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  2. Sounds great. Will send private message to discuss how pick it up. Al
  3. Here is a photo of the mens XL Gortex dry suit. I got it from Sue Hutchinson when they moved to the west coast. If you sent it back to Kokatat for new gaskets and ask them to test it, you might luck out and have them give you a new dry suit if there were any leaks.
  4. The Cag is very large. I can fit comfortably over PFD and helmet and water pouch
  5. Alex - I'm interested in the Cag if it is a large or XL for a Cag.? Al
  6. I am always looking to paddle in the winter
  7. Not a sea kayak, but for paddling nonetheless. I have a Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL from the early days of my diving business. Thankfully I made enough money to buy a powerboat for work. $200 is what I paid so $200 is what I am asking. Good deal factoring inflation… 😂 Two seat backs included. In Salem
  8. NRS Gloves, bent, XL… best offer! Storm Cag. This is not goretex or anything fancy, but it’s a functioning cag in fair condition! $20 or best offer
  9. Selling two of my three Gath helmets. Why three… it’s a long story. Both are Black, both are L/XL with rubber insert, both have visor, both have a carry bag. One is in much better condition. Barely used for surfing. Ear flaps, and visor attached. $100 Second is in fair condition. Used primarily for diving. No ear flaps, has gopro mount, visor available but lost the screws! $60 pickup in Salem or Providence!
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  12. Just to clarify: I'll be organizing an Aug 25-27 trip to Knubble Bay. May 13-15 was a backup plan in case we didn't get the August reservation. There will not be a May trip, unless someone else steps up to reserve and organize one. p.s. For others interested in organizing NSPN camping trips, here are some favorite locations. (start a new thread if you'd like to discuss or gauge interest) Boston Harbor (Peddocks Island is the only camping offered in 2023) - reservations open Feb 15 Campgrounds and Camping Reservations - Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (reserveamerica.com) Squam Lake NH - reservations open Feb 22. Camping Reservations | Welcome to the Squam Lakes Association MCHT Maine Islands - reservations open Mar 1. Campsite Reservations – Maine Coast Heritage Trust (mcht.org)
  13. Very interested; esp the May trip. AMC camp is a great group base for anything Reid to Popham are close. Have stayed there many times for BC training with Carmody.
  14. I have Knubble Bay Cabin reserved for Fri Aug 25 - Sun Aug 27, 2023. I'll start working out details for the trip at some point in the next few weeks. Those of you who replied above will have first dibs.
  15. Jim, there are still two slots. You can buy one at https://www.nspn.org/forum/store/category/3-pool-sessions/
  16. Mike, If one of the two slots are still available for February 4th please count me in. '23 ACA waiver is submitted. Unsure of the purchasing process though. Thanks much!
  17. 8/26 week end is good for me. Maybe May too. And the lot can hold more cars than you might think. I have seen it packed with cars, trucks and trailers. and I would probably drop a tent
  18. Doug, the KBC committee gets first dibs on weekends, and gave AMC reservations a list of four blocked-out weekends that are reserved for the Lobster Bake and other AMC events. I've confirmed with two AMC sources that general reservations open on Thursday. Peter, my plan was to secure the reservation on Thursday AM, and once we definitively know whether we're going in August or May, start hashing out the details of how many participants with those who have expressed interest. I suspect that we can accommodate more people in warmer August, whereas in May there may be some group concerns about cramming the maximum number of people into the cabin. Ideally, I'd like to safely accommodate a circumnav pod and a non-circumnav pod, while still keeping the group small enough to keep from feeling like we're tripping over ourselves. I'm thinking that an upper limit of around 10 people would work, especially if a couple of experienced paddlers (you, me, others?) organize a non-circumnav pod on Saturday.
  19. Dan, do you envision a small group? :if the group size is too small (e.g 6-8 ) to comfortably and happily split into 2 groups , and if a Georgetown circumnavigation is a key feature of this trip, that could limit some applicants, who might not be into a 22 NM day trip. Personally, its not likely I'd want to do that circumnavigation this year , at least at any standard pace, so I'd be looking for a range of alternative paddling options, in which case I may or may not qualify for this trip: which makes me think that the ideal group size could be greater than you mentioned, and be open to a wider range of NSPNers. Peter
  20. Some random comments: My one experience with rocket flares resulted in a strong desire to never fire one in the future so I carry 12 Gauge pistol flares. Since I am not a user of smart phone apps while on the water, I keep mine in a waterproof case in the day hatch. A signal mirror is a very small/light device, but very effective for signaling over substantial distances. I am a big fan of laser flares and always carry one . For group paddling a whistle is useful, but not sure about otherwise. Still, I always carry. VHF is simple. Never leave home without it. I usually carry a DeLorme InReach SE on camping trips or long sketchy day trips and have found it fills several needs including allowing others to track where it and, hopefully me, are located. The events detailed in the book "Where You Will Find Me" regarding the accuracy and timeliness of reporting by PLBs in a rescue setting is a bit sobering, but the environmental issues there were far more severe than typical and probably played a role. "Not entirely sure what her test protocol was". Perhaps more important question is what was the testing procedure used by Ocean Life. I see nothing in their documentation suggesting the unit was certified as complying with any IP protocol which seems odd to me. If you go to the trouble to have an independent lab test and certify your product, wouldn't you say so? If they didn't, what are claims based upon? In any event, my biased view is an IPX7 or 8 rating should not be relied upon as suggesting any device subjected to typical kayaking use/abuse will not be damaged by saltwater ingress after it is used for awhile. IMHO, it would be better if they were rated IPX6 or maybe IPX6-K, but that is never going to happen let alone IPX9-K Ed Lawson
  21. I think it's a wonderful idea. I live pretty close to the cabin, and have been thinking about doing some camping on Beal this season. You're full of great ideas Dan! If you need more people to commit just remind everyone that you have a Dutch oven and you're not afraid to use it. I can see a Knubble Bay Cook - Off coming up.
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