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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope you and your family members are well and safe. I have an old black Tahe that I have been using for years rolling practice. These boats have a longs keg - longer than the British boats most of us paddle. Skeg is part way down - kinda stuck in the middle. I have been using WD40 on the lines and gingerly trying to get it to draw all the ways up. Alas, it is still stuck in the middle. I don't want to take the keg box out and repair it nor do I want to spend money to have some one repair it. The boat is too old to invest any money into it. My question: Is there a better lubricant than WD40 I can use to get the skeg wires moving? Thanks for your help in advance, Les
  2. As someone who has academic (Masters and Doctorate) and work experience in Public Health/Community Health for over 30 years -- please reconsider any group paddles for now until we learn differently from public health experts with expertise in infectious diseases. This is not the time to second guess public health experts. This is a "novel" or new virus which translates into we don't know. We don't know how the sun affects it, we don't know how long it contaminates, we don't know about direct and indirect transmission, we don't know if salt water helps or hinders the spread, we don't know if warm weather stops it , we don't know if we use toggles, etc - we just don't know. Our understanding of this virus is evolving. But we do know it can be deadly for some and others may experience "mild" symptoms which often times can be frightening, painful and isolating. I have been paddling for twenty-odd years and know that even in the best conditions of calm seas and light winds, something can happen and before you know it , close contact. Many of us are healthy and we want to jump into our boats and paddle with our pals. Some of us however live with people or have loved ones or have family members who are not so healthy. Why risk the health of others? Why risk the health of loved ones and family members? Be wise, be healthy and stay safe. Les
  3. Hey Leon, Long time no see-Christopher and I were paddling today and we were talking about you-and what a fine paddler you are as well as person. Hope to see you on the water soon. Les
  4. Hey Christopher, I PMed you and text you -- les
  5. This is indeed sad news. Like others, Jeb helped me in so many ways with paddling - navigation, forward stroke, rolling, cold water paddling, etc. - he was the example of "pass it forward" philosophy that the club was founded on. Not to mention - the guy was straight-out funny -- and a fun paddling pal. He will be missed. les
  6. There is an alternative plan that I use when Walden closes. It is a nice pond nearby to Walden but the parking is a little tricky-if you are interested in this "plan B" message me Bill and we could always text each other when Walden closes-- les
  7. I am going to try to get to Walden today -- been chained to my desk lately -- but need to do some rolling -- hope to see you all --
  8. I am sadden to share the news that Deb Dempsey, a longtime NSPN member, died over the weekend. Those of us who paddled or spent anytime with Deb know that she was truly a kind and loving person. I am so grateful to have known her. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and particularly Dotty, her partner and her daughter, Becca. If you want to know the arrangements, please email me lbealeatspringfieldcollegedotedu. Les
  9. I plan on being there -- does anyone know the water temp at Walden?
  10. Hello, I am trying to renew my membership. When I try to purchase a membership, I get this reply: Sorry, there is a problem. You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so. Not sure why this is happening. I am also posted as a guest for some reason. Thanks for your help.
  11. Don't know where to begin my comments on this video. But maybe - the best intentions can go dismally wrong - maybe we should get one of this machines for Walden practice sessions????? Just joking -- Kayak rolling machine
  12. What an most excellent opportunity that I have to miss due to work obligations. I am sure this will be a bucket list event - I hope you are including your name and Russell's as two of the best coaches in the business. les
  13. If I was Marge, I would get behind a bigger and stronger paddler and ride his/hers draft and they can help block the wind -- such a girly thing to do, I know --
  14. Lbeale

    Full Moon!

    I will be paddling out of Lanes Cove tomorrow (Sunday) to do some practice drills -- could make it later in the day if people are going to do a moonlight paddle in the area -- Les
  15. Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. First line of defense -- olive oil, move legs until loose -- then wipe clean -- works wonders -- Les
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