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Are you new to the club?  Maybe you are a long-time member that hasn't paddled with us in a while.  Join us for a discussion about being a participant on any of the many trips with NSPN.  In this presentation, we can discuss among other things:
Various ways trip organizers set up registration (and why) How you can determine if the trip is right for you (look at Trip Levels web page ahead of time) What time do you need to be there? On the water - what you should expect from the group, and what they should expect of you? What is (was) CAM, and is it still around?  Check out this web page for more info. Who's leading these trips, anyway? Who can post trips? You can post to the Trips/Events posting if you are interested in attending, and if there is another topic related to participating on trips you would like discussed.  The link for this virtual discussion is posted to the NSPN Business forum (you must be a current member to access that forum).


Join us on Squam Lake for a welcoming introduction to kayak camping. This overnight trip is open to and intended for any NSPN member who is comfortable in L2 paddling conditions and has camping and paddling equipment suitable for early May temperatures in New Hampshire.
For full details and to join the trip, see the full trip posting here


Level 3 trip that especially welcomes new kayak campers, and a reunion for those of us who don't see each other often enough. Here's a great opportunity for you paddlers who would like to try kayak-camping without the pesky bugs (beware of ticks!). This will be the 14th (almost) annual trip to Jewell, which has multiple campsite options and latrines. We typically have 10 or more (2016=record of 19!) paddlers, but an upper limit has not been established.
The Common Adventure Model (CAM) will be adopted
The SUGGESTED itinerary is as follows:
THURSDAY or FRIDAY: Arrive at _____ (multiple launch site options, with each pod working out details privately or on NSPN Message Board under "trips") on Thursday or Friday, May 19 or 20, in plenty of time for a ______am launch (HT is @ 1432 and 1531, respectively). If you are new to kayak camping, you may need extra time packing your boat, so plan on arriving no later than _______. 
SATURDAY: Agenda TBD-bring your ideas for a day paddle or island activities. Prior trips have included Whaleboat/Little Whaleboat, Potts Harbor (food), Greens, Eagle, Great Diamond geocaching, Jewell's WW1 and WW2 military installations, and general camaraderie/gourmet foods around the camp fire.
SUNDAY: Back to cars via ????.
If you would like to join this group of friendly paddlers, or have any questions about this trip or camping in general, Private Message (PM) me. When you can commit, please RSVP on the calendar and add your info to the group's trip spreadsheet, closer to the start of the event. When the calendar roster is full, please send me a PM if you would like to be included on the waitlist.


20 users have RSVPed, including

This event began 05/04/2022 and repeats every week on Wednesday until 09/29/2022

NOTE: This is a general description for all 2022 Wednesday Lunch Paddles. Information/registration for each week’s paddle is posted on the Trips Forum, usually on the preceding Monday.
This series of paddles takes place on Wednesdays, and provides a regular midweek opportunity to get on the water. Most of the launches will be in the Salem Sound area, but we'll occasionally branch out to other spots in the vicinity. (Note: We have considered moving the paddle to other days of the week, but then the name "Wednesday Lunch Paddle" wouldn't make sense.)
Here is a description of a typical Wednesday Lunch paddle, mildly redacted:
Meet at launch location at 9:30. On the water and paddling at 10:00am. 1.5-2 hours of paddling to some location 1 hour of food, conversation, and relaxation 1.5-2 hours of paddling to return to launch Return around 3:00. These paddles are appropriate for independent paddlers with some ocean experience.  The Wednesday paddles are cooperative adventures, not guided trips—however, we strive to share useful knowledge and tips as we go, and we try to adjust each trip to the desires and abilities of the group. Each participant is responsible for her/his own safety. Don’t assume the trip initiators are smarter, stronger, better at rough water, more attractive, or more skilled paddlers than you are. For more information, see this description of our trip philosophy from the NSPN web site.
Typically on the Monday before the trip, we will post specific information about the trip on the Trips Forum.  The post's message thread can be used for RSVPs and other questions concerning the specific trip.
If you haven’t paddled with one of us before, please get in touch with one us via private message before signing up. Before departing for the launch location, please consult your favorite sources to determine wind, tide, and sea conditions, so you are aware of the trip environment for that day. All paddlers should have kayaks with deck lines and bulkheads, PFDs and spray skirts. Some paddles may also require cold water gear, especially in the shoulder seasons: always dress for immersion.
Each week's venue will be selected taking expected conditions into account. In general, the trip will only be canceled for extreme conditions and thunderstorms.
We look forward to you joining us for an enjoyable day of paddling and noshing! Please private message us with any questions you may have.
Your faithful trip organizers,
Joe  Berkovitz
Bob Levine (@rylevine).

This event begins 05/26/2022 and repeats every week on Thursday for 17 occurrences

Come join us at Chebacco Lake in Hamilton on Thursdays at 5pm until sunset though the summer. Practice strokes, rolls, rescues, falling out of your boat, or just watching kingfishers.  Dress for immersion.  A wetsuit is warm enough in early season, and keeps down the bruises from climbing back into your boat ten times a night.
We meet at the boat ramp at the south end of the lake, and hang out in the cove to the left of the ramp. You can either get off 128 at Pine st (exit 49) and head north on the dirt road, or find Chebacco road off Rt 22 in Essex and avoid the dirt. No entrance fees.

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