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    Jul 19, 2019 04:00 AM      Jul 22, 2019 04:00 AM

    This will be the 5thNSPN retreat to Saddleback Island in the Stonington Archipelago.  We have reserved the Saddleback Cabin from the Maine Coast Heritage Trust for the nights of July 19 to July 21.
    Saddleback will be our base camp; a wonderful rustic cabin is equipped with bunkbeds , kitchen, fireplace, a stove and kitchen wares; there is also a  privy/outhouse .  
     Launch from Old Quarry Adventures Campground on Friday midday/ early afternoon  for a protected paddle of 2.5 nm  to Saddleback Island,  with day trips (probably one to two groups depending on weather conditions and group preferences)  on Saturday and Sunday, returning  to Old Quarry on midday. 
    See the Trip posting in the Trips forum of the message board for more information 

    Trip limit is 6. 
    The cabin accommodates 6 persons, in accordance with the rules set by MCHT.  A fee of $87.50  paid in advance reserves your spot on this trip.  
    You can pay by Paypal (preferable)  to pbrady at neaq dot org, or by personal check to Peter Brady: PM me ( PeterB)  for details  
     Please RSVP here  in the calendar posting here along with your payment. : (I’m going’)
    The cabin has been reserved for $525 (that’s $175 a night) so the six participants share  in these expenses. 
    Trip members must bring their own water, food and personal effects (sleeping bag etc)

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