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  2. Is anyone going to Chebacco Lake today? The practice sessions are officially over but it seems like a good day. Sue
  3. This trip is on for this Saturday, with definitely fall like weather. If you missed this one, I intend to do another, maybe in November.
  4. Yesterday
  5. The spammer slipped through the system's spam check for new board users and was able to post a couple of spam posts. If you got emails, those were legitimate in the sense that you've asked the message board to notify you of new posts. The posts were spam, but the email notifications were sent to you by the board as you asked. Your email addresses were not accessed by the spammer. The spammer was banned and the posts removed earlier today. What's more, we stopped for a PPPO after a delightful day. Needed onion rings.
  6. Plus side...I helped out 3 Nigerian Princes today!
  7. I've also had several, similar emails today. Sal
  8. Really, Mike, how dare you go kayaking when we’re under attack !😄
  9. Just off the water. Will check when I’m back home.
  10. I have the following for sale: 1) Kokatat Drysuit. Large. Yellow/Blue GMER. Great condition….$350..The Large is a little—sadly—snug for me now…… 2) Astral Sea Wolf PFD. Black. Large/XL…..I purchased the Blue Jacket. The Sea Wolf is the same PFD with minor changes. Great Conditon. $70 3) Kokatat Bib. XL…..do not use. $150 4) Kokatat pants w/ socks attached. Waterproof. XL. …never used these. To Big for me. $100 5) Werner Paddle. Cyrprus. 210cm. Good condition. I use a 205cm currently. The Cyprus has a cosmetic blemish on the blade that does not affect the integrity or stiffness of this paddle. $285…. * if interested in any of these items contact me for pictures. Contact me/text: 5187966289….
  11. I received 3 genuine appearing messages from the NSPN message board from sender [email protected] and I'm not sure what to make of them. My apologies to "ellaelizabeth", who was the author of all 3, if I am doing wrong by you. The subjects of all 3 mails seemed somewhat off-topic for an NSPN discussion: "What does a security grade C mean?" and another one titled "Why is it important for orthopedic patients to go through rehabilitation?" and a third asking "What exactly does a construction worker do?". While all of these questions are extremely important and keep me up at night as well, I was wondering whether we are the subject of a spam attack. I'm aware that the title of my new topic may itself seem to be a phishing/spam attack to other NSPNers and land in the trash...suit yourself.
  12. Last week
  13. Here he is landing: https://www.facebook.com/CyrilDerreumauxAdventure/videos/1505217906596163 Nice extra long wing paddle.
  14. Thank you to both Joe and Bob for organizing the WLPs. I’m sorry, for myself, that I missed so many of them. It seemed that the contractors and painters and repair persons could only come by on Wednesday. Hope to do much better next year. Pat
  15. Great trip report, Pru! I doubt that there are many paddlers (as in many paddlers on planet Earth) who can match your completed locations on their bucket list: CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, CA, WA (?), AK, Mexico, Greenland, Newfoundland, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, Croatia, New Zealand. I am probably forgetting some. What's next? Antarctica or Kamchatka?
  16. Ditto to thankfulness for WLP. Today I am looking into a WLP 9/28/22 circumnav of Gerrish and parking options with launching from Kittery Town Dock in Pepperell Cove. I am aware that on weekends (& summer months) we can park at the local school... but what happens when school is in session ? More to follow once I have spoken to Kittery Police and Harbormaster.
  17. As of now the big conditions are out of the forecast so this trip is a go. I will start a thread for the people who responded here tomorrow.
  18. I would love to do this if it winds up not on the same date as the Little Whaleboat trip.
  19. Really enjoyed reading your Newfy trip report and viewing your pictures. Brought back memories of my trips to that unique beautiful Island. Wondering why you chose to use the Lendal Cadence paddle more than the Cyprus paddle???…I recall you making a brief statement regarding those paddles. Strangely, I have and use both Lendal Cadence and Werner Cyprus paddles…..But wonderful trip report. Thanks much…
  20. Unfortunately I have to cancel for Sunday Sep 25, thank you.
  21. I also have a spray skirt that will fit the cockpit - (not so much leaky) Tunnel size is large.
  22. I can bring a (somewhat leaky) spraydeck that fits. Cetus LV takes a Snap Dragon M or Seals 1.4. Tunnel is adjustable.
  23. Great trip report(s), Prudence: thank you! Now: birds again -- first avian photo showed a tern, yes; but you cannot say for certain "common tern", for the common and the Arctic are too similar to differentiate unless in the hand! Hence "comic". <I> cannot tell the difference: I learned this from a professor of "bird-ology" (or whatever -- oh, ornithology, I mean). Your juvenile kittiwake was certainly a black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla), as opposed to the similar red-legged (R. brevirostris), who lives on the other ocean and, finally, your gannets are, of course, the northern (Movus bassanus), as opposed to M. capensis, with whom I am much more familiar -- the cape gannet. To see gannets feeding on a shoal is really astounding and wonderful! It always reminded me of the Bayeux tapestry, depicting the rain of arrows coming down on the Saxons from the Norman archers -- yes, the birds diving look just like that! Dreadful shame about the avian 'flu victims you encountered...and that is the reason that Massachusetts poultrymen are not allowed to sell eggs that are totally free-range. The authorities are scared that birds unfenced-in and uncovered might be infected by wild birds...other states must be less concerned, for you can find free-range eggs from NJ, PA, etc. quite easily. You certainly had some fun along the way: I'm green with envy!
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