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  1. Yes, anything on, near,over,under and the water!
  2. I gave up on stretching long ago and use good scissors. I cut wrist gaskets also. If too tight your hands may not get the circulation needed and I hate cold hands. Mine just failed the Koky test so I have new booties.
  3. Just wanted to say that there is an Explorer HV for sale on Craigslist in Danvers for $1600. Probably in VG shape, slider skeg, white on white w/ yellow accents.
  4. Sounds really nice. I was tied up but also did not realize there was snorkeling going on. I have always been into snorkeling and would have loved to have joined. If there are other snorkeling trips please let me know.
  5. Did you try Kayakwavology in CT? Greg ships products all the time. Can't speak to any particular item but you should check in with him. Plug::: Greg and Paula have one of the best rough water training areas in New England. From mild to wild you can do it all under their watchful eyes. The drive is less than downeast Maine.
  6. In the off season with colder water and less boat traffic around it would have been harder. Maybe land and get off the water asap? Once hurt and out of boat should the vic. have tried to stay on shore if possible? I carry an old BCU bag. Basically it's a bivy made out of strong plastic and is bright orange. I believe it is strong enough if handled right to use as a litter to get someone out of the water and across a few rear decks. It would take quite an effort by a few and may aggravate injuries. But it would give handholds and some level of support. Just thinking....
  7. For anyone that wants to be able to paddle their sea kayak 12-18 miles per day and not feel like the walking dead after--- study this video. Specifically leg push, torso rotation, upper hand not dropping when it goes across the stroke movement and most important, watch the elbows. They are semi rigid and bend and flex very little through the movements. This makes rotation much easier and natural. These things combined with a good vertical stroke and right length paddle will take you places... Speed = distance Great video!
  8. The obvious is that if he had been blown out into the Gulf Stream it would have been bye bye..
  9. 3M 5200 sealant and plan on a week before it fully cures. Have you tested to see where the problem is? Really not hard to do yourself. I do not have time myself but there are others here who do this work.
  10. I am 90% sure I can get caught up to go...Can confirm by Wednesday morning..
  11. Just tried to message him but not working. I might be able to go....
  12. It was some period of time after 10/04 before we did write it up. I will do more research and see what I can find. The 11/99 (I believe) incident was also added as a permanent "tab" or link under a safety tab on the old website. I love history and also love how our minds play with recollections. So thanks and bear with me.
  13. Hi all, I am trying to find trip reports from 1999, 2004 and maybe 2006. The 1999 incident was written up as a safety report and was on the old site as a warning about cold water paddling. It was off Whaleback in Portsmouth Harbor. It involves me and others, a surprise boomer wave, rocks and a textbook rescue in interesting conditions in November. Late October 2004 Essex Bay involves myself and three other paddlers, 7-10' waves after a big storm, OBE's by three of us, yard sales, lost and broken equipment etc. and self rescues ( sort of). It was written up in the style of Reservoir Dogs with Mr. Red, Mr. Blue etc. There is another that was a Helo rescue in Essex Bay. That should be found and available IMO. I doubt I have a copy of October 04 in print but will start looking. I tried searching just now but didn't find it but have limited time today. Prefer to find the original texts so people can see it is not a fish story. When the swell or winds come into Essex Bay it is rather fun or terrifying depending on your perspective and skills.
  14. I will start a separate thread.
  15. Going to seek further info as it is such a nice summer paddling spot and my weekdays are more free. thanks,
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