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  1. I guess that's me. I have built many kayaks and one SUP. The SUP was very time consuming and the side rails are the hardest part. Really all you are doing is making a skeleton and covering it with enough wood that you can fair it down and epoxy without it getting paper thin. Must be straight and symmetrical also.. Some pictures would help. Knowing what design? There are different side rail methods. Which does he have? I have used over 30 gallons of epoxy and many yards of fiberglass so maybe I could help. There are online and social media support groups and message boards for this also. Suppose this could be a plug for more wood kayak repair work? PM FMI and contact, thanks, PS....Can't see ever building another SUP as they can't compete with imports at $1000 and 25 pounds. Contacted Portsmouth Paddle SUP shop and they had sold out all inventory and just received 135 that are pre sold. They told me I was out of luck until late July/Aug.
  2. Yes I should have taken more pics. There is a good write up about these online. Expedition boat, tracker loaded and a bobber empty. Would love to see it go to a good home but not mine.
  3. On my way back from Winnipesaukee (SUP) I had to stop and see this . Derek Hutchinson design built by P & H. Could not tell the year. Looks like1980's manufacture. . $895 OBO. I bet they would take less than asking. It is in very good shape and looks like it has been inside for 30 years. Very similar look to a Nordkapp. Maybe a forerunner? Two 8" hatches and chimp pump on rear deck. Mid size cockpit, possible ocean skirt sized. Sorry I did not get this to For sale but felt it was half history lesson. I have a phone number but did not want to publish here. It is in Alton NH.
  4. And still they love their ski's in SA...
  5. I see plenty of mass plates at Goat island and other spots. Do you know Goat? Text to six 03 312 forty eight ten. I'll have my silver Subi Impreza, thanks.
  6. I sometimes run the river from Portsmouth to Dover and back just play the currents. Industrial tour with some over falls and eddies at times. You will have more boat wakes in the summer which can up the skill level a bit as they wash through the eddies and currents. Saturday you would get a ride up river but not much ebb until mid afternoon.
  7. I'll be paddling Portsmouth this Sat. at 9am. Goat, Pierce or another put in TBD. I plan to go out around Gerrish and make a loop around the Kittery back channel to add a few miles. Expect 12-16 miles and off the water by 2-3 pm. Level 3+ trip for mileage and currents I guess? Could be talked into shooting up to Dover Point if the group is sporty? This would be in place of Gerrish. Yes we will take breaks.. Happy to help with boats and rescues as needed but please observe covid protocols for sanitation and face coverings as needed. Pm or post here, thanks
  8. My understanding is NH and VT residents do not have to quarantine for vacations in Maine. They have not changed the flashing highway signs to reflect the states decree yet.
  9. I like the idea of a letter and nominate you. My editor is on a sabbatical.... Very sad each spring..
  10. Rob-- I assume? NSPN took my $15. via Paypal on 4/16/2020. All was fine until... Got an email several days ago saying I needed to pay $15. by 5/16/2020. Now I believe I am a guest. Tried to PM through the site messaging and keep off the boards but could not. Thanks for your help, Paul Sylvester
  11. Sounds great, I love technology even if some evades me. Privacy is over rated and most young people don't care about it. Looks like you set this up with the CG well prior to going to sea? Not worried about big brother.
  12. There are many blades that are touring sized. To me that means mid size and easy on the shoulders. Others can comment on them as I have been using the same Lendal Norkapp for +15 years. Proper length is as important as blade size. I like a high style vertical stroke. In at the feet out at the hips. Paddle blade closer to the hull. Asymmetrical blade. Low "touring" strokes often are arm paddlers and are tiring after 4 miles and always catching up to the group. How long is yours now? Proper paddle length varies by torso height and height of seat. Most sea kayakers seem to fall between 220 cm and 210. I went back up to 220 and found it much better to get a proper catch with the correct body position. Can you try some around 215 cm? My editor just came in and said stop....
  13. Thanks for putting me in some pictures and reminding me how badly I need to get up Maine and offshore...:::))) To live out of my kayak for a few days, to find those pocket beaches after several miles, rest and refuel, to skim by the fisherman and workers, to smell the old bait, diesel, fish, and rust of the working waterfronts. To paddle the serene beauty of Great Wass and then to round Steel Harbor Island and feel the weight of the Atlantic swells bearing down on us. Yup...cabin fever with a temp. of 17'x 21"...
  14. I know this one. Trying to figure out how to do white text.. heck I have trouble changing fonts..happy luddite here.
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