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  1. Anyone had one of these and care to comment on rocker, surfing and playability for a Vaag? Been curious about these and one has come up for sale in Maine. Suppose it will go quick but maybe if I get some feedback it will push me to drive up. thanks
  2. I thought most small cars have a recovery hook just under the front or rear? It is a dedicated steel loop for pulling you out of a ditch. You just have to reach under a bit. Subaru's have a screw in bolt with a loop. I just put my bolt in when I carry my kayak. It goes right through the bumper and is strong enough to lift the car. Sticks out 2-3 inches. Going under the hood could be dicey..It takes very little to distort sheet metal on cars.
  3. It was pretty wild in the river on Sunday. Two of us played the flood from Portsmouth to Dover. The wind was making races and standing waves. It is always confused as the winds work over the different flows as we know. Back at Goat by 2 ish we saw very few out and some walking their kayaks along the shore due to wind. There can be quite a race of standing waves around Wood if the wind picks it up and I have been in 7' standing waves in the mouth. Joe is right about conditions at Wood at that time. If the wind did not get him he could have gotten into an ebb eddy and been in some 2-4' waves real quick. I wonder why his kayak didn't blow out also? Too bad but they seem to lose one a year in Portsmouth. Cheap rentals and total beginners are common.
  4. This is all a pain considering I have a new surfing wetsuit and have been enjoying the wave play on the SUP and surfboard (beginner level.) Guess I'll shall remain seated..
  5. The east side was crowded over the weekend. Downtown BH was busy late sat. afternoon. Lots of masks and protocols but in reality people get close. Strange to see couples hiking and biking uphill with masks on when they are not near anyone. I kept my mask handy and used when near others. There is cheap lodging and the campground was 1/3 full but more came on the weekend.
  6. Maine tourism groups have been running a lot of advertisements on Pandora. They really miss us.. I'll be up at MDI thurs.-Sun and report back on the crowds and concerns with Covid. Two weeks ago at the Moosehead area and Greenville it was pretty laid back except in restaurants and stores.
  7. My 2 cents: What Ed says above is spot on. You need some time in the saddle with some coaching. Don't over analyze it and buy a boat thinking that some particular kayak or "perfect" hull shape is going to make you more comfortable in waves. Love my Explorer and it is my go to on big water play days.
  8. With apologies to Mike H.... I thought the plate tracking could only be used for toll violations? Knew that would not last... Your friend should appeal on the grounds of elder care. Maybe get a jury trail? LOl I would vote to nullify that law or statue..hang the jury. And I do see many Mass. plates at NH put-ins.. Hang on for the second wave...
  9. Surprised you did not stay at Hermit? Were they full? about the currents: Believe I would figure if it was high tide at Hunniwell about 6 am that there would be a good ebb at the play spots at mid-day. I miss the days when we would set Popham play days in the winter and plan rough water and current play dates for he season based on max ebb..
  10. I guess that's me. I have built many kayaks and one SUP. The SUP was very time consuming and the side rails are the hardest part. Really all you are doing is making a skeleton and covering it with enough wood that you can fair it down and epoxy without it getting paper thin. Must be straight and symmetrical also.. Some pictures would help. Knowing what design? There are different side rail methods. Which does he have? I have used over 30 gallons of epoxy and many yards of fiberglass so maybe I could help. There are online and social media support groups and message boards for this also. Suppose this could be a plug for more wood kayak repair work? PM FMI and contact, thanks, PS....Can't see ever building another SUP as they can't compete with imports at $1000 and 25 pounds. Contacted Portsmouth Paddle SUP shop and they had sold out all inventory and just received 135 that are pre sold. They told me I was out of luck until late July/Aug.
  11. Yes I should have taken more pics. There is a good write up about these online. Expedition boat, tracker loaded and a bobber empty. Would love to see it go to a good home but not mine.
  12. On my way back from Winnipesaukee (SUP) I had to stop and see this . Derek Hutchinson design built by P & H. Could not tell the year. Looks like1980's manufacture. . $895 OBO. I bet they would take less than asking. It is in very good shape and looks like it has been inside for 30 years. Very similar look to a Nordkapp. Maybe a forerunner? Two 8" hatches and chimp pump on rear deck. Mid size cockpit, possible ocean skirt sized. Sorry I did not get this to For sale but felt it was half history lesson. I have a phone number but did not want to publish here. It is in Alton NH.
  13. And still they love their ski's in SA...
  14. I see plenty of mass plates at Goat island and other spots. Do you know Goat? Text to six 03 312 forty eight ten. I'll have my silver Subi Impreza, thanks.
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