learn the best way to tie down to Thule bar. They don't make it easy Pablo
  5. detorres

    Odiorne 9/5

    Count me in Pablo
  6. In the future: I have great service from APS and they fit Kokotat (unlike NRS) https://www.apsltd.com/
  7. Hi All I would like to suggest that the club consider supporting in some way our beloved paddle businesses and partners that may soon be suffering. Such as: MITA, Lobster Bouy, Langolan Inn and the neighboring camping spot, Main heritage trails..., Charles Rver, and others I have forgotten. As well as maybe buying from them rather than on-line . I would be glad to donate. Pablo
  8. Thank you all for the thoughtful discussion. I switched to NO as well. Its not mainly the paddle itself but the preparation, travel and in and out that are the most hazardous as well as the issue of modeling. Glad to learn more as the situation progresses I guesss I will get to know the Neponset estuary and Hingham bay, like the back of my hand. I wonder what willl happen to the Blackburn Challenge? Regards Pablo
  9. Great idea I am intetested in spurring the collection of reproducible maps.(PDF's) I missed Joe's workshop but the online presentation materials are excellent. I will be glad to make two extra laminated copies of any map I use (Can do this completely on-line) and share with fellow paddlers, once the crisis is past. Regards Pablo
  10. I look forward to a great day. 10:00 am launch BinB sounds good. Though I will be there a little earlier to have some confidence in parking. With good conditions we could do Little Misery via the Gooseberrys and back along the shore or Baker. Pablo
  11. Count me in This is Saturday to Monday? Kajaksport MIlllenium Red/White CLC Shearwater 17
  12. Tom Welcome. I am in Quincy on the south shore, retired and a frequent mid-week paddler in Boston Harbor. Nice launches in Quincy and near The gas tank for a very flexible array of paddles of different distances, exposure. Regards Pablo
  13. We could also consider Beal Island (AMC $18 /night) or the nubble Bay lodge itself ((about $25/night 10 people) http://www.amckbc.org/registration.htm
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