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  1. Hello All – Even though it still feels like summer out there, the 7th Annual Autumn Gales is right around the corner. We have quite a line of up coaches and courses happening. Check out the website here for all the info and how to register. Prior to the Autumn Gales main event on Oct 30 – Nov 1st, there are a number of British Canoeing trainings and assessments: Coastal Navigation (Oct 28th)Open Water Nav (Oct 28th)4 Star Training (Oct 29-30th)4 Star Assessment (Oct 29-30th)5 Star Training (Oct 29-30th) And new this year, we are offering the ACA Level 5 ICE October 28th – Oct 30th The Autumn Gales main event features a variety of classes including advanced boat handling skills in conditions, tide race courses and incident management. For coaches, Nigel Dennis, Eila Wilkinson, and Phil Clegg are back this year. Peter Jones, who couldn’t make last year, is also back. We also have some new faces to the Gales – Keirron from the Isle of Man and Dale Williams from Georgia. And, of course, our rough water local guides will be there to help. It’s sure to be a rocking time so hope to see you there! Peace & Cheers, Paula & Greg
  2. Hello Paddling Friends, We have some early season British Canoeing training opportunities scheduled for April and May, along with our signature courses. All can be found on our on-line calendar at www.kayakwaveology.com . British Canoe trainings and assessments are fantastic check points against an international gold standard as you journey along in your paddling career. Great for club paddlers and trip leaders and for those who just want to enhance their skills and knowledge. BCU 3 Star Sea Training. Saturday April 25Th. Lower Narragansett Bay, URI Bay campus. http://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/bcu-3-star-sea-training/ BCU 4 Star Sea Leader Training. Friday - Saturday May 15Th-16Th. Eastern CT - Newport RI for venues selections. This is based on sea states for the area. http://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/bcu-4-star-sea-leader-training/ BCU 3 Star Sea Assessment. Saturday May 23. Lower Narragansett Bay. http://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/bcu-3-star-assessment-ri-2/ BCU 2 Star Training. Friday May 29Th. Chester CT. http://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/bcu-2-star-training-ct/ Feel free to email or call for inquires. [email protected] or Tel: 860-304-4000
  3. LOL! Thanks guys! Though now I have to explain to Greg what an Entwife is (he gets the ape-wife).
  4. Greetings All – It has been a banging year and we are closing out with some great end of the season events. Kayak Waveology is offering a BCU 4 Star Leader Training and 5 Star Leader Training Nov 5th – 7th (this includes the navigation course). A 4 Star Assessment is also being offer Nov 6-7th, for those who need this. The 5* training will be provided by Nigel Dennis and Peter Jones both from Anglesey North Wales. Eila Wilkinson, also from Anglesey, and Greg Paquin will be running the 4* programs. This is an opportunity to learn from very talented coaches without having to travel across the pond. The area in Fishers Island Sound is especially suited to 5* with its strong current flow and predictable rough water conditions. Then, starting on Friday Nov 8th through Sunday Nov 10th, is the main event – Autumn Gales. This is a rough water training event based out of Stonington Borough, CT. Check out the website here for more details and registration forms http://www.autumngales.com/ or http://www.kayakwaveology.com/ Peace & Cheers, Greg & Paula Email Contact: [email protected] Phone: 860-304-4000
  5. Hi All - When Phil Clegg, a BCU coach from Wales, was over here recently, he mentioned he was doing an ergonomic study of sea kayakers and their equipment as part of his Coach 5 project. He’s put together a short, 13 question, anonymous survey and would like to get feedback from as many sea kayakers as possible. If you would like to participate in the survey, below is the link. You will need a tape measure and measurements will need to be in cm. Thanks for your time! Paddler Survey
  6. Kate - Thank you for a wonderful report and spectacular pictures. What magical memories it brings back. A few friends and I were in the area a couple of years ago and, again just this week of Labor Day. We crossed over to Grand Manan and paddled around the island then down the NB coast from Blacks Harbor to Lubec. My hat's off to you for dealing solo with boat/gear in that tidal range and also the eventual thick fog which can make navigation confusing. It is truely an amazing area to paddle. Peace & Cheers, Paula (who also loves her Exped and Explorer LV)
  7. He did get to see the parade on IAH. A wonderful scene of small town Americana. Lots of fun with the locals and fellow kayakers alike. And really tasty scallops to be had from the little general store there.
  8. Dear Sir C - The door to the house on the hill is aways open for you whenever you want to paddle the warm waters south of the Cape P.
  9. Hi John, Thank you for sharing this thought provoking presentation. Many wonderful bits of information and fodder for discussion. After reading the presention, I was curious why, on the 1st slide, dead reckoning would be considered the simplest and most common means of navigation. Wouldn't piloting also be considered a simple and comon means of navigation since it involves using landmarks? The person navigating, of course, would have to know what the landmarks are either from map, chart or other source (i.e. local knowledge). From my general experience on land and sea, most people will use a combination of the two. Straight dead reckoning ususally comes in when there's a significant lack of visibility (i.e. fog or nighttime) or when out of site of any landmarks (e.g. major ocean crossings) . Even when hiking out in woods without a map and no trail and wanting to get back to starting point, I will make mental notes of landmarks passed. (E.g. I passed by that funky looking rock formation going out, so if I pass by it coming back, I know I'm heading in the right direction). Thanks again for sharing this. Peace & Cheers, Paula
  10. I don't know about the Cuban part, but they definitely look like boat people.
  11. Nope, the old sow was sleeping when we crossed over. (Not a bad thing). Did find a really cool reversing falls that generated whirlpools in Cobscook Bay near Pembroke that we played in. Lot of current in that area.
  12. Maine in late June on our way to Campobello. Greg, Ron, Bro-Ski and I were going to the island as a starting point for a week's paddling trip. Driving by the IGA supermarket in Lubec, we spied a SVU decked out with rep insignias and a couple of P&H boats on top. Seeing those kayaks and that ride way down in downeast Maine is not an everyday sight. "That's got to be someone we know." So we pull a u-ee , park next to the SVU and roll down the window, as did the person in the SUV. "Hey, nice boats" started the conversation. Turns out we did know the person, but by reputation only. He was featured in TITS 2 at the Schooks and produced Pacific Horizons. Yup, it was Brian Smith along with his partner Lise-Anne and golden retriver Chuya. They had been filming along the east coast for a new sea kayaking movie Eastern Horizons Eastern Horizons. They had been on the road almost two months, from the barrier islands up to Virginia, New York, Maine and Newfoundland. While in Maine, they visited with John Carmody in Boothbay and Mark Schoon / Mel Rice in Bar Harbor. After chatting for about 1/2 hour, we exchanged emails and offered to take Brian paddling in CT when he was passing back through the area. (Lise-Anne was flying back home). Fast foward to this past Sunday. The plan was to go to The Race for the late afternoon flood. After waiting out a pretty impressive t-storm in some scrub brush on Fischer's Island, we had a window of opportunity and made a bee-line for The Race. The storm winds were knocking down the waves and we had missed the better part of the flood while crouched in the scrub brush. But Brian, with film gear, still scrambled out of his boat onto the rocks and climbed up to the deck around Race Rock Light. We played for a short time while Brian filmed. Rides were hard to catch, but it was still fun playing in the jobbly water. Then the distance rumble began again and we packed it in and caught the last bit of flood back to Esker Point. Not sure if it will end up on the A or B reel, but regardless it was pretty cool to meet Brian and his partner and to know that a movie of our beautiful east coast is in the making. Peace & Cheers, Paula Red_Nun.ppt
  13. So I've known this guy for, what.. 3 years now, and ya think by now he would have shared all his favorite play spots. Well the other weekend, I discovered he was holding out on me. Not the race, not the reefs, not the narrows, not the cans, not j-cove, not plum gut, not nappa tree, but a place he hadn't brought me before. A true park n' play with a 3 minute paddle to fast moving current and sweet standing waves. There was a bit of swell still coming in and when that met the current - whoa nelly - it was a bury your bow fun fun fun bucking bronco ride. Thanks Greg, I forgive you! Hope you enjoy the photos courtesy of our friend Ron. He also took some video that will hopefully make it to utube or something similar soon. (PS - Rick S - for your sake it was terrible day ) AH Riding the Wave Nice Edgeing Greg Burying the Bow
  14. There is a marine lab on Appledore and stopping on the island requires permission. Cedar and Lunging are private. Duck is a bird sanctuary. Smuttynose, Malaga, Star, White, Seaveys OK to land. If heading to Smutty, shortest distance is to launch from Rye Harbor. On north side of harbor is small lot (no fee) that can accomodate a number of cars. From Rye Harbor to Smuttynose approx 6nm. Nice rock gardening out there.
  15. Thanks for the pics! That was a fun day.
  16. Yeah right. And I dye my hair blonde.
  17. Hi All - Just a reminder that the Greenland class is upcoming next month on June 14th. NPSN is bringing the class to you so you don't have to travel far to a symposium for the experience. (It's good to save on gas these days and be kinder to the environment!). There's room left in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Please check out the events calendar here: http://www.nspn.org/forum/index.php?act=ca...mp;event_id=629 You don't need to have any prior Greenland skills - this is open to all abilities and you don't need to have a roll either! Cheri and Turner are wonderful instructors and their wealth of traditional kayaking knowledge really adds to the experience. Their philosophy is that bracing and rolling are not an advance skill set only for imtermediates and above. But a basic skill set that provides the recreational paddler with a fundamental and useful set of skills that develop body and boat awareness. Here's an except from Jennifer Pivovar's website (http://www.jpivovar.net/Gallery/GW06main.htm) who was a student of Cheri & Turner's down in Sweetwater: "The second day I had a morning of one-on-one rolling lessions with Cheri Perry. Cheri is not only one of the best kayak rollers anywhere, she is a teacher of the highest ability. There is no nuance of any roll that escapes Cheri, and she is able to communicate that understanding in words -- and with a little poke here and there as necessary. I also think she has x-ray vision, as she knows exactly what you are doing under water, even when you don't! Within minutes (no, really) I had a balance brace, side scull, standard roll, and crook-of-elbow roll. On both sides. We tried butterfly and stick rolls, without total success, but hey not bad for a first timer. Later that same day I had another one-on-one rolling session, this time with Greg Stamer. It is really interesting to get another's perspective. Greg reinforced my "portfolio" and then had me doing shotgun (armpit) rolls. What a day!" So if you're interested in the class, please contact me at [email protected] Peace & Cheers, Paula
  18. Thanks to everyone that dropped by and to Tom for hauling the boats down from Peaks. The day turned out much nicer than expected and conditions were mild for the afternoon surf session. It's always amazing talking with Tom about boats. The man's a walking encylopedia. Kevin, Gillian - we missed you in the Triton. I would have paid to see that!
  19. NSPN is bringing Cheri and Turner back this year on June 14th for a Greenland Paddling skills class. This is always a fun class and a great way to experience traditional kayaking. Please check out the calendar of events here for more information and how to sign up for the class. Greenland Class Peace & Cheers, Paula
  20. Join NSPN & Maine Island Kayak Co at Pavilion Beach in Ipswich, MA on Sat, May 17th from 10am-4pm for an on-water demo of Nigel Dennis’s Kayaks and Lendal paddles (now made in Old Town, ME). MIKCO has all the models (except for the new Romany RM w fiberglass cockpit and adjustable seat and the new Romany HV with reworked deck, hull and cockpit). Both the new boats are done but the container from Wales is on the water, so maybe will be here on time? MICKO will also have a paddling session at 2PM for those interested in trying Nigel’s great boats in conditions with some coach and guide oversight. Please dress appropriately for the water temps. Hope to see you there! Directions to Pavillion From Rt. 95, take exit 54 onto Route 133 east; from Route 128 to the south, take exit 20 onto Route 1A north). Continue through Ipswich on Route 1A/133 east, just 0.6 miles to a bend in road and continue through the center of Ipswich. At that bend, continue straight onto County Road. 0.9 miles on County, bear left onto Jeffreys Neck Road. 1.7 miles further, take the right fork onto Little Neck Road, continue on to Pavilion Beach. The strip of land between Great Neck and Little Neck is Pavilion Beach For more information about the boats, please see: Nigel Dennis Kayaks
  21. Hey-ya - Need relief from day job. Mind a little company? That is if my AA still floats (LV lives w/ Greg). AA spent winter outside. Sorry sight to see. Chipping 'er out just the other week. Will be good test of VCP seam tape methinks. Peace & Cheers, P.
  22. Class Date: Saturday June 14, 2008 Times: Morning session 8:30am – 12:30pm. Afternoon session 1:30pm-5:30pm Location: Chebacco Lake, Hamilton/Essex MA Cost: $140 per session To Sign Up: See "How to Register" section below About the Class: Cheri and Turner are back in Cape Ann offering their qajaq expertise to beginners looking to try traditional rolling and paddling techniques for the first time, to advanced students looking to hone their skills and everyone in between. All abilities are welcome! Even if you’ve never rolled a kayak before, this is a great opportunity to learn techniques that are applicable to any kayak and blade. In this class, you will receive individual attention in the traditional paddling techniques. Rolling topics will include sculling for support, balance brace, the standard Greenland roll and variations. For more advanced students, norsaq and hand rolls, forward finishing rolls, and combat rolls. Strokes covered will be forward, sliding, high/low braces, sculling, sweep, draw and rudder, and various stroke combinations. Skin on frame kayaks, tuiliks and Greenland paddles are available during these sessions. So if you’ve never tried a Greenland boat and paddle this is a unique opportunity to go green and learn from two of the top mentors in the country. There will be two sessions available – morning and afternoon. About the Coaches: A paddler for 18 years, Cheri has taught Greenland-style kayaking for four years at several national kayaking symposia, including Sea Kayak Georgia BCU Week, Sweetwater BCU Week, RI Rough Water Symposium, Delmarva Paddlers Retreat, TAKS Traditional Watercraft Symposium, Hudson River Greenland Festival, Michigan Training Camp, Mystic Seaport Arctic Boat Weekend, Barrier Island Sea Kayak Symposium, and Vermont BCU Week. Cheri competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in both 2004 and 2005, in events ranging from rolling to individual and relay races, winning a dozen gold medals. She has won several rolling competitions in the United States and is widely regarded as one of the best Greenland-style kayak rollers in the world. She has offered demonstrations of Greenlandic kayaking techniques to many groups across the country, and she has given many presentations relating to Greenlandic kayak technique and Greenlandic culture. A skinny sticker for 10 years, and one of those rare paddlers outside of Greenland who began paddling with same, Turner Wilson has taught Greenland-style kayaking for 6 years, at several national kayaking symposia, at several national kayaking symposia, including Sea Kayak Georgia BCU Week, Sweetwater BCU Week, RI Rough Water Symposium, Delmarva Paddlers Retreat, TAKS Traditional Watercraft Symposium, Hudson River Greenland Festival, Michigan Training Camp, Mystic Seaport Arctic Boat Weekend, Barrier Island Sea Kayak Symposium, the Wooden Boat Show, Vermont BCU Week, and SSTIKS. Turner competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in July of 2005, in events ranging from rolling to individual and relay races, winning 6 gold medals. He has demonstrated Greenlandic kayaking techniques from Maine to New Zealand. Turner has also judged many rolling competitions, always with the idea that spectators can learn just as much as the participants. He has presented several talks relating to Greenlandic kayak technique and Greenlandic culture, as well as skin on frame kayak construction to participants of events across the country and beyond. Check out their website at: www.kayakways.net How to Register Send an email to the class facilitator, Paula, at [email protected] by June10th. (These sessions are popular so be sure to sign up early!) Include your boat description, emergency contact name and phone number. Also indicate which session (morning or afternoon) you want to attend. Paula will tell you where to mail your check and will keep the registration list and a waiting list. Paula will only hold your slot when she receives your check made out to NSPN. If you cannot attend you will receive a refund only if your slot can be filled from the waiting list. If the class is oversubscribed Paula will ask if you want to be placed on the waiting list. All NSPN-sponsored commercial events are run on a “pass-through-the-cost-basis.” NSPN may include a very small markup over actual costs to cover incidental expenses and support club activities that benefit the membership as a whole. The club does not subsidize activities that benefit only the participants in classes with limited enrollment. Therefore, in the highly unlikely event that the class is canceled due to extreme weather, there will be no refunds. Lightning will obviously keep us off the water, but much can be learned from these talented teachers on shore.
  23. Hi Folks - Despite the cold and snow recently, another paddling season is right around the corner! Pretty soon there'll be longer days and warmer weather. Each year during the paddling 'high' season, NSPN offers a variety of professional instruction to our members. We'll soon be scheduling coaches/classes for the upcoming season, but we need your help. We want to offer classes that NPSN members are interested in and want to take. To help with that, please take a moment to respond to the poll. If there is a class you're interested in that's not listed, please feel free to respond to this post or send me a note. Your input is very much appreciated. Peace & Cheers, Paula
  24. Sssssswwwwweeeeeet! Nice to see the sticks out there in the moving water.
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