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    I am a BCU advocate. Currently a BCU 4* Sea, and Coach Level 2.

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  1. It appears there is a bug in the new software for image re-sizing. I just installed a new hook that should fix the problem.
  2. We just installed tapatalk for android to the message board. You can get tapatalk for android from the market place. There is a free version and a paid version for $2.99. I think this will provide the enhanced features some of you are looking for.
  3. Couple of ways...both are up next to your name on the top right. On the arrow next to your name, the drop down menu choose My Settings, then on the new page on the left side choose My Notifications. Or...more to the right of your name is another drop down which will link you directly to your PM's.
  4. It looks like the first image PC screen shot, and the last image from android have the exact same content/5messages.
  5. Phil, Could you clear your cache and relaunch safari. The thing that i see as a problem on your screen shot, is that there should be no color blue in the header/menu area. Everything should be the teal green color. Probably what happened is that you were on the message board early Saturday afternoon, as I was still adjusting colors and graphics, so you have some old graphics cached. As to your question regarding the 2 menus being too close to each other, it was kind of a tough job getting our existing header with our drop down menu's to play well with the new IPB software. I don't know if there is an easy way to move the Forums, Members, Blogs... menu down. If the consensus is, that it is a problem, I will delve into it further. Bill
  6. Hi Jon, Menu links are fixed. Darn tyepo's. Also, the "Private Trips" has been changed back to just "Trips". Back in the day, they were called private trips, and the text in the menu was a left over from back then. Thanks for the heads up on these items. Cheers, Bill
  7. Good morning, Jason and I have spent sometime not only this morning, but actually for several months back preparing for this upgrade. It is now done and seems to be functioning quite well. Hopefully this upgrade will provide better performance and better security from spammers, also some added features. Please post to this thread if you find any glitches we may have missed. Cheers, Your Web Team Bill & Jason PS...I will be messing about with the style sheet, so don't panic if you see some weird colors...oooooohhhhhhh.
  8. Ditto what Tyson and Jason said. You can try clearing out your temporary internet files (may help), but there definitely is a "problem" with your IP addressing, something is causing you to get new addresses. Do you have a router? Are you using DSL, Dial-up, cable etc? It is true that a new IP address invalidates your login cookie. Do you have cookies enabled?
  9. Unfortunately, I have to back out of this trip due to an abscess in my left cornea. Seems that a new pair of contacts didn't agree with my eyes. It is getting better, but looks like it's going to take some time before all is well. Have fun all.
  10. Nahant (Long Beach), Lynn Beach, Swampscott (Kings Beach) all have nice sloping sandy beaches with gentle surf.
  11. Your proficient at fiberglass work, how bout adding a day hatch up front?
  12. Yup....already had a deer tick on my back, got him here in Epping, NH working in the yard. Didn't find it till the next morning, so it was pretty swelled up with my blood. Pulled it off with a tick tool, and promptly called my Dr. for a one time dose of 200mg Doxycycline.
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