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  2. Moulton Avery from the Center for Cold Water Safety is hosting 2 free Zoom sessions on cold water safety in conjunction with the Chesapeake Paddlers Association. The sessions are free but advanced sign up is required as the events are limited to 100. Sign up to get the Zoom link emailed to you. (Per Moulton, ignore the place where it says $5 at the door) Thursday Jan 21 7pm https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cold-water-safety-with-moulton-avery-cold-water-spells-danger-tickets-135466470861?fbclid=IwAR3rzCKi9PvG84VzpX12EN689BVScVt9o25mkJ7x7c8otOR2XD8l49madEE Thursday March 18 7pm https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cold-water-safety-with-moulton-avery-cold-water-spells-danger-tickets-135468892103?fbclid=IwAR0kOtp9rDJq9GQzzznPGIdUEx2dBiY6jawbIKQMnrNo6iu78SY7ushSM3Y
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  4. Use this link: https://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/charts/noaa-raster-charts.html#booklet-charts Open the booklet chart section if it isn't open. Click on the NOAA Chart Locator Select "Paper Charts (RNC and PDF)" Select your chart (navigate or enter the chart number if you know it) Once selected, at bottom of right hand panel, under "Available Products", select "BC" for booklet chart. Once chart is visible, use icons in top right to download or print. Hope this helps. Keith
  5. Not used but I can pick up the new White with Black Stripe (Advantage Construction) one at Stellar HQ tomorrow when I load up on kayaks. Marshall 845-242-4731 mobile.
  6. And the text in website so ungrammatical, I wouldn't trust the product!
  7. Bo Gus. They're not heated. https://www.smartsaker.com/products/warm-thermal-gloves-cycling-running-driving-gloves-1?variant=32967030276180
  8. I picked up my drysuit from Outdoor New England today with three new gaskets. They did a great job at a very reasonable price. If anyone wants to get a suit tuned up during the summer and you paddle with me, I would be happy to ferry your suit to Franklin if that works out for you.
  9. Honestly it might work well for someone else. It's a matter of geometry, anatomy, and tayloring. It was fine once I had it on and if I could have gotten in and out without so much stress it would have been great.
  10. Thanks for the explanation Jim. I was somewhat skeptical that this would work for paddling, but hoped to be proved wrong by your experiment. Thanks for giving it a whirl and sharing your experience with the rest of us.
  11. Ed, I am so frustrated with this software. I downloaded some local charts and got them to display once but now they're gone and I can't get them to display.
  12. Thanks for update. For now it makes sense to get what you want where you can find it bc heaven knows we can't count on anything these days..lšŸ™
  13. Just got an email from Snapdragon confirming that they have shut down. They are hoping to partner with another manufacturer, but nothing firm yet. Let's hope that they can, so don't count them out just yet.
  14. <...the white cloth screens seen on the decks in other photos are for? I thought they might be camouflage to blend with surrounding ice...> Exactly what I think, too -- a portable shooting hide.
  15. Heather: This is a roundabout way of answering your question. I use OpenCPN for trip planning and it includes the ability to print charts which are NOAA charts for use during trips. I mention this option since it provides many tools for planing a trip including tidal information, courses, time/distances in addition to printing a chart. Also, when at home you can zoom in or out to seamless span charts which can be very helpful for planning purposes It is free software, but it works quite well in my experience. https://opencpn.org/ Ed Lawson
  16. Hello, I'd like to print my own charts. I read the archives here and wonder if it's even still possible? If so, would someone mind writing down instructions? I'm pretty tech savvy, but struggled to do this last summer. Thanks!
  17. Brian, it was more the geometry of trying to get the ring to clear my head at the same time as the gasket. The gasket itself really wasn't a problem. Outdoor New England is now installing three new gaskets and going over my suit for any other problems. The yellow retainer had slipped out a little and the ring was starting to come unglued in one place, both as a result of the struggle to put on and take off. Anyone who's watched me taking my suit on or off lately knows what I mean. I did like the silicone gasket, I wish they could be glued in. If anyone wants the Si Tech ring and silicone gasket, you're welcome to it.
  18. Its really an extraordinary collection isn't it? I especially like the photo of the Inuit fellow napping in his kayak. I suppose it was not uncommon to use your boat as a shelter. What do you suppose the white cloth screens seen on the decks in other photos are for? I thought they might be camouflage to blend with surrounding ice.
  19. Thanks from Leon in Florida. Although my current Snap Dragon sprayskirt has a year or two of remaining life, I just ordered perhaps the last Glacier Trek Breathable in my M M size.
  20. Hi...I have two kayaks that have been hanging in my shed for the last 10yrs.+. 1) Necky Arluk 1.9....18ft/22....50lbs....$400 2) CD Caribou...17ā€™8ā€/21....44lbs...$1200. If interested call me to discuss: 518-796-6289 or respond to this thread....Paul
  21. Ed, neoprene is windproof, in that wind will not pass through it, but water evaporating off the surface will cause cooling. That's why "skin" neoprene is warmer than fabric-covered neoprene; water just runs right off of it, so there's no evaporation. Unfortunately, it's not as durable, so it's not a great material for high-abrasion areas like the palms of gloves.
  22. Out of curiosity, did you try using talc on the inside of the neck seal? That makes them slip on really easily. When you say "the ring is starting to fail", what specifically is happening to it?
  23. Oddly enough, DS, I have had the Scott Polar Research Institute book-marked for a long time on my computer; but mainly for the book section in the "shop". (Back in days when I lived far away, I even sent a dear friend there to look at the paintings of Edward Wilson) I had never gone into this section of fascinating photos: thanks a ton!
  24. Gary if for some reason it doesn't for you, I could use it, and would like to try it on.
  25. Follow up. The bad news: Sadly I'm abandoning this modification. The problem is with my big giant head it's so hard to get both the ring and the gasket on and off that I put a lot of stress on both the ring and the gasket that on doing a safety inspection this morning I found the ring starting to fail. The good news: My local whitewater shop, Outdoor New England, or O. N. E., Is doing drysuit repairs at very reasonable rates. I'm dropping it off tomorrow to get a standard neck gasket and maybe replace the wrists just because they're getting kind of old. https://www.outdoornewengland.com/
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