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This year's Squam Lake camping trip will be held over Columbus Day weekend, to allow campers who have regular work schedules to join us. Since this is one of only a few trips we run that doesn't require taking a day off of work, some preference will be given to those with real jobs who normally wouldn't be able to join us without calling in sick. Stay tuned for details.

We have our usual spot reserved on Moon Island in Squam Lake for Saturday and Sunday nights. The group will meet at Squam Lakes Association headquarters in Holderness, NH on Saturday morning in time for a late-morning launch, and will return to the cars after lunch on Monday. There is typically a paddle-and-hike (surf and turf?) option on Sunday as well as an option for a longer paddle without any hiking. While there is not much of a tidal range on Squam Lake, there's a good chance of wind on the water and along our shoreline campsite, and temperatures can dip into the 30s in mid-October. The foliage, food, and friendship is always spectacular.

We are limited to a maximum of 10 tents in our group campsite. The cost to reserve a spot on the trip is $25, and includes two nights of camping on raised wooden tent platforms, firewood, and defrays our annual membership in the Squam Lakes Association.

To register, send $25 by PayPal to [email protected] and include
your "Paid Member" NSPN username, or send a
check by mail to Dan Foster, 24 Kirkland Dr, Stow, MA 01775

Refund policy: Your spot on the trip is not reserved until I receive
your payment. Your payment is not refundable. However, if you decide
not to attend, you can try to find someone to pay you for your spot on
the trip.


Trip details and discussion here:


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