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  1. Great write up and an epic trip. Several of us paddled over from Campobello in Sept.2010. We hit Northern Head as the tidal race was starting. We went CCW and camped at Dark Harbor, then on a cliff at Big Head and the last night in town at a hotel. We took the ferry to Black Harbor and came back through the Western Islands. We wanted to ride the flood to the Wolves but we were a day late because we couldn't cross from Campobello when we wanted due to seas. We found the people very friendly and welcoming. I love how the west and east sides are so different. The abandoned fishing shacks on the west side are interesting. I have wanted to get back there and figure Sept. might be less fog. Couple questions? Did you see them winch the Dulse boats up and over the berms? That was really neat to see. We saw several different weirs and watched them working and fishing them. Are they still in use? Saw no pics of weirs from your trip. Is there still a kayak outfitter on island? We used him for some camping info and he set us up with the Big Head campsites.
  2. A Friday would be great for paddling out. Definitely need a group that will move at a decent 3.5+ pace.
  3. I will try to get to this session but unsure. I have an Epic Mid Wing from my ski days that I could loan. ActuallyI want to sell it and get a bigger wing but would like to try another wing first. For my size the Mid just seems small and I find my Lendal Nordkapp faster.
  4. What if you fold it and hem it with contact cement or aqua seal? Clamp between some boards and do a section at a time. I have tightened up a tunnel by overlapping and glueing with contact cement and it was fine.
  5. I have to wood rings for self-repair if anyone wants to do it. I have done a few but have no desire to do others. Just need them back..
  6. Some things never change. Most want to run before they can crawl. I added this to my summer list visit list.
  7. Conditions could be anything as we know. My concern is where do you park your vehicle? York is very strict about kayak launching and landing anywhere near the beaches. They don't even let you land on the beaches for a break in season. Will they make a landing exception for the race? York Harbor parking is okay but add up the miles and it will be a longer day at a slow pace. Cape Neddick harbor makes the most sense but I would arrange parking before hand to insure no issues. I could be interested in offering to help but if I can't land on the beach and break it's a problem.
  8. The Squam campsite reservations opened last Tuesday. By 10 am most everything decent seemed to be gone. Did anyone get any sites? I was trying to stay in the warmer months and did get a six - person site (two nights) for the weekend just after Labor Day.
  9. I have one with a piece of minicell foam attached to the bottom. Foam fits a deck curve and small clip bungies attach to the deck lines. I just have to remember to bring it as it is not permanently fixed in place.
  10. Proper glass and sun protection and it will never fade away like us! I love it.
  11. I would think fully vaccinated with a booster would count for something. Does it mention that anywhere?
  12. Yes logged on both I believe . There was a delay and it did sync after a couple hours. thanks Track (12/4/21, 9:04:53AM) | Gaia GPS The track should show above. The route was pre programmed but we changed our direction and went counterclockwise. Ironically I was the only one using Gaia on this hike so no one could give advice. I will gladly buy the full program after I get better at this. Thanks for the coaching!
  13. Did a 5 mile hike yesterday and the battery was fine. Before the trip I set a route with way points on my pc. Then I plugged in my phone to the pc which seemed to sync it. At the trailhead the route showed and I started the app, track, route or whatever you call it. It did record and is on my phone. Trying to get what's on my phone to move to my PC for further analysis. It does not move when I plug my phone in. Is that a feature of the paid version? thanks, Trying not to give up on this..lol
  14. I tried the free version for a hike yesterday and have questions. Since there are many Gaia users here I'll ask the following. I promise to find some tutorials also. please note: I have a slight aversion to tech. used in nature and I am making progress. I have the free version on my phone and my battery went from 90% to 60% on a one hour hike. The map and pointer was active and I had a cell signal. Afterwards I found "battery saving settings" but some were already set so not sure what difference it might make? Do you carry a battery back up? I might be out on a hike for eight hours, what then? Trail maps show on my free version and I could save hikes and do way points. What is the advantage of the paid upgrade? I might have set layers that I don't need. Seems just a topo that sows trails is enough? I seldom have a cell signal up in the mountains. The GPS will still work I assume? I assume that is because it is a true GPS and not using cell tower positioning? Several questions mixed in here and thanks for the help. Paul
  15. I guess you can only do so many pub games? It does look fun except for a few scenes.
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