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  3. I'll be there : I will try to arrive at 4PM. I'm also game for a bite to eat afterwards.
  4. Hey Rob, When are you going to let that Aries taste the ocean 🌊🌊? Prudence
  5. Terese I’m using Yakima pads on our aero bars.
  6. terese pawletko

    Best way to orient composite kayak on racks?

    do you put any foam under the slings? I have a Thule sling rack and just got my NDK Pilgrim and don't want to mess it up...thx Terese
  7. Ditto to the above, I have a Toyota Tacoma with a topper, when I carry boats on the roof I have a large bar spread, one bar on the rear of the top the other at the front of the truck.
  8. If upside down, aim for resting on the hatches since they provide a flat reinforced area to rest on. If upright, try to support at or as close to a bulkhead for greatest structural support. Don’t tighten rope or straps so much as to deform deck or hull, and run through one deckline if possible incase boat does start to slip.
  9. I have an Aries. I travel with a pick up truck. I have two racks in the bed spaced about 6 feet apart. the cross bar is high enough to carry the boat either way and the bow will clear the cab roof. I tend to use simple foam blocks that fit on each cross bar and provide a fairly flat - slightly v shape - foam surface for the boat. What do you think? Right side up? Or, upside down? My habit is upside down on the theory that it gives a more aerodynamic presentation and keeps any water out of the boat even without a cockpit cover. But, am I risking cosmetic or other damage to the deck from contact with the foam? I'm a rope guy, not a strap guy. I use a trucker's hitch with a locking finish knot. The hull gets snugged up pretty tight. Doesn't move much at all. Very stable and secure.
  10. I don't think I'm going to make it tonight - family obligations. If I can get away, I will join you (with liability waiver in hand)!
  11. Join Gerry Polinsky (Sea Sherpa Kayak) & Co-coaches Jonathan and Kelsey Oltz (Sea Kayak New England) for a weekend of reversing falls and rock gardening in the scenic Schoodic Peninsula just outside the magnificent Acadia National Park in Maine. Venues will include Sullivan Reversing Falls and rock gardening along the rugged outer coast. These days will be focused on open water instruction. Topics covered will include conditions forecasting, incident management, techniques for rock gardening and taking advantage of the opportunities reversing falls offer that are both unique and universal to moving water kayaking. The main event will be over the weekend however there is an opportunity to have coaching from Gerry Polinsky either before or after the event. If you are interested and would like more information please checkout the link below. This event is filling quickly and space is limited. We hope to see you for what will be a fantastic weekend on the water in a very unique location. https://seasherpakayak.com/event/schoodic-area-reversing-falls-rock-gardens/
  12. Last week
  13. Suz

    Local trips

    Another old timer (whose time began as you were leaving), I would welcome any involvement that you have! Welcome back to this coast as I prepare to leave for the left coast. Suz
  14. I own the same kayak (different color). I love it. It is very well behaved, especially in following seas and surf where many kayaks want to broach or yaw. This is one of the few kayaks I have owned where the cockpit is equally comfortable for me (5'4") or my 5'10" husband. It is my favorite kayak for camping, as it swallows up gear, although you do not feel like you are paddling a big kayak due to the great cockpit design. These are very popular kayaks in other countries. I am not sure why Valley/North Shore never marketed it here. I've only seen a few around. It's a great kayak.
  15. Julia Richmond

    Saguenay Beluga kayak - camping

    Hello Beth, Thanks for your good wishes for our trip. I am glad to hear you had a good winter and to hear from you. If your calendar clears up, there is still one space left. All the best. Troad
  16. Not to be annoying...although I acknowledge I probably am - but again... please everyone bring your filled out and signed liability wavers. Print out a bunch. Put them in your car so you'll have them for future escapades. Bill or Dan or I will collect. Thanks.
  17. Sure, Dan. I will put it in my car now, so I don't forget it.
  18. I plan to get there before 4 and stay for pasta afterwards. Nancy, any chance I could try out your wing paddle for a spin around the pond, either tomorrow or at a future session? I can offer a Canada goose decoy as collateral.
  19. BethS

    Saguenay Beluga kayak - camping

    Wow, I totally missed this thread! I guess that's what I get for being too preoccupied with hiking and snowshoing in the winter.. And I'm not free this Aug anyway, but maybe it will be so awesome you will want to do it again! Troad, I remember talking with you last summer about doing this, and I'm sorry I won't be joining you this summer. Have a great time everyone, maybe next year! Beth
  20. BethS

    Local trips

    As a new(er) member of NSPN (ie maybe 8 years or so..) I look forward to meeting and paddling with you!
  21. According to twitter: The boat ramp closes half an hour before the park, we usually get off the water half an hour before the boat ramp closes. So this Wednesday we will be getting off the water around 6:30pm so that everyone is out of the boat ramp parking area before it closes at 7pm. After the long weekend, Walden will probably close at 8pm so we will start getting off the water at 7pm to be out before 7:30pm.
  22. 'll be there this Wednesday: I will try to arrive @ 4PM .
  23. Hello If I show up after work at 5:30, will everyone already be ready for pasta? No early Wednesday escapes for me... Janet
  24. Nancy, if you'll be there at 3:30, so will I! Remember, everyone: liability waivers now need to be signed for all nspn events including Walden. Because we all tend to launch at different times, EVERYONE SHOULD BRING HER/HIS OWN WAIVER FORM, fill out and sign, and Bill or I will collect at end of session. My recommendation: print out a bunch of them and just have them in your car. Oh yes, and Comelia's in Concord Center after for a quick supper. Hopefully all ponders will be able to join us! Prudence
  25. I should be able to make it on the 23rd and expect to arrive at around 3:30 -4:00.
  26. It currently looks like I will be LATE on May 23rd, and there is a chance I won't make it at all. I have contractors starting work on Wednesday and I am not certain what time they will quit for the day. I will bring my drysuit Pru, though I might wear shorts and a T-shirt under it!
  27. I walked around Walden this morning. Sure looked appealing! I chatted with one of the swimmers about water temp. She guessed low 60’s. Except for Bill, who always wears drysuit (!), looks as though wetsuit with appropriate top will suffice. I'm planning on being there this Wednesday the 23rd, likely around 4ish - or earlier if others want to gather mid afternoon. No, Jonathan and Kelsey, I'm not up for 6 am yet. Let's let things warm up first! And could,it be a day other than Wednesday? Like...Tuesday maybe? Prudence
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