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  2. Assorted Paddling Gear

    It's the standard cag that I usually see... it says 100% nylon on the tag.
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  4. Assorted Paddling Gear

    Shari, is the Cag goretex?
  5. Assorted Paddling Gear

    I forgot to add one additional item: Kokatat Cag, orange ($75 or best offer)
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    This will be the third annual NSPN paddling and hiking trip to Lake George. As in the past two years, the trip will focus on paddling, camping and exploring the middle part of Lake George amidst peak autumn foliage. This is an L3 paddling trip and camping trip. Launch from Huletts Landing Marina on the west side of Lake George noon-ish on Friday 10/12. Our likely camping area will be in the Mother Bunch Island group several miles to the south of Huletts Landing. There will be dozens of campsites to choose from on uninhabited islands at this time of year. Saturday will focus on paddling and hiking the middle third of the lake with likely destinations the Narrows Islands, Tongue Mountain , and Shelving Rock. We will probably paddle through the Narrows Islands and hike either from Montcalm Point to First Peak on Tongue Mountain or to the top of Shelving Rock overlooking the Narrows Islands on the other side of the lake. Monday return to the launch site by mid day/early afternoon. Please PM PeterB with questions, or interest., and RSVP here in the calendar posting ('I'm going') We'll develop an information sheet with details on the event and the area, to share with RSVPs as plans develop ..
  8. NSPN Membership Benefits!!

    Having the same problem has John.
  9. 2018 Pool Sessions (updated 2/6/18)

    To clear any confusion, both Prudence and Sue have spots available for tomorrow’s pool session. Please post here if you want the spot(s), first come first served.
  10. 2018 Pool Sessions (updated 2/6/18)

    YES! I have paid for a slot for tomorrow, 2/24/18 and am not able to drive home from NY as I had planned. Prudence, or anyone else interested in this slot, please respond here, remember to bring your wavier and 5 bucks (if not an ACA member). Enjoy, Sue
  11. I am selling Gene C's gear for his wife. The proceeds will be going to charities of her choice. All items are in very good to excellent condition. Please contact me with inquiries at: sharigallant10 at gmail.com - Thank you, Shari Kokatat Paddling Jacket, orange, size L ($50) Stohlquist Dry Suit with neoprene neck gasket and latex wrist gaskets, Yellow-Orange and Black, Men's L ($250) ICOM IC-M88 VHF radio ($50) Kokatat Polartec Men's Union Suit liner, black, size L ($50) Protec Helmet, yellow, L ($25) Handmade Greenland Paddle ($75) Jet Boil and MiniMo ($40) Lasso Security Cable with key ($25) Wenonah wooden canoe paddles (2), 57' each ($20 each) Chota neoprene high boots, mens size 11 ($20) Thule J bars, 1 set of two ($100)
  12. Last week
  13. Again, thank you both. Very helpful!
  14. I paddle a 215 Ikelos/Cyprus and my mid-wing seems to have settled on 214 in calm weather to 212 in rough. 60 degree feather, same as on Euro-blade.
  15. Wing paddles - sizing, length, and disadvantages?

    Good thing about the Epic paddles: Adjustable length. It depends on whether I'm going upwind or downwind. I'm experimenting with cadence and heart rate, length adjustability comes in handy there. Also still trying to find the best offset angle for me, much higher than my Euro angle, between 45 and 60 degrees.
  16. Great time in the pool

    It was great to meet you John! Thanks for sharing the pictures Cathy David thanks for bringing the pads for a fun pool experiment. Next time we go back wards 😁 641BA0FB-8F14-43B7-8E3E-D1853C5F697D.M4V
  17. Josko and Andy, thank you both for the detailed responses. I really appreciate the explanation of how the wing actually works and the "two vortices = no benefit" heuristic. Is your preferred wing paddle length the same as your Ikelos/standard sea kayak paddle length?
  18. Wing paddles - sizing, length, and disadvantages?

    For me, challenges with the wing paddle are mainly apparent in conditions and rock play. Bracing is ok but not has solid as with Euros based on the relatively exaggerated convexity of the back side of the paddle. Forget maneuvering strokes such as bow rudder or sliding draw. Rolling can be an issue but not impossible, depending on technique. Surfskis are becoming more and more popular around the world and those folks probably all start with wings, which is not to say that is the right thing to do. It's certainly not as user-friendly for a beginner. If you use it like a Euro blade, which I have some locals seen do, it loses its advantages. Wings require a lot more proficiency with the forward stroke. Fatigue, as you pointed out, will result in sloppy technique and the wing loses its power, therefore making it a less ideal paddle for long-distance races, where fatigue is a problem.
  19. I can tell you what little I know. I'm used to paddling with a Cyprus the first month of the season and then switching to an Ikelos - guarding my elbow tendons, which seem to cause trouble if I start off too fast. On my timed paddles (around Elizabeths) I was spinning out the small-mid Epic; the mid-wing seemed to be just a tad larger (elbow-strain-wise) than the Ikelos. With Euro blades, I paddle my Taran rudder-up most of the time; in fact dropping the rudder slows my times a tad. With a wing, it's the opposite. I loose time if the rudder's up. I think it's because with a wing blade, I need to concentrate on power delivery. An occasional sweep/edge just slows the boat down. I gain about .2 kts with the rudder down. (Not sure if you know about hydrodynamics, but a lifting foil captures the leading vortex and releases the tail vortex. On the catch, you should see a SINGLE vortex, unlike the two a Euro-blade sheds. If you see two, it's stalling, i.e. not acting as a lifting foil, and all advantage is lost. You have to concentrate initially to get used to this - it's best if someone paddles just behind you yelling out the number of vortices they see in each paddle 'puddle'. Many local paddlers are routinely shedding the leading vortex at the catch, i.e., they are not getting ANY of the wing blade's advantages, while seeing all the disadvantages. They may be used to it, 'good at it', fast, or whatever, but two vortices at the catch + no lift. FWIW, I CAN get the Ikelos to shed one vortex, but only in flat conditions with minimal power delivery - I find it a great exercise.) Anyway, back to paddling. I noticed when I need to steer the boat, I start to shed the second vortex. I'm getting better at it, but have a ways to go before I can do it in conditions.
  20. Great time in the pool

    See you in March.
  21. Gloucester paddle Wednesday Feb 21st

    I'm thinking to go out tomorrow from the Lanes Cove side, could head either way, maybe into the wind toward the Annisquam River might make sense for the wind forecast (Southwesterly Bft 4/5). Weather is supposed to be sunny, in the high 50's or low 60's by midday. So I'm thinking to capitalize on this balmy winter weather, though the water's cold so would advise dress for the water temp (drysuit). Any company would be welcome. I aim to be in the water around 11:00. My phone: 978-235-0397
  22. 2018 Pool Sessions (updated 2/6/18)

    Slot open for Saturday, Feb 24. Anyone? Prudence
  23. Great time in the pool

    John, it was nice to meet you. Cathy, great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Great time in the pool

    More pics from the day
  25. 30 second assisted rescue

    Several of us tried this in the pool yesterday...it seemed to work well and would be best, as Bill noted, with an experienced "wet one..."
  26. Great time in the pool

    It was great to meet you! It was a fun time. See some hijinx from the session here:
  27. Skin on Frame

    While this post is still somewhat active I want to say if someone is thinking of building but lacks the equipment to get things going, I have a heavy duty table saw, 15" planer and bandsaw available here in Canterbury NH and would be happy to help get someone through the parts production phase. I'm not set up for bending yet if you decide to go that route.
  28. Skin on Frame

    That's always the way, every boat is a learning experience.
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