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Bold Coast of Maine - 2020


Event details

This trip will visit one of the most dramatic coastlines in the world, Maine's Bold Coast. It will take place over a long weekend from Friday August 28 to Monday August 31. Bob Levine (rylevine) and Joe Berkovitz are the trip organizers.

Ranging from Machias Bay to Lubec and beyond to Canada's Campobello Island, the Bold Coast is a largely undeveloped and wild region with lots of dramatic cliffs and rocks, 25+ foot tidal ranges, strong currents and amazing wildlife (we paddled next to whales last year). Take a look at 2019's Bold Coast trip report for a sense of what it can be like.

This can be considered an L3+ trip. Paddlers joining this trip will encounter:

- Daily trips of 12-15 miles, with limited bailout options. Much of the Bold Coast is roadless wilderness with high oceanfront cliffs.
- Strong currents (> 4 kt) and turbulent eddy lines.
- Cold water, often in the low 50s even in high summer, with air temps in the 60s. A drysuit is essential some days.

- Rough water conditions from wave reflection off rocks, weather, and current/wind interaction.
- A need for strong situational awareness and the ability to stay in a tight, cohesive pod.
- An international border crossing, requiring strong passport-wielding skills.

Please see the accompanying Trips Forum Posting for more complete information on the trip and accompanying discussion.

Want to go? In the past, we have used the first-come-first-served RSVP system. Since the trip is usually oversubscribed, we have found that this favors those who are quick to notice the post and press the button, and while we love paddling with those folks, we would like to make things a little fairer and less of a "race". In particular we want to accommodate people that we had to turn away in previous years.

This year, we are trying a different system. If you are interested, please PM Joe Berkovitz as soon as possible with a request to join the trip. Please tell a bit about yourself if Bob or Joe haven't paddled with you before. We will confirm receipt of your request right away.

After that, we'll put together the final group of people who are going on the trip, as we soon as we can, and get back to everyone. (We may extend the deadline if necessary.) Our goal is a group size of 8 paddlers. We’ll keep everyone informed as the process moves ahead.

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