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  2. 2004 fiberglass and kevlar sea kayak. Used in very good condition. There are some scratches on the hull and one small gel coat repair. This is perfect boat for day or overnight trips. Hatches are watertight. Offering a full Kayak package (except PFD] so you are ready to hit the water right away 3 paddles, Harmony Nylon sprayskirt, foam paddle float, hand pump, gel seat cushion and dry bags. PFD is not included specs in on picture gallery
  3. I have an Impex Assateague glass/kevar that I’m selling.not sure of length. It’s a boat for a larger paddler . $1,000 obo
  4. Did this in 2004 with a very large group which split into multiple smaller groups according to speed. We started at Liberty State Park, Black Tom Island, in NJ, rounding the Statue of LIberty - truly an amazing experience. I remember the terror of the ferries on the East River. The Harlem was just as dreary as I had imagined. We had plenty of time to stop for lunch at the end of the Harlem, waiting for the tide to turn on the Hudson. Hudson was really long- it's a long day - but the current was wild and you definitely wanted to stay clear of dock pilings along the shore. Very memorable trip. We had no guide, just experienced paddlers (Ed Gertler, author of kayaking guidebooks for the mid-Atlantic, was there in his C-1) who figured out a game plan. Dan Falk was the organizer - he posted on many kayaking forums on the East Coast and invited anyone who wanted to come. I recall it as about 50 people but that seems unlikely. A lot, anyway, and everyone made it around although the difference in finishing times was at least an hour.
  5. Manhattan circumnavigation currents and planning tool: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1wbABUdbEe0yu62hwT9v2BeL9RSU9wx431bL52AvprsM/edit Hey folks above please find a link to a Google Slides deck with some notes regarding the currents in the “rivers” / tidal estuaries surrounding Manhattan. I made this following a trip around Manhattan last week (June 13) with another paddler who like me is not from NYC. We did an OK job of managing the current in our favor (we got the critical East River right) but could have done better. I found this to be a technically challenging paddle with exposure to a number of risks, I’d be happy to discuss with anyone planning a trip down there however I would also say that joining a guided tour is a good way to do this for the first time. If anyone sees any errors please let me know, and if this post becomes a place where people share warnings / advice about this particular route that’s great.
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  7. It is located in the Lakes Region of NH. Had it out recently which made me wonder why I decided to sell it. Ed Lawson
  8. After years of internal conversations about attracting new paddlers to North Shore Paddlers Network, and providing trips and events for them, we have arrived at the point to create the North Shore Paddlers Meetup group that will offer Level 1 (short duration, strictly flat water) and Level 2 (slightly longer, "ocean introduction") trips for those who are interested in learning about, or just starting out with, sea kayaking in a club setting. The goal of this venture is to provide a point of contact for new and potential sea kayakers to find NSPN through a large activity-based platform in ways that our website just can't provide, and Meetup is an excellent avenue for that. Here are some key points to understand with the new Meetup group: Existing North Shore Paddlers Network website and message board will not change in any way Typical club activity will remain on the message board and/or calendar and will continue to operate as usual Memberships to the club and the Meetup group are separate and not interchangeable - Meetup membership will be free Designated Meetup trip organizers will be specifically prepared to design trips and manage participants for Meetup events Trips and skills sessions on North Shore Paddlers Meetup are strictly Level 1 and Level 2 only Level 1 trips will be more "meet-and-greet" style for people to see and understand sea kayaks Level 2 trips will allow for brief introductions to mild ocean conditions, such as current and waves Both levels of trips will allow organizers to introduce participants to paddling in a club environment (cooperative trips) Skill sessions will be focused on the basics needed to start sea kayaking, such as wet exits or forward stroke fundamentals Meetup group members can go on as many trips and events as they want with no pressure to join NSPN if they don't want to A lot of thought and hard work has gone into the creation of this group, and we see it as a positive addition to our continuing efforts to provide community outreach and safety education. If you would like to be involved with planning and organizing trips for this group, please contact me for details.
  9. My original Cetus (equal to HV) is longer than 16' 9" but it is still for sale. Price negotiable. On NSPN at:
  10. Not sure what your budget is but Tom D's Sterling Grand Illusion would fit the bill well! (no pun intended).
  11. The skin-on-frame guy is sorta kinda looking for a USED factory built sea kayak. Anyone have advice, leads, or a kayak they want to re-home? Absolute Requirements Length: At most 16' 9" long. (Storage wall is 16' 9.5" long.) Paddler Weight: 240 pounds must be within the manufacturer's recommended paddler weight range. Booties: Size 13 Test Paddle: I need to at least feel how it fits me, and how it rolls for me. My second F1 skin-on-frame is nearing the end of its useful life. I was going to start building a replacement last fall, but life keeps interfering. So far I've only built a jig to make the coaming. Since I don't see much free time coming up on my schedule soon, I'm considering getting a factory built kayak. My main uses will be rolling, surfing, day trips, and potentially rock play.
  12. How odd, I didn’t even notice the person wasn’t wearing a PFD. Yes, a big mistake, but I still applaud some coverage that brings more attention to the sport and dispels some misconceptions about what it’s about physically. It’s not a perfect article but better than many. I don’t know if the photo caption originally said this when the article came out, but it now reads: “ Serious kayak racers generally don’t wear life vests, but recreational paddlers should always do so. Credit... ” I guess they’re trying to fix this and don’t have another photo on hand…
  13. Thanks. For some unknown reason, this wasn’t the top item on the NYT homepage. Go figure. The explanations are very good but I have to agree with the many commenters who are upset about the use of a PFD-less paddler. Would have been much better to show the movement of the PFD zipper when properly rotating.
  14. I already saw it and have made two comments. One can probably figure out who I am!
  15. New to coastal kayaking or want a skills tune-up? In this course we will look at the foundational skills for having a safe and enjoyable day on the water. From basics of trip planning, boat control techniques and safety skills we will get a taste of it all! This course its a great starting point for your coastal kayaking journey! Your coach will be teaching to exactly what you need to progress your skills by offering an individualized coaching experience. Examples of techniques covered will be: -Forward Paddling -Edging (turning) -Reverse Paddling -Sweep Strokes -Bracing -Wet Exits -Self & Assisted Rescues July 30th, 10am-2pm South Portland, Maine $75/ per person Prerequisites: Kayak, minimum 14 feet in length with bulkheads or floatation, paddle, appropriate clothing, sport specific floatation device (life jacket). If you need equipment rental please contact us before registering to discuss possibilities. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: Click Here
  16. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/22/well/move/kayak-paddle-exercise.html A surprisingly decent article on kayaking as exercise in the major print media - even to the point of including some reasonable starter tips on forward and sweep strokes.
  17. Hi Sherry Sign up was just finalized - keep an eye out for an email with more information tonight or tomorrow. Thanks Janet
  18. Thanks Janet, I am signed up and looking forward to paddling with everyone. What time are we meeting? Sherry
  19. I will try to get to this session but unsure. I have an Epic Mid Wing from my ski days that I could loan. ActuallyI want to sell it and get a bigger wing but would like to try another wing first. For my size the Mid just seems small and I find my Lendal Nordkapp faster.
  20. 6kts is approximately 6.9mph so I agree with the speed estimates although the ski make/model and of course the conditions also have a lot to do with it. At our Tuesday night race this week we used Grays Rock as our turning mark (5.25mi course). The winds were 16-18mph and the seas ~3ft. I averaged 5.25mph on the upwind leg and 7.75 on the downwind leg, with a few 1/4mi splits at 8+ mainly thanks to the wind and catching some great waves. The wing paddle enables you to dig really hard to get on the waves in those conditions, almost as if paddling an outrigger canoe. I also fell off the ski once we will discuss rudder choices and remounting during the session. I also agree that it’s entirely possible for one to paddle all day long with little risk of tearing something, however this in my opinion is less about the wing paddle itself and more about maintaining proper paddling form. We will cover that as well. Matt
  21. Matt, The friend I borrowed the wing paddle from uses what he called a small face (680?). He views 5 knots as a recreational pace and 6 knots for racing. He says he can keep this pace for 6 hours without tearing his shoulder. He lives in West Virginia so I'm afraid not a source of wing paddles to loan.
  22. 2022 Great River Race (North River, Massachusetts) JULY 24 @ 9:15 AM - 1:00 PM Come join us on the North River and experience one of the most beautiful rivers in Massachusetts. This awesome 7.5 mile race starts at Bridge Street Canoe Launch in Norwell and ends at Indian Head Road in Hanover. Get competitive and race your friends, or take it at your pace and enjoy this outstanding view of the river. All skill levels, from novice to racer, are invited to take part in the race and all ages are welcome (Participants age 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult). Any type of non-motorized water craft is eligible to enter the Race – even stand-up paddle boards! There is also the “Best Decorated Boat or Boater” division for the less serious, but creative paddler. Online registration ends on Friday, July 22 at 12:00 noon. Day of race (Sunday, July 24) registration begins at 7:45am and ends at 8:45am. The race begins at 9:15am. PLEASE NOTE: The race is on Sunday this year due to the tides. Click here to register as a paddler Click here to sign-up as a FundRacer (your registration is FREE with your fundraising goal of $150 or more) Funds raised through the Great River Race directly support NSRWA’s environmental education and outdoor programs. Our programs are the perfect way for children and adults to fall in love with and protect local natural treasures, especially our waters. Help us to get 2,500 children and adults outdoors to explore nature and have an experience they’ll never forget! COST This year’s Great River Race is $55 for the first participant per craft if preregistered by Friday, July 22 at 12:00 noon. Day of registration will be $65 for the first participant per craft. Each additional participant on the same craft is $10. FundRacers race FREE when they raise $150 or more. Each registration includes the collectible Great River Race T-shirt. Additional T-shirts will be available for purchase. In the event of a severe weather cancellation there will be no rain date or refund, you will receive your collectible event T-shirt, and the registration fee will be a donation to support environmental education. All participants (including minors under 18 years of age) must have a signed waiver to participate in the race. The waiver is in the registration form. Click here to register as a paddler Click here to sign-up as a FundRacer (your registration is FREE with your fundraising goal of $150 or more) Make a Donation to Support Our Environmental Education Programs Become a Corporate Sponsor Racers get: A FREE ice cream coupon for JC’s Ice Cream in Hanover ($4 Value) A custom collectible 2022 Great River Race T-shirt A FREE beer from IndieFerm for those participants over 21 years of age. Free admission to the afterparty on July 24 including food, ice cream, games, and more!
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