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  1. I plan to be there. This is a great trip whether especially if it's your first time kayak camping. Also good as a gear shake down for the summer season. Gerry
  2. Got it on my calendar! The following weekend is better for me as well if you should decide to accommodate Leslie.
  3. I hope to be there as well since a skin boat has been on my radar as my next boat project. Gerry
  4. If a sticky bottom becomes an issue try painting the foam with "dip it". That liquid plastic stuff for tool handles ( at Depot etc, I think). Comes in colors and really looks slick on a foam seat.
  5. I agree with Jeff Casey. This is deja vu all over again. As an "old fart" (but not charter member) of NSPN I am very grateful for all I learned from other members (pass it forward). My second year of paddling, with very limited skills, on an NSPN trip was an education in "what I know now I wish I'd known then" but I probably would not have gone out with them had I known. There was a casual but thorough beach briefing mostly to get everyone focused on the route, expectations, and proper equipment. The was no discussion about level 123 etc. I felt welcomed and accepted as part of the group. On the last mile of our trip the conditions deteriorated and as a newbie I had not checked the weather or sea state. I take responsibility for myself and didn't expect "to be taken care of" but certainly felt comfort in the fact that there were more experienced paddlers with me. The head winds kicked up to probably 20-25 but for me seemed like a 100 mph with the rain horizontal and hurting if you looked up and what seemed like 3-5 wind chop. I paddled in survival mode for that mile but will never forget the encouraging words from fellow paddlers as we slowly made headway back to our put-in. My point is that back then there didn't appear to be much emphasis on paddling level, liability, experience, etc. but just on paddling and having fun and meeting people. This is the "feeling" now exhibited with the Meet-Up Group and with SMSKN but not so much with NSPN. With both groups there are all level of paddlers on all trips. I am forever grateful for the training and experience I gained through NSPN. I think NSPN does a superb job of offering workshops, promoting safe paddling, skills sessions, etc. Perhaps this is also it nemesis or apparent high level experience perception. Maybe change is not needed. There are many clubs and Meet-Up type groups that offer paddling opportunities for all levels. Perhaps the training, workshops, skill sessions, etc that NSPN offers are what the club is all about. Nothing wrong with that. Life's to short.....let's just paddle!
  6. I'm with you. I was born left handed but growing up in a right handed world I learned (or adapted to ) doing things and using tools that just felt comfortable to me. I don't think righties have the same experience. Hence I'm told that I bat right, golf left, throw left , write left or right, roll mostly on my right, play tennis left (but much stronger backhand), think with the right hemi, ....you get the picture. My wife, the psychotherapist, says this explains a lot..what ever that means? Is that a left or right handed compliment.....or is it an insult?
  7. Graham Great to hear you're finally moving...and that you're still around. Haven't heard from y'all this year. I see someone has a great looking new studio down by the water...or is that a boat shed? Gerry
  8. If you heard my singing you'd all want to try a roll and not bother to come back up. Much quieter on the other side.
  9. gerry s

    Casco Bay II-Final

    Hey Ed I'll be there and may have another with me. Thanks for putting this together. See you Sat.
  10. gerry s

    Casco Bay II

    Hey Ed I could be up for something on the 8th and/or 9th Gerry
  11. Jason I just realized I have a conflict that weekend and won't be able to go after all. Sorry! Gerry
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