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WHERE - Goat Island off of 1B - parking lot on R just after bridge as you come from portsmouth. IT IS NOT A LARGE PARKING AREA and THERE ARE NO FACILITIES....so carpool as much as possible and take care of "your business" before you get there.

WHEN - 0900 we START. get there and get your act together by 0900...we ain't waitin'. trip to be cancelled due to weather SOLELY AT MY DISCRETION. it's protected so it'll probably be fine but it's my call and it might be made on site. you've been warned.

KIT - bring what you'd normally bring and we'll sort it out - CAUTION - late April in NH...drysuit or at least a dry top is an excellent idea as you will likely be/get/stay wet. if anyone wants to borrow a drytop, i have 2 extra - size XL. bring your own thermal layer for beneath. lemmeknow.

FOCUS - before we get on the water, we'll review what we want to get out of the day. i have no set goals other than to put people at ease and in boats...my idea though is that the focus be L2 skills and if the group can get up to rescues, great, if not, no biggie...we'll all get there. and as it's going to be our first paddle together, no one is going to go crazy with mileage - we'll stay on the inside and most likely just work on strokes.

RSVP - i'll post this under trips - respond there. depending on size, we may have to alter venue to pierces island - while there is an outhouse there (or is in season, not sure if it's year round) it's a PAID lot.



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