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    Sep 21, 2019

    We will leave from Rye Harbor at the NH State Boat Ramp at 8:30 am. We will land on Smuttynose Island and have lunch and a longer break. Plan to be there at 8am for a  briefing and preparations. There is a small fee and plenty of parking with restrooms. This is a very weather dependent trip level 4 trip and being a 7 miles of open ocean crossing I will be screening and vetting as needed. If the weather is looking windy or seas rough I will make a go/no go decisions a day prior and will have Sunday as a possible alternative day. I hope to be back by 3-4 pm. Staying as a group and looking out for each other is key so if you like to race or can't stay as a tight group please don't sign up. Questions concerns and comments can be posted on the  message thread I started some time back. 
      More to follow and lets hope for a "perfect day"
    Canceled due to lack of interest and potential surf concerns. Maybe next year.

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