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  1. I will try to get to this session but unsure. I have an Epic Mid Wing from my ski days that I could loan. ActuallyI want to sell it and get a bigger wing but would like to try another wing first. For my size the Mid just seems small and I find my Lendal Nordkapp faster.
  2. What if you fold it and hem it with contact cement or aqua seal? Clamp between some boards and do a section at a time. I have tightened up a tunnel by overlapping and glueing with contact cement and it was fine.
  3. I have to wood rings for self-repair if anyone wants to do it. I have done a few but have no desire to do others. Just need them back..
  4. Some things never change. Most want to run before they can crawl. I added this to my summer list visit list.
  5. Conditions could be anything as we know. My concern is where do you park your vehicle? York is very strict about kayak launching and landing anywhere near the beaches. They don't even let you land on the beaches for a break in season. Will they make a landing exception for the race? York Harbor parking is okay but add up the miles and it will be a longer day at a slow pace. Cape Neddick harbor makes the most sense but I would arrange parking before hand to insure no issues. I could be interested in offering to help but if I can't land on the beach and break it's a problem.
  6. The Squam campsite reservations opened last Tuesday. By 10 am most everything decent seemed to be gone. Did anyone get any sites? I was trying to stay in the warmer months and did get a six - person site (two nights) for the weekend just after Labor Day.
  7. I have one with a piece of minicell foam attached to the bottom. Foam fits a deck curve and small clip bungies attach to the deck lines. I just have to remember to bring it as it is not permanently fixed in place.
  8. Proper glass and sun protection and it will never fade away like us! I love it.
  9. I would think fully vaccinated with a booster would count for something. Does it mention that anywhere?
  10. Yes logged on both I believe . There was a delay and it did sync after a couple hours. thanks Track (12/4/21, 9:04:53AM) | Gaia GPS The track should show above. The route was pre programmed but we changed our direction and went counterclockwise. Ironically I was the only one using Gaia on this hike so no one could give advice. I will gladly buy the full program after I get better at this. Thanks for the coaching!
  11. Did a 5 mile hike yesterday and the battery was fine. Before the trip I set a route with way points on my pc. Then I plugged in my phone to the pc which seemed to sync it. At the trailhead the route showed and I started the app, track, route or whatever you call it. It did record and is on my phone. Trying to get what's on my phone to move to my PC for further analysis. It does not move when I plug my phone in. Is that a feature of the paid version? thanks, Trying not to give up on this..lol
  12. I tried the free version for a hike yesterday and have questions. Since there are many Gaia users here I'll ask the following. I promise to find some tutorials also. please note: I have a slight aversion to tech. used in nature and I am making progress. I have the free version on my phone and my battery went from 90% to 60% on a one hour hike. The map and pointer was active and I had a cell signal. Afterwards I found "battery saving settings" but some were already set so not sure what difference it might make? Do you carry a battery back up? I might be out on a hike for eight hours, what then? Trail maps show on my free version and I could save hikes and do way points. What is the advantage of the paid upgrade? I might have set layers that I don't need. Seems just a topo that sows trails is enough? I seldom have a cell signal up in the mountains. The GPS will still work I assume? I assume that is because it is a true GPS and not using cell tower positioning? Several questions mixed in here and thanks for the help. Paul
  13. I guess you can only do so many pub games? It does look fun except for a few scenes.
  14. The Boys in the Boat: At first I was taken back by the denser text and wondered how rowing would be that interesting. From depression era logging life and broken families to a world stage in front of a sick despot this book has it all. Highly recommended.
  15. Yes, anything on, near,over,under and the water!
  16. I gave up on stretching long ago and use good scissors. I cut wrist gaskets also. If too tight your hands may not get the circulation needed and I hate cold hands. Mine just failed the Koky test so I have new booties.
  17. Sounds really nice. I was tied up but also did not realize there was snorkeling going on. I have always been into snorkeling and would have loved to have joined. If there are other snorkeling trips please let me know.
  18. Did you try Kayakwavology in CT? Greg ships products all the time. Can't speak to any particular item but you should check in with him. Plug::: Greg and Paula have one of the best rough water training areas in New England. From mild to wild you can do it all under their watchful eyes. The drive is less than downeast Maine.
  19. In the off season with colder water and less boat traffic around it would have been harder. Maybe land and get off the water asap? Once hurt and out of boat should the vic. have tried to stay on shore if possible? I carry an old BCU bag. Basically it's a bivy made out of strong plastic and is bright orange. I believe it is strong enough if handled right to use as a litter to get someone out of the water and across a few rear decks. It would take quite an effort by a few and may aggravate injuries. But it would give handholds and some level of support. Just thinking....
  20. For anyone that wants to be able to paddle their sea kayak 12-18 miles per day and not feel like the walking dead after--- study this video. Specifically leg push, torso rotation, upper hand not dropping when it goes across the stroke movement and most important, watch the elbows. They are semi rigid and bend and flex very little through the movements. This makes rotation much easier and natural. These things combined with a good vertical stroke and right length paddle will take you places... Speed = distance Great video!
  21. The obvious is that if he had been blown out into the Gulf Stream it would have been bye bye..
  22. 3M 5200 sealant and plan on a week before it fully cures. Have you tested to see where the problem is? Really not hard to do yourself. I do not have time myself but there are others here who do this work.
  23. I am 90% sure I can get caught up to go...Can confirm by Wednesday morning..
  24. Just tried to message him but not working. I might be able to go....
  25. It was some period of time after 10/04 before we did write it up. I will do more research and see what I can find. The 11/99 (I believe) incident was also added as a permanent "tab" or link under a safety tab on the old website. I love history and also love how our minds play with recollections. So thanks and bear with me.
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