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  1. Paul Sylvester

    Fees for registration of kayaks and canoes, NH

    Thanks to some Merrimac Valley WW paddlers we have an update as I could not get to Concord Wednesday. The boat registration stickers part is gone (we think) and this has (somehow?) morphed into a voluntary user fee along the lines of the hike safe card. It will only apply to paddle craft at state owned or state maintained boat ramps or car top launches. It is supposed to be voluntary the first two years and is making up for fed funding losses. Don't believe it has anything to do with SAR. It was said the voluntary hike safe cards bring in a lot of money. Some years I have bought hike safe cards for myself and my kids at $25 per. Most hikers I know buy them to help the state. I have always been okay with user fees that are targeted and well managed so lets see where this goes? They want something that will pass the Governors desk so maybe...just maybe some two party systems are working? Next hearing is 11/5/19 at 10am.
  2. Paul Sylvester

    Fees for registration of kayaks and canoes, NH

    It does not call out anything specific for parking. Just general language. Agree and willing to pay for targeted services but this is not a good way to pay and this seems poorly thought out.
  3. Paul Sylvester


    Early is good for me,
  4. Paul Sylvester

    Fees for registration of kayaks and canoes, NH

    Thanks Jim, I had not found the specifics of the bill and now that I have read it I have many concerns. I did not realize people who launch from private spots are exempt. That seems unfair to everyone that has to pay. When they get this $10.00 fee after they pay the agent 3.00 and the sticker cost then they have top allow for $106k reprogramming expense for state computers and maybe adding staff at local towns? They say .32 for stickers and I call BS on that. In my town the dump stickers are about ten times that cost to the town. I know because I heard the whole story from the transfer manager. So are they trying to set up a new Navigation safety fund? Stop and eradicate invasive plants? Build and maintain ramps? I am all for user fees at ramps and access fees but adding this is short sighted and not right. Why not have self pay kiosks at larger ramps where you self pay and put the paper on your dash? It would do the same thing and would work for trailered boats. The ideas behind these bills in NH have always been SAR expenses. But the vast majority of SAR money spent is on hiking and wilderness injuries. When it comes to watercraft injuries many are power related and the hand paddled craft problems are mostly launched from private spots. (IE: midnight after a few drinks) Every year I buy a couple of Hike Safe Cards to help out the NH Fish and Game revenues. Revenue is down from hunting and fishing and the state is having a hard time funding SAR and F & G. The fines for SAR are great but how many are actually charged? Why not start charging and ticketing everyone who parks along the highway at Lafayette and MT Major and many other trailheads? What about out of state paddlers who use a ramp? Not all ramps charge a fee so they would get a pass? There are better ways to get money out of people using existing systems without adding to state bureaucracy.
  5. Paul Sylvester

    Fees for registration of kayaks and canoes, NH

    Brian, I am not good with web links. The state website is something like NHgencourtNHstate. https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/committees/committeedetails.aspx?id=28 this should be the committee link.
  6. Calling all NH paddlers: This Wednesday there is a hearing on HB 640-FN. LOB room 307 at 9 am It will establish a fee and registration structure for NH residents who want to use a canoe or kayak. There are many reasons this is wrong for NH and a poorly thought out way to raise money. Please write or call your legislatures to try to kill this in committee. Sponsors are Goley and Hill and all contacts are on the NH website. We are low impact and most people that need SAR on the water are poorly equipped and have not taken the time to learn safety. This bill needs to die in committee. I am trying very hard to get free from work to go to the hearing. I have seven kayaks and a canoe. Some I might only use once a year. How many do you have? No idea what the provision is for out of state people. thanks, Paul
  7. Paul Sylvester

    Sobering Story

    When I first heard the story they played the mayday tape and it just did not sound right. He was too calm imo. Then when they suspended the search I figured they had suspected a hoax. Who would go 10 miles out in a 14 boat with three kids?
  8. Paul Sylvester


    Let me know as I have been wanting to paddle around that area.
  9. Paul Sylvester

    Odiorne in Rye Sat. 9/28 9am BIB

    Paddling out of Odiorne in Rye and going around Gerrish Saturday. 9 am BIB This is a cross post with another group. Expect 12-14 miles, moderate pace, breaks and possible surf play. Must have drysuits or neoprene protection. Helmet for surf play. Level 3-4 trip. HT at 11 am so the marsh will be easy. Off by 3 pm. Please let me know you are coming by post or PM by 8 pm tomorrow.
  10. Paul Sylvester

    Isle of Shoals trip 9/21/19

    When the sh hits and you miss your "reliable roll" it is demoralizing and can be a bit scary. Having a drysuit on, (being comfortable for some period of time in the water) and all the safety gadgets will be huge while you figure it out. From the archives experience....
  11. Paul Sylvester

    Isle of Shoals trip 9/21/19

    With this post I officially cancel the trip. Maybe try for next year?
  12. Paul Sylvester

    Isle of Shoals trip 9/21/19

    All, Ditto what Rob said above. Given that no one has signed up I do not see anything happening this Saturday for this trip. We are going to have some long period swells which will wrap around the islands and could make it choppy as we approach the Shoals. Wind forecast is lite and variable right now and sun all day. I am due for a good surfing day and am leaning towards a plastic boat surf and rock play day somewhere near the NH seacoast. Standees will be all over the beaches so I will look for the offshore breaks and ones with no boarders. PM FMI , subject to change..
  13. Paul Sylvester

    Isle of Shoals trip 9/21/19

    Starting a new thread to avoid confusion because the original post was trying for a weekday. Trip is set for Saturday 9/21/19 w/ BIB at Rye Harbor, NH at 8:30 am off water around 3-4 pm. About 7NM of open ocean so a level 4 trip. If we have not communicated I will vet and want to know you are ready. More details on the calendar posting. A nice trip on the right day and is a long crossing but once there very scenic.
  14. Paul Sylvester

    Isles of Shoals, Rye NH

    We will leave from Rye Harbor at the NH State Boat Ramp at 8:30 am. We will land on Smuttynose Island and have lunch and a longer break. Plan to be there at 8am for a briefing and preparations. There is a small fee and plenty of parking with restrooms. This is a very weather dependent trip level 4 trip and being a 7 miles of open ocean crossing I will be screening and vetting as needed. If the weather is looking windy or seas rough I will make a go/no go decisions a day prior and will have Sunday as a possible alternative day. I hope to be back by 3-4 pm. Staying as a group and looking out for each other is key so if you like to race or can't stay as a tight group please don't sign up. Questions concerns and comments can be posted on the message thread I started some time back. More to follow and lets hope for a "perfect day" Canceled due to lack of interest and potential surf concerns. Maybe next year.
  15. Paul Sylvester

    Isle of Shoals trip - see new posting!

    Set for Saturday 9/21/19. Leave Rye Harbor by 8:30 am. I'll put it on the calendar for sign ups. If we have not had some contact I will vet you as this is a committed trip and not to be taken lightly. As we get closer I will watch the weather and sea state and make a final determination. If we cancel I will plan a back up paddle nearby. More to follow.