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  1. 2 or 3 inch foam is easy to get and is easily laminated together with contact cement. The glue line will show but who cares?
  2. Yes I have done this with mixed results. Gel coat is not made to be applied after the boat is completed...(so far as I have ever known) Maybe if you can spray it on? But you can use a surfacing gel coat on small areas and get good results with buffing. I have seen some real messes from these attempts with gel coat. For the decks a very fine grit and then buffing up through the grits can do a lot. Why not chase out some spider cracks, store it dry and just paddle it? Black is tough as it shows so the dings and flaws. Explorers are ok if they have scars...
  3. So a minor hijack........ I had John Perrault and his (then) wife as teachers at Traip Academy In Kittery 74-76. We would go around to various venues and catch him live as teens and always liked the music. He gave me a life long love of folky acoustic music. He taught poetry and his wife taught creative writing...Got some of my best grades in their classes. lol, He has a great song called "Wounded Knee" that is worth a listen ..On youtube. I am interested in any overnights out there. Day trips I would paddle out.
  4. I would never commando camp out there. Too many eyes in the hotel and harbor. But I bet a smaller group could get permission if they could frame the question right.
  5. Framing it in Kilometers? LOL.. I make it in about 1-1/2 hours if i keep moving. Keith A and John R. years ago made a run out and back before lunch I believe. It was written up in ACK or on the NSPN site some time ago. There are some restrictions when you do get there. Winter research below? There could be volunteer opportunities? Cornell has a facility out there. Celia Thaxter Smuttynose Murders, Books and even a movie, Weight of Water.
  6. I made my own and they are easy to make. The use of the two sided tape helps a lot. I am willing to loan it to someone if ever needed but not worth shipping. Actually,,, I could make and ship just the wood part for $40 or so. And no I will not do your neck gasket...
  7. Kayakwavology has them down in CT. Got mine from Greg and it is a 4 person. It is held up by your backs as you sit. It was fine with just two people in it one time at 3000' in the winter. I carry it mostly for hiking. Have been in them twice when they were needed..
  8. They could zip to your outer cuff so you can still keep your inner cuff intact. Remove them in the warmer months..Go pitch to Koky.. I have bought more gloves and mitts then set them aside because they were too tight. ...
  9. I believe they have deck bags that mount at the front of the cockpit? Possibly with an easy access zipper? What if you kept extra pairs close with pocket heaters or handwarmers inside so you always had a couple pairs getting warm?
  10. I had/have a pair of neoprene gloves that come up to mid forearm. They hug my wrists pretty well so you stay warmer. I bought them at New England Fishing Gear in Portsmouth years ago. They are west of the Portsmouth traffic circle and carry a large assortment of gloves for the marine trades. I know their inventory changes but they always have an assortment of decent gloves. Assume you are bringing hot water to dump in your gloves on breaks? (insert usual safety info about scalding water entering gloves) The problem I have is getting XXl gloves.
  11. Jed, Chad and Mike Sabin show in the picture. I would have to look again for others..
  12. Gary has the record for recent paddles.. The day we sent Bob off was a nice get together and a large group came out. Were you at Squam October 2000? Believe you were in Sirius? Red/white? The number was around 50 I think and you should recognize a few.. Squam Oct.2000.pdf
  13. Jim, Are you finding references to the Wells ME case in your readings? I believe the last fight was with beachfront landowners in Wells?
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